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23, 24, ..

Last year (on the 1st of May to be exact), I wrote a post about why I love the month of May so much and it was really a trip down memory lane, recapping my childhood and what-not…But little did I know that it would be the post with the most views up to a year later! To date, it has been viewed 2,705 times and counting!!! Gosh! 🙂 Thankyou WordPress for keeping track of the stats… 😀

Anyways, so if you guys have already read that post (if not, please do! 🙂 ), you would know WHY I love May….

Looking back, it is kinda like a tradition in my family that everytime there is a birthday (mine or my siblings), the family would have a special dinner night with cake and presents. Sometimes, friends of the birthday girl/boy would be invited…but most of the time it was only those whose parents were friends with ours, so their whole family would come. Heh. No complains though cos we had lotsa presents! 😀

As we got bigger (older), the “party” got smaller…usually, it was just a family dinner – just Mom, Dad and us siblings – but it was still special (with Mom’s special recipes) and cake, but no more presents. 🙁 But then, during those tween years, friends were everything! I remembered I was envious when my classmates celebrated their birthday in school during recess complete with cake and party hats and yummy catered food!

And I remember telling my Mom I wanted to celebrate my birthday at school too…which I never got to have… *sulks*

As I grew up and left home, there wasn’t any fixed ritual like those birthday dinners anymore (except when I managed to make it home during my birthday) so most of the time my birthday was a once-a-year planned thingy and I don’t remember much about how I celebrated them. I guess they were pretty plain and just like any other day (no celebrating)…thus I had no recollection…But that all changed 2 years ago when I turned 23

At that time, I was studying in Shah Alam and renting with friends and it was kinda my final year in Uni so I simply had to “go out” with a bang! right? And so I did…

It was what I’d like to think of as 3-day celebration!!! 😀

The reason for the party...

On 11th May 2006, the eve of my birthday, my two “twins” (the three of us were born on 12th May) and our “older bro” (who was born on 11th May) chipped in to organize a BBQ session with friends…It was a blast! It was my 1st time “celebrating” with friends instead of family….but they were pretty much like my family away from home anyways…

Loving Jup...

The next day, 12th May, me, one of my twin and my older bro rented 3 cars (5 persons in each car) and I felt like we were going to Vegas that night! With our star-studded looks and make-up etc, we headed to the glam Bukit Bintang…to Planet Hollywood to be exact…That was my 1st time in a club.

The entourage...

And as they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. 😉

And on the 13th May, the same bunch of people went to watch the Lamai Kaamatan at Hotel Flamingo in Ampang…more partying, this time to sumazau music, free tapai and the Kinabalu Kings and whose that Sabahan hip-hop rapper dude??? I think his name starts with A—…Memory fails me…haha…Melbie? 😉 (Updated 9/5: I remember now! It’s Atama. Haha…)

And what do you know? I went digging and I apparently have written a post (in Iban some more! so I guess my previous post wasn’t the 1st in Iban afterall! LOL!!!) regarding my 23rd birthday in one of my old blogs which I re-posted in this blog last year… 😉

And then LAST YEAR, it wasn’t a 3-day celebration but it had three parts (You can read it all here) plus how could I forget that HE sang for me… 🙂 which now reminds me that HE has yet to give me a birthday present for last year!!! And I’m claiming this year’s too!!!! 🙂

Yup, so my big day is around the corner…the big 2-5. That’s a quarter century dy dude!!! *shivers*

And I guess I’m pretty lucky to have fond memories of my birthday for the past two years…but what I had always wanted but never quite got is simply ONE thing


Last year’s pseudo-surprise was fun, but it wasn’t really a SURPRISE Surprise, get what I mean? I always imagined that one of these (birth)days, I would walk into somewhere and suddenly have people scream “SURPRISE!!!” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” and sing “Happy Birthday to you…” and I blow out the candles and wipe the tears of joy from my eyes – now THAT is a SURPRISE… *sigh*

P.S. I know this is a vain post, but thanks for reading anyways…shows you care. 🙂

24 thoughts on “23, 24, ..

  1. oo.. your bday 12 may.. i got one fren oso 12 may haha.. gosh 7 may is my childhood fren bday, 10 may is my classmate bday, 18 is my ex hsemate + classmate bday.. buying 3 presents ahah.. all within 2 weeks.
    nice you had so many wonderful memories of your special day.. so what would your plans be this year? or just wait for a surprise? hehe..

  2. as we get older, the smaller the party will be eh mar? hehe, true true! but most of the time, although the party isn’t so big anymore but i believe, the wilder it become kan? hahah! and that’s the reason why i like being an adult now… muahhahahaha..
    3 days left and still counting eh mar? so, any interesting thing to give to yourself? 😉

  3. drumsticks,
    You typo error right? You meant to write 4 presents, not 3. You can kirim mine through Raph when he comes back to Kuching next week… 🙂
    This year? Dunno…wait and see? 😉
    Not so big but become wilder??? You sure? I thought my 23rd quite wild dy. 😀 LOL!!!
    Yup, and I think the “celebration” will begin as early as tomorrow…hehe..

  4. Ok, ok…got the hint liao! Must remember to dedicate special song on Traxx! Want to send u handsome, eligible bachelor but too big (fat), poslaju tak terima! Ooo…rupa2nya got soft spot 4 archie kot! LOL!! Jangan harap he will sing 4 u tis year. Orang KL dah! Oredi throw stones (buang batu)! Sob! Sob!

  5. Not hoping for him to sing for me this year…Visit my blog pun no more! Isk! *throws stones at Arch*
    Special song? Bagus2…I’m all ears on Monday…hehehe…

  6. It’s your birthday today, girl and…
    If I could have a wish come true,
    I would wish for wonderful things to come to you.
    In your life, may troubles, worries and problems never linger,
    and may they only serve to make you stronger.
    May you always have sunlight to brighten your day,
    And love to light up your heart…..A Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy 25th Birthday, Mar! 🙂
    Sorry, I’ve been busy lately and to make it worst, streamyx was down most of the time during the week and totally out during the weekend 🙂
    Hope you have a blast tonight and many happy returns to you … 😉 Enjoy your birthday!
    p.s: The correct spelling is Kaamatan 🙂

  8. There! I’ve kept my word. Dedicated Fergie’s “Finally” to you on Traxx on your birthday. Hope u heard that. Melbie oso sent a birthday dedication to u…

  9. Mar.. sheeeshhh just was about to type out a sorry message for missing your bday..
    Js realise.. TODAY is your bday!! 🙂 haha..
    How did you celebrate?

  10. late by one day. happy belated bday!

  11. hey… have a good one!

  12. i gained weight last nite!

  13. sooo.. u are indeed the same age as I am.. hahaha.. so.. happy Birthday!!!

  14. STP,
    Thanks for the birthday wish…the dedication and the song…Yes, I heard them all…and am really touched…Now only 1 thing is lacking – my red packet. 😉
    Tenkiu tenkiu…and also for the dedication and wish…*hugs* big sis… 🙂
    Yes, had a blast…will get round to posting about it. No worries…hehehe…and will correct the spelling after this. LOL!
    How I celebrate? Hehehe…stay tuned! 😉
    Better late than never…tenkiu tenkiu…and help me *throw stones* at Cibol…
    Ge ge! Xie xie ni… 🙂
    Let’s go again!!! 😉
    well…maybe off by a few months. LOL! Tenkiu tenkiu… 🙂

  15. epi buffday gurl!!!

  16. Isk! (merajuk)
    *throws stones*
    Where’s my present this year? huhu…

  17. Hey hey, where’s the dinner party photos? You grumbled that I don’t come here often enough.. and yet when I do, nothing new to see pun? LOL …
    Click on my ‘name’, and you’ll see my version of steamboat dinner … if your eyes terang can see mini cornettos in one of the photos too LOL …

  18. no need merajuk..isk ! wat present u want? 😉

  19. huh…we r 2-5 already yah.. huhuhu.. sorry i didnt came 2 ur party..;-( next year?? (maybe..) u really enjoyed ur party kan…better then never..unfortunately i’ve got the feeling of Birthday party surprise dis year (really surprising n touched my heart)…hehehe..earlier than u… emm..mayb next yr u’ll get 1…okey.. happy 25th bday my sis…(older by 1 day 0r less)…hehe

  20. melbie,
    Sabar dear…I’m still waiting to get my claws on them pictures. Trust me,when I get a hold of ’em I’ll announce it up high on the moutain-top with trumpets blazing. LOL!!!
    Clicking… 😉
    I merajuk with cibol only…not you so don’t worry…hehehe…
    What present I want? From you…ANYTHING!! Janji ikhlas… 🙂
    Yes…quarter century dy…*shivers* Happy 25th to u too sis 😀 …Glad you had ur surprise…bila pula mine? Hmmm…

  21. u r so blessed to receive so many comments from frens here on this birthday post of yours. that is the greatest present of all.

  22. I know…love you all…*Muuuuaaaahhhhs!!!* 🙂

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  24. dude..if im telling u wen then its no surprise anymore la…..

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