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A to Z

Three weeks since I had  a “decent” post…but whose counting right? 😉
Anyways, I just wanna thank those who have been dropping by eventhough I have been MIA for a while now…really appreciate it! I have recently updated my other blog too so you can check that out as well. 🙂
So yeah, tomorrow I’ll be headed to Sibu with my Mom to send my brother back to school since the schools hols in Malaysia is over…(whereas here in Brunei it just began)…so, just wanna settle a tag while I have this speck of “free time”…hehe…
Tagged by drumsticks:

“Begin Copy Here”
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy Here” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. List your favourites from A-Z.
For example, starting with the alphabet A, you can list down your favourite Actor, your favourite Anthem, favourite Aerobic exercise or even your favourite ABBA’s song. As long as it starts with the letter A.
Then move on to alphabet B. You can list your favourite Book, or Bag, or Blog, or even your favourite Boxer shorts! It’s entirely up to you!
Repeat the same with alphabet C, D, E and so on until Z.
If you can’t think of a word that starts on that particular alphabet, you may visit Foongpc’s Very First Blog for a comprehensive list of words.
3. Tag 7 people.
“End Copy”

So here goes…
ALBUM: Photo album hehe
BOOK: The Book of Tobit (I strongly suggest you to read it. It’s AWESOME!)
COOKIE: Chocolate Chip
DONKEY: The one in “Shrek”!
EXTREME GAME: Paintball (that’s the most extreme I’ve done so…)
FOOD: Anything with cheese 😉
GADGET: Internet-surfing mobile phones 😀
HOUSE TYPE: Beach House?
I-WORD: Internet
JOKE: Witty ones
KING: Arthur (in “The Adventures of Merlin”)
MUSICAL: Sound of Music
OPERA: “Phantom of the Opera” counts?
PUNK BAND: Simple Plan
QUESTION: Watcha doin?
RESPONSE: Whatever, Mana-mana
STAR TREK CHARACTER: (in the movie) Spock
VAMPIRE: Edward Cullen
WIZARD: Harry Potter
X-MEN: Rogue
YAWN: The one that is followed by sleep
ZOO: Never been to any yet…
And I tag…

Enjoy the weekends y’all! 😀
P.S. I did the A-Z thingy first before I read drumstick’s and we had only X in common…guess not a lot of words start with X huh? LOL!!!

2 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. Hey Mar, thanks for doing the tag. =)
    Yeah, might as well settle it while I don’t actualy write as much as before… 🙁

  2. Owh.. I’m in.. haha
    will do it reaaalllyyyy soon.. *checking my blogging calender*
    Wonder if you’ve gotten around to doing this yet. LOL.

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