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3/4 gone…

Noticed that 3/4 of the year is practically gone already?
It’s September now…then it’s 3 more months till the end of the year!
I guess it’s about somewhat time to start reflecting on what you have/have not achieved in year 2009…
I began 2009 without any particular “resolution” to achieve so I can’t list them out…
But I’m just thankful that for not setting out on any specific goal, I’ve achieved something that I’ve always wanted…
I actually feel I belong somewhere.
Not that I always felt I didn’t belong…but now I feel I belong MORE. Have you any idea what I’m talking about?
I hope you do, cos I can’t explain myself, even to myself!
I’m just “good” right now…and I hope that this all won’t be ripped away from me next year…
Speaking of next year, it’s confirmed that my family can stay here another year…but after that…well, let’s just cross that bridge when we get there lah.
Did not achieve
Thus far, I’m still hopeful that I can get something else I’ve always wanted by this year…so I’ll only list that at the end of the year…hehe
So, how is YOUR year so far?
“It’s been worse”
“It could be worse”
“It has been better”
“It could be better”
Can’t tell the difference between the 4? LOL!
Anyways, I hope so far, 2009 has been a wonderful year for you! 😀

2 thoughts on “3/4 gone…

  1. I havent achieved anything.. sadly..
    but its really good to know that you have achieved something this year.

    Don’t worry…there’s still abt 3mths to go… 😉

  2. Hey I always do this every end of the year ie reflecting back to my achievements, disappointments, regrets during the year. Most important is the lessons that i’ve learnt based thru life experiences and see how much i’ve grow from it. Hehe this is like auditing our life for the YE 2009. Shud we take into acct of our assets, liabilities, income, expenses? Hahaha… Lol! Interesting! =p Well so far my year has been better with a few achievements and regrets too. Hehe i add my regrets into my MLP so i’ll bear in mind what needs to improve next year. =p

    Wow…u really have work on the brain…lol… 😉

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