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What's the Udang behind THIS mee?

I don’t know about you guys…but I find it hard to trust strangers to approach you and offer you some too-good-to-be-true deal with no strings attached…
Yesterday, while waiting for my ride home, some guy came up to me and asked:
He: “Excuse me, do you work here?”
*alarms ringing in my head*
Run away…run away…don’t talk to strangers!

Me: “Yeah.” (hesistantly)
He: “Which firm?”
I pointed to the office door.
He: “Oh…Is it [a] legal [firm]?
Me: “No, accounts.”
He: “Oh…do you know anyone with IT background looking for job? I’m looking for an assistant. I’m a remisier.”
Me: “Oh? Remisier?”
He: “Yeah, my office is just over there. HwangDBS.”
Points to a building somewhere that is not exactly in sight.
Me: “What kind of assistant you looking for? To do what actually? Software?”
He: “No, just some key-in and…”
Me: “Data entry lah?”
He: “Yea, liddat lah.”
Me: “Then don’t need IT knowledge lah…”
He: “At least must know how to use computer lah.”
Me: “I’m sure anyone know that.”
He: “So, you graduate from where?”
Me: “UiTM”
He: “Oh…so how long have you been working here?”
Me: “Just started actually.”
He: “Oh? I see…you know how much graduates are looking to be paid when working?”
Me: “Don’t know wo..”
He: “Yea,well how much they pay you?”
Me: “Less than 1.”
He: “Really ah? Well, usually liddat lah if you work for people. You not interested in working for yourself? That’ll be good.”
Me: “Dunno wo..”
He: “Well, you see, in my field, not a lot of Bumis you know. In my office only one…I see you still young, maybe you’d like to try apply to become a remisier or a paid broker?”
Me: “Wha? Dunno wo..”
He: “Really, it’s goodlah…work for yourself rather than work for people…get paid allowance 1.2…add commission to that…”
Me: “1.2?”
He: “Yeah…and if you got lotsa big clients can earn quite a lot…”
Me: “Yea, but you need a lot of contacts liddat.”
He: “True…but, if you have a few big clients enough oledi to earn up to 5 a month…Maybe if you become remisier and your dad got big big contacts like Alfred Jabu (Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) of Sarawak) ka…so-and-so ka…then sure can lah…but if just kampong kampong only no need lah…”
Soon-to-be Datuk Archibald can or not? ;p
Me: “So what the requirements you people look for?”
He: “Nothing lah…just a degree and then you have to get a license lah…sit for the exam. Not exam lah, just 2 papers only. Then you can oledi join the company and become remisier or paid broker lah..”
Me: “What’s the difference?”
He: “Well, remisier you get paid allowance then you work for yourself, get your own clients and get commission lah. Paid broker are paid salary and work for the company…but me, I don’t want to be paid broker cos I prefer working for myself. Paid broker you know how much you get every month…remisier it all depends on yourself…”
Me: “Oh…”
He: “So you interested? I see you still young you should try work for yourself than work for people lah…we looking for people to join our field this, especially bumis.”
Me: “Dunno wo…so you would be interviewing them?”
He: “No lah…if you interested also, it’s not in my interest. I’m just encouraging people to join us lah. You know, I was a lecturer in UiTM for 15 years before I became a remisier.”
Me: “Really? How come I’ve never seen you?”
He: “I left in 2000. You not yet join?”
Me: “I joined in 2001.”
He: “Yea, I got my license long time ago but had to wait till 2000 to become remisier cos we can only join if got Bumi join…1 Bumi join = 3 of us can join.”
Me: “Oh quota lah?”
He: “Yea…So you waiting for your boyfriend?”
Me: “My brother.”
He: “Oh…no boyfriend yet lah…goodla, focus on career first.”
Me: “Yea.”
He: “I’m actually waiting for my kids this.”
Me: “Oh…tuition?”
There is a school nearby and lotsa people were waiting to fetch their kids.
He: “Yea…got daughter Form 5 and son Form 4.”
Me: “Oh…”
He: “Yea, so that’s why I always tell my daughter, don’t get into any commitments yet la…focus on career first…”
Me: “Yea…”
He: “So anyways, I really have to go now. Feel free to drop by my office sometime or maybe if you’re free, can call me we go out for drink.”
Me: “Right…”
He: “So can give me your number or you want my number or…”
Me: “Give me your number lah.”
He: “Ok, 019…”
Me: “019…and you would be…?”
He: “Better I give you my card lah…”
Me: “Oh, Mr Chin.“
He: “So what’s your number? You don’t call…”
*Miss call*
He: “Oh…and your name…”
Me: “Margret”
He: “Can you make 10,000 doing this [accounts]?”
Me: “I don’t think so…any you can?”
He: “Can…so it was nice meeting you. Feel free to call me or drop by my office lah.”
Me: “Ok…”
*shake hands*
He: “Ok, so see ya!”
Me: “Ok.”
WTF just happened?!
I just gave my number to a stranger?!!!!
*alarms ringing again*
Fortunately, it wasn’t MY number he got…it was my 2nd line which I don’t plan to use for long. *Phew!*
Still, that weird conversation, given the circumstances, got me to thinking…For real ah this guy?
So when I got home and went OL that night I did a little research on the company he said he was from…quite true, they WERE looking for people…I guess still are…and notice the not-so-fine print (in BLUE) at the bottom of the page…Not so subtle huh?
Nevertheless, I still feel that come this stranger out of nowhere and tells me of this “good” opportunity…there’s got to be a catch…what does HE get outta this?
God forbid, I just hope he wasn’t trying to hit on me…
He’s got the money…
Looks? Not so.
But c’mon lah…he’s got to be at least 20 YEARS my senior AND a DAD!
I’m no Siti or Ashton ok?
Gosh…but that offer to go for drinks really bugged me somehow.
Hmmm…well, what do you guys make of all this?

16 thoughts on “What's the Udang behind THIS mee?

  1. again like i always said, you flatter yourself too much :p he’s just being friendly, and one thing, if a guy really want to hit on you, c’monlah, to tell you he’s waiting for his daughters? He’s just being polite, asking you for drinks so that maybe he can share his business to you in a more comfortable or condusive place la. Er, why always look at a thing in a negative way or being suspicious? Why not try a good thing out of that offer? Oh ya a remisier really earn a lot, with hard work and good contacts. Actually i believe in basic pay + commision, as you get what you put in. Fair. You do shit, you get shit.

  2. yup, well .. i guess he’s doing some recruiting in a sense you know la these things also back to sales also wat. he recommend, when nu got promoted he got commision upon ur promotion maybe not much but if u dun do shit in this field, u got nuthin. a lot of bullshit and sweet talk involves and it’s not easy. nice guys finished last .. but dun con people sudah la. Hwang DBS is recruiting, it’s in the papers la. Sah tak baca paper

  3. ‘recruiting’ – exactly 🙂 mar you should give it a thought, maybe this is a very good opportunity for you hehe. you from accounting background, a remisier deal with that all the time 😀

  4. Bong,I flatter myself too much?:p I don’t always look at a thing in a negative way or be suspicious…that’s just being protective for my own sake.I am a girl afterall maa…LOL.
    Why not try a good thing out of that offer?Never thought of that…I don’t know if I’m cut out for it…I x hv much contacts…
    Arch,a lot of bullshit and sweet talk involves and it’s not easy.Exactly!I no good in sweet talking ppl..LOL.I’m not cut out for sales/marketing type work…and yes,I stopped reading the paper after I got a job dy…before that religiously looking at vacancies add…
    Bong,again…dunno wo…we shall see…to be remisier hv to be savvy abt all those shares and stuff in the capital market…yes,I did learn that in my course diploma/degree but this is in practice with real ppl and real money involved!…quite scarry for me actually…what happen if my client rugi?die lah me…

  5. … you re-read your reply, most of it said you don’t know you are cut out for it, x much contacts, what happen if client rugi – not negative?? 😛 so, you are cut out to be an accountant i presume? 😀

  6. haha..not negative about people…that’s being was-was about myself…LOL.
    As least with what I’m doin nw,I x need to actually meet ppl maa…i just handle their accounts…they yg decide what they do with their money…profit/loss in their own hands…x mine.Actually, im doing audit work..not accountant…i check to make sure they did their account proper2 only…also profit/loss depend on themself.If become remisier,THEY depend on ME for PROFIT…loss out of d question…
    R u reading this?U being in d same field(accounts),I would love to know your opinion about this…=)

  7. gurl are just toooo sensitive sometime.. hehehe.. jangan mare.

  8. haha…walter! Thanks for dropping by! =)
    Bukan sensitive laa…but berjaga2…;p

  9. well..what can i say..being gorgeous ladies like us..we shud be berjaga2..right M??..hehe..

  10. he he he .. gorgeous? ooohh .. sounds fun. so i will surrounded by beauties on thurs nite .. Thursday nite live .. cam bunyi ceta sekda modal tb7 yo eh .. cako nar juak .. semadi jak sekda po nok ditangga bah .. mun sik .. haiiii ..

  11. surrounded by the glory, god knows how I feel, will I be enchanted by the absolute beauty and the unassuming grace? or will I fall flat to the ground to my surprise and face the great meloncholy and the infinite sadness?

  12. M,yalah…that’s what I keep explaining to them(almaklumlah most of my readers are guys),me pula yg kena “condemn”…huhuhu…espcially by Bong.Haiz…
    Arch,don’t say we didn’t warn you…;p

  13. aiyoh, not condemn la, just wake up call 😛 i really laughed when i read that you thought the guy maybe hitting on you, and before that he was talking about his daughters 😛 classic pick up lines..keh keh keh
    guy : i’m waiting for my daughters…. and a pretty lady like you to take care of them 😛 bwahahahah!

  14. Bwahahaha…hey,I write them as I see them maa…
    I’m pretty? Makaseh…you finally admit. LOL.
    And stop condemn condemn oso…this here peaceful blog…no condemn condemn…;p

  15. u waiting for my opinion on this? well… remisier does make a lot of money PROVIDED they have very good contacts, otherwise… u can die. having said that, most remisiers i know are doing very well.
    as for you… getting less than 1 is … well, i dunno, maybe it’s the market rate in east malaysia eh?

  16. Zewt! Finally! LOL.
    Yea…PROVIDED…that part…I don’t have…=(
    Yea,gettin less than 1 for fresh grad…i x knw if its just rate for east msia or whether its cos its a small firm…what’s d rate over there?BTW,are u in big4?=)

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