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8 stuff I don't usually tell people

Drumsticks tagged me awhile ago…Honestly, I don’t really like doing tags, but since I’m so “free”, whatdaheck… 🙂

Here are the rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.
So…here are 8 things you didn’t know about me:
1. I used to have “My 5 Criterias” when it came to potential Mr Right.

He doesn’t drink.
He doesn’t smoke.
He is older than me.
He is taller than me.
He is a Christian.

Now I know everything is not clear-cut and dried so…I’ve stopped believing in finding that kind of guy. Also, looking back, I feel my little “list” was simply absurd and just impossible.
2. I want to ballroom-dance.
When I was a kid, our Sunday School had lotsa activities for us. I was usually called upon to “act”, “sing”, “dance”, etc…and this one time we had a dinner-type function and we were to do the waltz (or was it fox-trot?) as “performance” for the guests… My partner was R. He was usually paired up with me for every activity that needed a girl-boy partnership…so we practiced – KIDS doing grown-up touchy-feely ballroom dance steps! We didn’t like it at all…maybe we did secretly, but we never showed it. Somehow, I don’t know why, the dinner was cancelled so we never really got to do it. Too bad. I would so love to be able to dance that dance with him now. 🙂
3. I am a hopeless romantic.
I love flowers, candy, teddy bears and everything that makes me go “aawww…” and I really feel that guys are the ones who should rightfully make “the first step”. Too bad now (most?) guys prefer to let the girls be the one to “initiate” that first step.
4. “When I grow up, I want to become a teacher.”
That was what I used to say when I was a kid. Now, I kinda don’t see teaching as the profession for me. At the moment at least. 🙂
5. I have many alter-egos.
I can’t exactly describe the kind of person I am. I could say I’m shy and quiet but I have been known to be talkative and very friendly. I could say I’m secretive, but sometimes I have been able to open-up and confide in close friends and family. I could say I am Miss Independent, but there are times when I do feel lost and need helping hands. I guess I can only say that I am who I am and how you know me to be is how I want you to see me.
6. I am called many names.
I was given the name Margret when I was born. Over the years, I have been affectionately called Mit, Yet, Gret, Margaret, Marguerite, Margarita, Mar, Marg, Margie, Margot, Mag, M and even Bumblebee. Haha. But I prefer Mar. And one name my Mom had in mind to name me was “May” because I was born in May. If that had been the case, then I would share the same name as my bestfriend. Haha…
7. I have never been in a real boy-girl relationship.
There were those that could have been real…but shoulda woulda coulda…never was and never will(?)…my biggest regret (so far) was not telling this one particular guy how I felt about him. Years have passed and I never really got over him. My longest crush ever. Now he’s still with her. Sometimes I wish “they” didn’t work out and he’d be mine. Is that mean?
8. I want to be a singer.
Or at least audition for those talent shows or make it big on my own by posting myself singing on youtube. Haha…No, I don’t want to be a singer as in performer. I just want to sing and just have people tell me honestly if I am good or suck at it. Keyword: HONESTLY. Even if it hurts. That’s all really.
So there…8 things you never knew about me. But now you do.
So I may need to kill you. 🙂
Oh yes, I pass the tag to amoi, nono, clement, charyelle, lola, youwhowantstodothistag, youwhohappenstoreadthispost and youwhoseblogfriendshadbeentagged. Sekian. Terima kasih.
P.S. – Happy Birthday Malaysia! How does it feel to be 50? 🙂

21 thoughts on “8 stuff I don't usually tell people

  1. ha ha, malaysia is only 44 year old, how can it feels 50? ha ha, malaya is 50 year old.. ha ha
    and will do it when i go to that soul searching journey of myself.. ha ha

  2. oww.. for a person who doesn’t like tagging actually did the tag… thanks Mar. 🙂

  3. I’ll work on this tag, yang.. 🙂

  4. one name u 4got, MAR-GY!!!!!

  5. so, wait for you to put up your voice for listening. I’ll definitely give my very honest opinion on that 🙂 your 5 criterias, guess many guys out there easily have all that, no? Quite, I think very possible to have all the criterias you listed out.

  6. He doesn’t drink.
    He doesn’t smoke.
    He is older than me.
    He is taller than me.
    He is a Christian.
    It’s not that hard eh? .. There’s lots of them out there. Dude, 21st century, like it or not, you want it you go for it. Since now women believes in equal opportunities. Go la .. Ha ha ha

  7. […] 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nono September 3rd, 2007 Mar tagged me! [ Read […]

  8. Clement, haha…okie, MALAYA…how u feel to be 50? LOL.
    Drumsticks,I was feeling…”just-do-it” at the time.You were lucky I’m so “free”…hahaha…
    Nono,will check it out when ur done. 🙂
    JohnBosco-don’t u mean OttoVonBismarck?? 🙂
    Margy…same with Margie maa…
    Bong,let’s go karaoke and then can hear me sing…LOL.
    Clement, good boy…haha…
    Bong, Arch,
    Easy meh? I never seem to find ONE person with ALL those…and the 1st two criterias nowadays is rare…

  9. Rephrase:
    Bong, Arch,
    Easy meh? I never seem to find ONE person with ALL those…and the 1st two criterias nowadays is rare… If so easy, point me the way to such a guy…

  10. Mar, i actually know lots of guys who doesn’t drink and smoke…

  11. it’s easy, i dun drink nor smoke(health reason)… err… how old and how tall are you? and i’m a catholic… a not really radical 1… ha ha

  12. neh .. clement is one of them

  13. i am not a super holy dude… or one who is active like cibol… hehe

  14. Drumsticks, that’s cool…but usually if they fit those 2 criterias at least 1 of the others they don’t have. That’s why I say its practically impossible.
    Clement, you scored 4/5 of my criterias…that’s usually always the case. Again,practically impossible.
    For the record,I’m not super holy and he doesn’t have to be super holy…at the same level as me and maybe a bit more than me enuff lor.

  15. age doesn’t really matter .. ha ha ha. clement, it’s not ur fault that you’re born later than mar .. it’s ok. dun feel sad

  16. Hahaha…dats why guys I say my list is practically impossible…that’s why it USED to be my list, not anymore. LOL.

  17. there are many guys out there don’t drink and smoke..if you can accept that drinking once in a blue moon when meeting friends , or during festivals.. consider – don’t drink guy and smoke? many of my friends don’t smoke. anyway, good luck finding your mr. right guy then 🙂

  18. the best of luck .. ha ha ha

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