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2009: Year of Change

The coming days will be very eventful…
Tomorrow,the family will be going to Miri for errands.
1) Buy new school uniforms etc. for my Bro who starts school in Malaysia after CNY.
2) Get my car a new tyre because of the New Year Eve ‘incident’.
3) Perhaps get my car serviced because…
On the 2nd day of CNY,the whole family will be making a road trip with my Myvi and my parent’s Kembara – all the way to Sibu! That 9 to 10(?) hours’ drive is not purely ‘for fun’ (although I do intend to have some! πŸ˜‰ )..
When school reopens on the 3rd day of CNY,we will head down to my old school – SMK Meradong,the school where it is planned that my Bro will continue my legacy.Lol! But seriously,I am kinda excited about stepping back into the school I left 9 years ago…My,has it been that long? It would be super cool too if I could meet up with an old classmate who is now teaching there! πŸ˜€
Excited as I am,I am also anxious about my Bro starting his life as a boarding student but I think he’ll be alright. I was. Anyways,then comes the not-so-great news. He will be in boarding and my Mom will stay in Sibu to look after my grandparents. Dad and my other Bro will return with me to Brunei, where they will remain indefinitely…
Phase I of the inevitable is happening. πŸ™
Well,with these new living arrangements of the family living apart,there’s bound to challenges for everyone to adapt…God be with us.Amen!
And also,due to these changes,I will have to get myself a new phone as the one I am using is to be passed to my Bro…And just when I found out I could post using this phone! Heh.
Frankly,I am not a gadget girl and I don’t know what phone I want. I only know I must be able to surf and post from it, must have good camera, connectivity and entertainment functions and kickass memory capability and all that on top of being a user-friendly phone…Any specific phone in mind guys? Honestly,I have NO idea AND I am running out of time! HELP ME!

5 thoughts on “2009: Year of Change

  1. M,we got an old classmate teaching at smkm ah?..who?..not coming to kch kah cny?
    Ala,’pangan tua”s fave ‘son’ yg used to sleep in class bah..Hehe..Sayang pangan tua x there anymore.Wud be great if can meet him.Not going to Kch.My whole family meet up in Sibu.But sayang oso x go Kch cos my leave very2 long!

  2. happy holiday to u !!!
    Happy holz to u too! And Gud morning! And welcome back to PIMP! So,where u gonna be at for CNY?

  3. ermmm..cant recall..hehe..wei..curi2 one day n come to kchg la..haha..our fren (another M) will be here also during cny..
    If Kch were nearby or flight tickets were cheap 4 last minute buy,I wont mind.U come down to Sibu la.

  4. im in miri for cny .. celebrating for the 2nd year running!
    Gud 4 u then.Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

  5. so, how’s brunei?
    Brunei is as peaceful and uneventful as usual..Well,with exception of the flood (ref:my latest post) LOL!
    Btw,are you in Miri dy?I might lepak in Miri awhile b4 going to Sibu.

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