Hi there!

And welcome to MSMARG.COM!

This site was born from the love of blogging – decades of it! If you dig into the archives, you won’t even come close to all the earlier posts that were on other platforms…

(We will go into depth into the history next time, if you would like to know more.)

For now though, after decades of blogging on multiple (free) blogging platforms, we finally launched our very own website!


But having your own website is like purchasing your own house on the www. With free blogging platforms, you won’t need to pay anything (unless you choose to “upgrade”), and basically, even if your blog never had any content, it will still be there forever…unless you choose to delete it.

On the contrary, having your own house means you’ll need to make the place liveable for youself and comfortable for your guests (ie. actually have stuff in it and not just an empty space), maintain it (clean the house, mow the lawn) and pay your mortgage on time (or face eviction).

Similarly, having our own website means providing content that is worth our time to create and for our guests (that’s YOU!) to enjoy, maintaining it (doing all sorts of behind the scenes technical stuff so that the site is up and running) and paying our fees (hosting fee, domain fee, etc etc) or we will be scraped off the www.


But that’s part of growing up. And having our own site is us “adulting” in the www. And we’re enjoying every bit of it! And we’re SUPER excited to have YOU in on the ride as well.

So feel free to explore (there’s a little online store as well).

And make yourself at home.

This site is still expanding so please do subscribe so you don’t miss out on the latest updates. =)

P.S. There’s a welcome gift for you when you subscribe! 😉

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