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A birthday fast forgotten

I can’t believe my birthday was just 3 days ago!
At the rate things have been happening, it felt more like 3 months ago!
12th May, 2011
Oh yeah, I had a blast on my birthday…started on the eve of it actually with cake & balloon and a good company of friends and a sweet gift from my brothers at the strike of midnight. And then on the actual night, planned a nice family dinner to celebrate a 4-in-1 :
1. Belated Mother’s Day (8th May)
2. Dad’s Belated Birthday (11th May)
3. My Birthday (12th May)
4. My youngest bro’s entering College (22nd May)
Before heading to the dinner the family went for daily mass, afterwhich I claimed a personal blessing from Bishop. After that, he asked if we had plans so I told him of the above and asked if he would like to join us, but he had something to do. However, he said he would join us slightly later. AWESOME!
So I brought the family over Times Square (one of the newer shopping complexes in Brunei) and went to Pastamania!
Shortly after we had placed our orders, Bishop and 2 of my close friends arrived.
In short, we had a wonderful evening and a birthday celebration I will always remember.
13th May, 2011 (also a Friday)
When I woke up this morning, I was kinda dizzy and my tummy felt a little off, but I brushed aside the feeling. I was probably just hungry.
So I hit the showers, had breakfast (just tea & biscuits) and went off to work.
An hour later however, I threw up my breakfast (which was a sure sign my tummy was more than just a little off!) so I took a sick leave and when to see the Doc. Doc said I might have an indigestion from last night’s (Birthday huhu) dinner…so yea, she set me off with some meds and sent me home.
After getting home I had another round of breakfast (this time just Milo) so that I could take the meds and went to bed.
About 3 hours later however, I threw that up as well. At which point I started getting eating-phobia (fear of eating as it will lead to vomiting), but for meds sake, I agreed to eat some plain porridge and take some 100plus for dehydration. Again, went to bed, but this time not really lying down but I propped up the pillows so it was more like lying at an angle, to prevent further vomitting.
Fortunately, I didn’t throw up anything else that day (not sure if it’s the meds/100plus/lying at an angle, but something helped!) but at night, I was feverish. So, stopped the vomit meds and took some Paracetamol.
Being in bed all day I really lost track of time so all I know is that I managed to rest somewhat after that.
14th May, 2011
Had no idea what time I woke up but I know it was early as the sun wasn’t even up yet.
My fever had died down so the family proceeded with the pre-planned trip to Miri to complete some errands. However, I wasn’t fully up and running so I couldn’t drive and slept most of the journey.
Long story short, all the errands were successfully completed this day BUT on the drive back, we got into a very unfortunate event. In summary, my car’s front bumper is falling off, the right side of the bumper is pretty much gone and the foglights aren’t working, the front right tyre is bloated and the bottom front edge of the driver’s door is chipped.
Basically, I need to get a new bumper! Which will cost me about RM1,000 ++. :S
15th May, 2011
So yeah…I can’t believe my birthday was just 3 days ago!
Happy Birthday? Not feeling so HAPPY right now…
P.S. In consolation, I was FINALLY able to redeem the free airtickets to Bali, after 3 attempts and at the cost of my car bumper! *sobs*

4 thoughts on “A birthday fast forgotten

  1. Mar, have i wish you yet?
    Happy belated birthday, dear.
    Glad to know you had a blast!

  2. Hey Mary,
    Yes,you wished me. Thanks! And yeah, I had a SMASHING time indeed. Pun intended.
    Anyhow, I shld be in town arnd 19/6 – 25/6 so maybe we can finally meet? Haha. Do you accept house guests? It’s kinda like a bagpacking trip so… 😀

  3. Belated birthday greetings. Have fun in Bali! Be good… LOL!!!

    1. But I’m always good 😛
      Thanks for the wish…

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