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Tribute to the Semi-Finalists (Part 1 of 2)

They were the 24 Acts chosen to proceed to the 3 Semi-Finals’s Round out of the countless number of acts that auditioned. In achieving that, they are talented in their own rights and although the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) journey for some has ended, I hope we will be hearing more about them in the future. What follows are my personal opinions/observations but after all is said and done, this post is to applaud what they have achieved thus far (in order of their appearance at AGT Semi-Finals):
1st Semi-Final Round
1. Gonzo
On the act: It is difficult enough to move past the tights and bright coloured gear he doned on, but when he bashed his face with a tambourine, that was just too much to bear. I’ve never seen anybody play a tambourine like him (nor do I want to honestly) but perhaps if he made music with the tambourine I might have been impressed.
On the outcome: I was shocked the Judges said YES at the audition. I was even more speechless he made it into the Semi-Finals. And I was really upset – but not at him. I was upset with the Judges because I felt the reason they said YES to him was to make him into the laughing stock of the competition (remember William Hung?). Am I the only one who thinks so? I have no doubt that he is a really nice guy so I really do not appreciate them making fun of him (or any other person(s)) in this way.
Message to Gonzo: I wish you the best for what may come your way. I just hope it is possible for you to draw the fine line between the people who truly appreciate you (and your talents) and those who are just using you at your expense.
2. Gwen Dorado – Finalist
On the act: I enjoyed listening to her play the guitar and hearing her sing at the audition but I didn’t enjoy the Semi-Finals act when there was a band with her and she did more singing (which didn’t sound as great as the audition either) and not so much playing the guitar.
On the outcome: I did not expect her to reach the Finals. But since she did, I will just address her again in the Finalists post.
3. Oscar Chu
On the act: I absolutely LOVE how he could play classical music on not one but many harmonicas – all at once! Fell in love with his talent at the audition and even more deeply at the Semi-Finals.
On the outcome: OSCHAR CHU, I choose you! I voted for him but alas he didn’t make it into the Finals. How sad…
Message to Oscar: Dear Oscar, please please please continue playing the harmonica as you so beautifully do. I really would love to hear more from you. And I can’t help wonder how good you are with your lips with a talent like that! 😉
4. Triqstar – Finalist
On the act: I was entranced by their audition and their Semi-Finals. The smoothly-executed-yet-robotic movements were as engrossing as the choreography of their dance.
On the outcome: I was very happy to know they made in into the Finals. (I voted for them too.) Wishing them the best of luck for that! (To be continued in the Finalists post)
5. Velasco Brothers
On the act: I saw one too many of their style of dance and there are other better groups (maybe D’intensity Breakers), especially with the Velasco Brothers not having their act together at the audition. I didn’t see anything very impressive at the Semi-Finals either (except for the stage set-up and going out with the machine gun – but that’s external).
On the outcome: Semi-Finalist. They were lucky to be chosen from the many other dance groups in the audition. Yet, in competing with Gwen to represent Philippines in the Finals, I would have expected them instead of her. (Still surprised it’s Gwen. Still choose Oscar Chu!)
Message to Velasco Brothers: All the best with the future guys. I’m sure you guys can do better.
6. Nitish Barti
On the act: This was not the first time I saw “Sand-Art”. The first time was in Korea and I enjoyed that more. That said, his audition was nice and he is really talented. His Semi-Finals however, was not as nice I felt…especially since the message is unclear (to me): For one, he dedicated it to blind people – who cannot actually see what he made with the sand-art? Hmmm. ._.
On the outcome: Well done for making in into the Semi-Finals.
Message to Nitish: I salute you for leaving your stable job in pursuit of your dreams. Keep doing that. May you be able to share and tell more better stories through your sand-art in the future.
7. Gao Lin & Liu Xin (2 times Golden Buzee) – Finalist
On the act: Sensual. Acrobatic. Flexible. And Sexy in the Semi-Finals.
On the outcome: 2 times Golden Buzee. Shows that this duo was very good and they are. Their dance was beautiful and impressive both times. Wish them the best for the Finals.
8. The Brothers
On the act: Classical singers. I like classical singing! But I was disappointed by the song-choice during the Semi-Finals.
On the outcome: Good job in making it to the Semi-Finals. I might have liked them if they had done a classical song in the Semi-Finals.
Message to The Brothers: Teruskan menyanyi. Selamat maju jaya di masa hadapan.
2nd Semi-Final Round
9. Young Boys
On the act: Loud. Bright. Chaos. That’s what I felt when I saw the Semi-Finals. I didn’t manage to form any opinion of them during the audition.
On the outcome: We barely saw them during the auditions, how the heck did they get into the Semi-Finals? Better them than Young Men I guess! ._.
Message to Young Boys: You guys are much too loud and much too energetic for me but well done for making it to the Semi-Finals. Good luck ahead.
10. Gerphil Flores (Golden Buzee at the Auditions) – Finalist
On the act: Powerful soprano voice that could totally pull off the lead in musicals like Les Miserables.
On the outcome: Golden Buzzee at the Auditions was no surprise but I wasn’t as impressed with the song-choice in the Semi-Finals. But she made it into the Finals anyways so more on her in the Finalist post.
11. Bebop
On the act: Chicks that play their own music instruments. I like it!
On the outcome: They scrapped past Auditions with 3 out of 4 YESes, coming into the Semi-Finals hoping to gain David Foster’s approval – only to be brutally shot down by him. It was the most painful outcome in the Semi-Finals. Imagine how they must’ve felt!
Message to Bebop: Hi ladies. You are already famous back in South Korea. You don’t need a show to tell you that you have talent because it’s very obvious that you do. And you don’t need David Foster’s approval either. Keep on rocking ladies!
12. Khusugtun – Finalist
On the act: Mongolian Throat-Singing. Definitely unique. And they are one of two Semi-Finalists that I have actually had the opportunity to see perform live! I first heard Khusugtun at the Rainforest World Music Festival in 2012.
On the outcome: Since they were pretty famous already, I felt they didn’t need to be in this show, which was why I saved my one-Facebook vote at the Semi-Finals for someone else. I hope they do justice to their reputation at the Finals! More on that in the Finalists post.
Continued in Part 2:

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