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While the fascination with 10.10.10 got to a lot of people this year…(I had 2 wedding invites on that day)…I always fancied 20.10.2010 more.

No wonder then that 2 fascinating facts were “revealed” to me today…

One of which was…

A close friend (well, maybe not THAT close considering…) got married today! No one knew until we saw pics! It was a nice surprise nonetheless…

@The Registry


I actually ended this post at that but then I realised that Cibol being Cibol deserved more than a few lines…

He was my senior in Uni (indirectly), the only guy to ever sing me a song for my birthday and post it online (that was 3 years ago…) who at that time we’ve only known each other for 2 years…so now it’s been 5 years?! Wow…not to mention, one of my earliest blogger-buddies turned friends, through whom I met bongkersz and got to know suituapui and his merry men (& women) at the Mag + Pat show…ahh…Good Ol’ Days

Oh mahn…now you’ve got me all trip-down-memory lane! :’)

Well, Congrats again to you & your lovely wife! God bless both of you as you embark on this leg of the journey of your lives! :))

P.S. Remember to invite me to the church & reception one lah! >:D

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  1. I’m looking forward to the church ceremony and the reception too. See you there, Mar!!!
    P.S. Think I’ll link this post on his wall, in case he misses it.

    1. Hope its in Miri so easy for me…hahaha!!!
      P.S. Thanks! (and he found it!)

  2. ya baaaa… he only mms-ed the pic to STP… but then, maybe he’d known that STP will do the announcement! lol!

    1. Yalah…mmg bikin surprise this Cibol…good thing we have our personal press si STP! Hahaha…

  3. hey, thanks for the lobely post. Now femes liao lah me .. Hahahha. The right time to get back to blogosphere.

    1. Just married, good fengshui…come back liao. I know I’m back! 😀

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