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A Thank You post…and more…

It all began like this, last week after parting ways with Arch and Oink Sunday night, I was reminding May to be available the coming weekend (that’s this previous weekendlah) cos it was my big day and I was really looking forward to celebrating it with friends…but I didn’t know what exactly I had in mind.
Plus, I was quite disappointed that Arch was leaving before my birthday. I was “lead to believe” that he would be in Kuching for that…turned out he wasn’t. And I was also quite idealess as to how to be able to gather some close friends together and still have a relatively “affordable” get-together without burning too-much a hole in my pocket.
That said, May came up with some ideas for my big day…some that never crossed my mind even…but I was still undecided and uncommitted…I was swamped at work, didn’t get enough rest for some reason or other and as the week progressed, the more agitated I got. Without knowing it, May offered to take the load of my shoulder. I think it was Wednesday when she sms-ed me:
“I have a plan in mind…but you’ll have to budget more lah. You want surprise or not?”
Immediately I replied: “Yes! Yes! Surprise me!”
I was relieved that she “volunteered” to plan the whole thing…but I wasn’t really convinced I would actually be surprised. I mean, the idea of a “Surprise Party” is that the person who was to be surprised didn’t know that there was someone out to surprise them. And me? I already KNEW that something was being planned for my big day…so what’s the surprise in that?! I didn’t think it would work and that she could actually pull it off. I mean, I KNEW there was a plan maa…so I was certain I’d be able to smell it a mile away.
Obviously, I was wrong.
Saturday came.
My big day.
I woke up early and got as ready as I could given what I already knew. I knew the “who-what-when-why” of the plan…I just didn’t know the “where” part and maybe a lil blur on the “how” – all thanks to May and the bits of pieces of info she did inform me which were part truth and whole lies entirely meant to confuse me. Heh.
So Iza came, my designated driver and May’s cohort for the day. There was her sis-in-law with her so apparently, she had errands to do before we went to wherever-we-were-going…we dropped her sis-in-law at the hospital (she was a nurse, fyi) and then her cousin called her and asked for a favor – fetch him from a hotel somewhere and drop him at Padungan. More errands I guess…
Plus, according to Iza, the plan was supposed to start at 2.30pm liddat. It was already past 2pm. I was feeling rather upset that I would be late for my own surprise…but what-to-do?…so Iza and I went about looking for the hotel and got lost on the way and entered wrong turn lah etc…so I sms-ed May that Iza and I ran into some “obstructions” and asked for directions to the hotel in case she knew.
“Where are u now? It’s at Ban Hock Road..Just beside Hua Hock Inn” was her reply.
So Iza and I found the hotel and parked at the carpark behind it. She killed the engine and called her cousin. Then she tells me to get out of the car.
“What? We have to go up? Aren’t we supposed to just pick him up and send him somewhere?”
“He says he’s got lotsa stuff,”
says Iza.
So I trudged behind Iza and we went up the elevator to the 7th floor and she knocks on the room door and we waited in the small hallway, me just a lil further down cos I didn’t know her cousin. The door opens slowly and Iza smiles and gestures for me to come closer.
I don’t know what I was thinking but when I got into eye-sight of the room’s “occupants”, it all made sense…
Three masked persons stared back at me.
All I could say was “Eh? What the…?” and stared amazed that there was a dimly lit room with food (got snacks, snacks, more snacks and a KFC bucket) and plates and spoons/forks carefully arranged on top of the newspaper covered bed. And on the dresser there was a cute birthday cake…Behind the masks, May, Oink and Sotong revealed their devilish grins…
And all this I took in while still in disbelief that I had been fooled into going up to that hotel room and almost-hysterically telling May: “You LIAR! You LIAR!” and I meant that in the most respectful way ever…Gosh, I still can’t believe I’d been punk’d! xp
But on the false pretense that we were meeting with her cousin, I left my things in the car so Iza and I had to go back down to the car park (where Oink’s car was also parked and I totally didn’t notice!) to take my camera and stuff (I had a bag of clothes in case I needed it…May said there would be “playing in the water” maa…She played with my head! I thought we’d be outdoors or a beach or something…and Iza mentioned something about going to the movies before the party, again, screwed with my head!) and we reparked to the “guests only” carpark where May’s car was…Again, I should have noticed!
Hahaha…so yes, May managed to pull it off afterall…A HOTEL ROOM…never saw that coming…Plus, she screwed with my head just enough to keep me confused so I didn’t suspect anything…YOU ARE NUTS girl! LOL.

I wish…

So after coming to terms with the reality that it was indeed a surprise party for me, they sang me a birthday song, I made a wish and blew out the candles…

Oink sunk some of the candles deep into the cake for good measure and he and May said it was customary for me to “bite” the candle out of the cake…
So…comply ler…

Got cream on my nose…the candle tasted sweet though. LOL.
It was a Tiramisu cake…Damn sweet. Nice. =)
Then proceeded with digging into the food…May’s mom even prepared some mee for us…(M, tell your Mom sorry we couldn’t finish it…hehe.)
What happened the 3hours we spent in the hotel room was just too sweet a memory to put into words…My BFF May was there, my close friend Iza was there, Oink and Sotong, although I just recently got to know them made me feel like I’ve known them ages…

Me, Iza, May

Oink, Me, Sotong

Thanks SO SO MUCH guys…I really had a wonderful time…A wonderfully crazy and fun time that I will NEVER EVER forget…*Terharu* May, I can’t say Thanks enough…I love you girl…*Muahs*
Arch, forget about Room 205…here’s where the fun was…
Room 705
Oink and 4 girls…in a hotel room…what happened?

I leave to your imagination. LOL.
We checked-out at 5pm, said our goodbyes and Iza drove me to where my bro and sis-in-law were. The next agenda was Evening Mass at St Jo…
After mass, my big day continued with dinner at Pandan Thai with my bro and sis-in-law…I also got to say Hi to a friend of mine who worked as cashier there…I actually amused the waiter when I told him to “kirim salam” to the cashier when he was done taking our order…AS IF I trying to score a date…haha…
It was during dinner that Arch sms-ed me…
Arch: “Enjoyed ur birthday surprise?”
Me: “D day ain’t over yet..Ask me 2mrw.Lol..”
Arch: “Oh..ya ka?haha.bah continue enjoying it then.”
Continued I did…for the third leg of the “celebration”…
I met up with another batch of friends (who couldn’t make it in the afternoon) at Scoops Gelato Bar , not far from Hilton Hotel…

There was Mel, Fion, Susan and Shirl…

Expensive icecream (RM8 for double-scoop) and it wasn’t even delicious…

5 double-scoops of gelato…

Or maybe that’s cos I was already “bloated” after that afternoon and dinner…but the sky juice tasted sweet…Or my taste buds totally screwed from too much sweet food all day…(I may agree with Oink about diabetes. LOL.)
Long story short, I arrived at home at exactly midnite. Curfew time.
First thing I did was open up all the birthday presents. LOL.

A blouse, a religious decor, a mug, a watch, a bracelet…

Loved them guys…THANKS!!! =D
Then hit the shower and went to bed at 2am…
*Sigh of content*
One of the happiest days of my life….THANKS GUYS!!!!! You guys really made my day…

12 thoughts on “A Thank You post…and more…

  1. waHh.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =)

  2. Drumsticks…Thanks! =)
    Hahah…What are you doing OL at this hr?
    (Me? I had to post this up before daylight…hehe.)

  3. well, she’s always like dat one .. she dun need sleep .. ha ha ha. wow, u had fun .. damn unlucky not to be there

  4. wah, looks like you enjoy your birthday! sotong is a nickname for a girl??

  5. M,u look cute lah staring us 3 wearing cute-mask with ur ‘blur face’ (Oink have our mask-on pic)..surprised enuff le..u like speechless,standing without reaction for 5 seconds..hehe..btw..pulling the candle out of d cake wasn’t my idea..that’s Oink’s..i only knew about it few minutes b4 u came..

  6. party hard eh .. so rugi not there .. haiya

  7. M,
    Too bad you guys didn’t take pic of my blur face…haha…would’ve loved to see my expression then…
    Got ah the masked faces? Cool….aftrwds I ask from Oink. Or now also can…
    OINK…I want the masked pics…LOL.
    And that thing about the candle…you said its Oink’s idea? So you mean it wasn’t REALLY customary?! Whaa…Oink!!! LOL.
    I just want to say: “I told you so.”
    Next time,when I say Stay…STAY lor…
    (Sounds like a puppy pula…sit! roll over! bwahahaha…)
    But yeah…it was unlucky for you NOT to be there. ;p
    I enjoyed it a bit too much…=))))))
    [Now I’m really looking forward for your “contribution” towards the day.*Ehem* ;p]
    Yeah…There’s a story behind that nick…I didn’t make it up.

  8. I’m not sure..ask Oink..

  9. eh…scoops’s ice cream not bad wut..i guess u went there at the wrong time…heee heee…u should try their gelato on the menu..some taste GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. =) the gals that u hang out with at scoops, mcm kenal je 1 or 2 of them ..there are my seniors in st.teresa kch.

  10. Lola,x heran if u knw them..kch x dat big..hehe..
    Good ah?i guess i was too bloated to notice nxt time we can go there n u rekomen la wat good..or we cud go to d latino bar bside it..gosh!the music frm eh!;p

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