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Asia's Got Talent: Personal Favourites

The Results Show tomorrow night will reveal the first Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) winner, marking the end of the first season of AGT. This post is to compile those acts that I enjoyed, my personal favourites, but did not make it to the Final 9.
In the order of their Judges’ Audition:
Time Machine
Their Judges’ Audition earned them the very first Golden Buzzer of the show securing them to the Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, they lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch their Semi-Finals performance.
I loved his BIG voice as soon as he opened his mouth to sing! Unfortunately, he lost on votes in the Semi-Finals.
I never knew that skipping ropes could be so cool! But they too lost on votes in the Semi-Finals.
Fe & Rodfil
This odd duo didn’t get past the Judges’ Audition. He’s funny and she is a great singer. I guess the combo just didn’t work to their favour.
Sensational Stefano & his puppet Shawn Chua (oh wait! It’s the other way around! :P)
My first time to see an Asian ventriloquist act. I had hoped they would have been selected for the Semi-Finals but they didn’t make the Judges’ Cut.
Oscar Chu
He is simply awesome & I was so glad he made it to the Semi-Finals! Unfortunately, he lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch his Semi-Finals performance.
She was another talented singer – but I guess not talented enough to make the Judges’ Cut.
Miss Tres
They really were da bomb! I wondered why they weren’t selected for the Semi-Finals but then again, perhaps after the element of shock/surprise is gone, there’s nothing much left to offer? Guess we’ll never know.
D’Intensity Breakers
Now they should have made it to the Semi-Finals. For me, they were more talented than some of the dance groups that made it to Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t agree. Oh well.
Sada Borneo of course!
Very personal to me, they are the reason I even started blogging about AGT in the first place. And you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on them here in my blog even after AGT. Eventhough they lost on votes in the Semi-Finals, this isn’t the end of their journey – look at what they’re up to alreadyClick here to watch their Semi-Finals performance.
This guy can really beatbox. I read online that he couldn’t be in the Semi-Finals due to studies. That’s a shame. Oh well, maybe he’ll come back for Season 2.
She has class. I really wanted her in the Finals, alas she lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch her Semi-Finals performance.
Vilas Nayak
He is talented. Though he should have asked for the golden buzzer, at least he didn’t go home empty-handed!
Who were your AGT favourites?
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