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A week now

A week into the end of the 1st quarter of the year…a week into turning THREE

Lent has passed and it’s now Easter!

This time around, EASTER seemed to kick off with Eating…Eating…and MORE Eating…hmmm…

This week alone there are 2 “Eating Functions” that require my attention…

Yesterday we had our Vicariate Young Adults “Easter Fellowship”. I must admit, I was a bit afraid that not a lot of people would be able to make it since its kinda like the middle of the week – a very awkward time to have an “Eating Function” but we were just crazy…as always! However, to my relief, we had a good turn up of 20 people!

Annoying Alwin (not!) did a great job of being the host for the
night..and moving the venue to the Conference Room! All the glorious
Sexy Samsul came with the Saucy Satays and we’re glad to see Blizzard
Bridget with the Brr..icecream!! Nick was being Naughty as usual, especially
after getting drunk on Pepsi..and it was great to see Corny Clive as
well! Next time,bring the wife and kids! :p
Ruch was as Radical as always sprouting a new look *ehem* and Val had
a new Vain haircut! 🙂 and of course Angie was as Adventurous as can
be – spiking the fruit salad with liquor! Lol.
Attractive Alvin came with the equally irresistable Chips and Dips
(especially irresistable to Audacious Aubrey!) and Jerome’s Kung Pao
chicken was a hit, no wonder he’s so Joyful! :p Daring Diana and
Astute Ashley also came with a variety of CHOICE kuehs. 🙂
It was especially meet our new bro and sis- Adison and Fiona! They
were Amazing and Funny and downright AWESOME! (Welcome to the Vicariate
Young Awesomeness!) 😀 And it was also wonderful that Jolene, Andy and
Robin managed to join us as well…and of course Fr Romeo!

And the next “Eating Function” is this weekend and this time its a BBQ! I haven’t had that in a while so it should be good!

But what I’m most excited about is NEXT WEEKEND! Why?

‘Cos we’ll be going to KUCHING!!! (Balik kampung! Woohoo!!!) and you guess it – we plan to be EATING there too! ;p

P.S. Three also marks my 3rd year in the working world. Wow.

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