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Just a sprain. NOT.

Last Monday night, I had my bro and sis-in-law take me to the Emergency/Outpatient Unit at the Kuching General Hospital. My foot was swelling and quite red then…
My ugly bloated foot!
…but I wasn’t worried. It was just a sprain…
The only reason I wanted to go to the hospital was to get an MC. (I didn’t want to limp my way to work the coming days.)
Foot sprain only maa…I didn’t need to see a doc.
So I thought…
When I saw the doc, an I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-it conversation took place…
Doc: You came [to see a doc] for the swelling or pain?
Me: For MC.
No lah…I thought of answering that…but here’s what I really answered:
Doc: You came [to see a doc] for the swelling or pain?
Me: Both.
Doc: I send you go for X-Ray first then you come back here.
Me: X-Ray? Need X-Ray meh?
Doc: You fell down what. X-Ray lah…then what you want?
Me: MC? Oh.
Doc: It may just be some soft tissue injury but you go X-Ray firstla then come and bring the film here.
So…go lah for X-Ray….
The lab technician took 2 shots of my foot then waited awhile for him to develop the print.
When he gave me the film…
He: “Ada patah.” (Got something broken.)
Me: “APA?!” (WHAT?!)
He: “Ada patah…Takpa lah…Pergi jumpa doctor dulu.” (Got something broken…Nevermind…Go see the doc first.)
What was going through my head?
He’s kidding me…
He’s pulling my leg…
He can’t be serious…
But the doc confirmed it…

My bone got fractured…
Can see the fractured part?
Zoomed in…OUCH!
He sent me to get my foot cast…
And told me to come back this coming Wednesday to the Specialist Unit to see how my foot is then…
Another X-Ray…
Hopefully, good news this time…
And I don’t have to wear a cast again…
But from what I hear about fractures, they’ll just open my cast, X-Ray my foot to see if there has been any improvements and send me home with a new cast and then I’ll have to come again, X-Ray again, new cast again…over and over again…
Well, I got that MC I wanted…
I was on sick leave from Tuesday to Thursday.
Yesterday (Friday) I didn’t go to work either…
I have been stuck at home, with a foot cast and using crutches…
But I can’t just stay home until I can walk on my own again…
That will be in what? One month? Two?
I don’t have the ability to regenerate/heal…and I can’t teleport
So Monday, I’ll have to drag my feet up those stairs to work…(The office is on the 2nd floor)…which is a feat that I can’t imagine how to accomplish with an immobile foot and a pair of crutches…

25 thoughts on “Just a sprain. NOT.

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..look at mar’s bone ppl…hee hee.

  2. how you jatuh mar? mabuk?? palau? get well soon 🙂 i patah my arm last time also.. don’t move it too often later you become limper mar.. 😀

  3. Lola,slim hor my bones?;p
    Bong,a story for another post…suffice to say I was not “under any influence” when it happened…Try not to move much but I’m restless sit in one place…2mrw go work pula…stairs…hmmm…
    Get well soon…I try.

  4. Hope you get well soon, I´m a trained nurse from Sweden.
    Take care

  5. Hey Syster…Thanks for the wish…and thanks for dropping by!=D

  6. Thanks for your comment in my blog 🙂 I can see the problem! Swedish isnt easy if you havent read it 🙂

  7. happy feet..hehe..

  8. Did you at least get any good painkillers??

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  10. hey, the feet .. it does looks like that happy feet, happy feet

  11. wow. that is pretty crazy!

  12. dah patah kaki take mc la.. forget about the work.

  13. Auch, looks painfull :-s good luck

  14. Syster,yea..not at all farmiliar wit swedish..wud like to learn tho. Think u can teach?hehe..
    May,Arch,not so happy leh my feet..
    Abarclay, painkillers..just d cast n they snd me home. Thanks 4 droppin by!=)
    Morgabby,yea! Crazy painful! Thanks for droppin by! =)
    Bong,takkan MC 4 2MTHS?! I’d sure get fired liddat..otw to work nw.heh.
    Da dame,it hurt like hell! Thanks.. And thanks for droppin by!=)

  15. ha ha ha .. speedy recovery to u ..

  16. Yes,Godspeed..LOL.

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  18. Tsk tsk tsk!!! painful or not???wekekeke!! neway, get well soon eh. i want to sign ur foot cast…can ahh?? 🙂

  19. Amoidewa,haha…sorry,the cast is semi-cast not full-cast so you won’t be able to sign it..hehe…
    Thanks for the wish and thanks for droppin by!

  20. so to get more views on my blog, i need to sprain something.. kakaka.. jk la :p touch wood.. expect the unexpected haha! x la, i dun mean 2 month. At least few days la..

  21. I’ve had too much leave this month dy…can’t have any more or when time terima gaji,they’ll be nothing to terima…
    Anyways,hits back to normal dy…maybe should put up some more foot-injured related post.;p

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  24. my foot is swollen because i was at hubers and i was in the corn maze and there was corn in the way and i triped and went to the ER it was not broken but i tore some tissue
    Mar: Owh,hope ur foot is alright nw. Welcome to PIMP ya! 🙂

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