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Tribute to the Semi-Finalists (Part 2 of 2)

They were the 24 Acts chosen to proceed to the 3 Semi-Finals’s Round out of the countless number of acts that auditioned. In achieving that, they are talented in their own rights and although the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) journey for some has ended, I hope we will be hearing more about them in the future.
What follows are my personal opinions/observations but after all is said and done, this post is to applaud what they have achieved thus far (in order of their appearance at AGT Semi-Finals):
For acts #1 to #12, check-out Part 1
13. Bao Cuong
On the act: Cannot. Stand. To. Watch. Grimace. Gag. Flinch. I truly truly truly do NOT like this act at all!
On the outcome: I was appalled (in the full sense of the word!) that the judges allowed them past the Auditions – especially when they themselves had problems watching the entire act with eyes wide open! Thankfully, we do not need to subject ourselves to such torture since they didn’t get into the Finals. Phew!
Message to Bao Cuong: While I am sure there may be a few people in the world who can stomach your talent, please just keep it for their eyes only. Not for me please. *Shivers*
14. Sydney Uke

On the act: Talented talented young lady who plays the ukulele.
On the outcome: Her audition was nice. And I really enjoyed her Semi-Finals. So very much that I voted for her. Unfortunately, Gerphil & Khusugtun got the 2 spots for the Finals instead.
Message to Sydney: Is Uke your real name, or is it because you play the Ukelele? (I just noticed.) Anyways, you, young lady are very very talented. At your Semi-Finals, you reminded me of Sungha Jung, the Korean ukulele prodigy! Keep on playing and keep on smiling as you do. I really want to hear more from you in the future!
15. Fathin Amira
On the act: Singer with a big voice
On the outcome: She surprised everyone with her audition. Could she be the wedding singer turned super star? She could have but her song-choice during the Semi-Finals wasn’t the best. At least she made it to the Semi-Finals, so she may yet go further!
Message to Fathin: Well done for making it to the Semi-Finals. Wish you the best in your solo career!
16. Junior New System (Golden Buzzee to the Finals) – Finalist
On the act: A group of street boys dancing their way into a better life. Talented and not afraid to be feminine either!
On the outcome: Impressive dance at the audition and they danced in heels at the Semi-Finals. Theirs could possibly be a “Rags to Riches” story if they win the title as the Asia’s Got Talent winner in the Finals. More on them in the Finalists post.
3rd Semi-Final Round
17. El Gamma Penumbra (2 times Golden Buzee) – Finalist
On the act: Shadow play that tells a story. Very talented and the only other act to get the Golden Buzzer twice (the other being Gao Lin & Liu Xin).
On the outcome: I was engrossed in the story they told in the audition and they repeated it with the visual storytelling in the Semi-Finals. I feel this group of talented guys (who also aren’t afraid to cross-dress) still has some more stories up their shadowy sleeves. More on them in the Finalist post!
18. Dance Thrilogy – Finalist
On the act: Cute tap-dancing goodness.
On the outcome: Never have I ever seen such very young professionals yet always cute and smiling as they tapped their way into our hearts. Watch out for these lil ladies in the Finalist post.
19. Sada Borneo
On the act: They write and play their own music by combining traditional and modern music and the sounds of nature together. They are the only other Semi-Finalist I’ve seen perform live (the other being Khusugtun) and who I really wish to see at Rainforest World Music Festival one day.
On the outcome: They impressed all 4 judges who gave them 4 YESes at their audition but David Foster wanted them to be traditional instead of combining traditional and modern. When they remained true to themselves at the Semi-Finals, the judges were divided. Alas, they did not make it into the Finals. My earlier post, Dedicated To Sada Borneo already clearly states my opinions.
Message to Sada Borneo: My dearest Sada Borneo, this is not the end of the journey but only the beginning. I know it’s been a rollercoaster ride so far (more of those will come too!) but keep on pursuing your dream and do not give up. Make your music (not David’s or others but your own) known to the world. Keep on improving and continue to Keep Our Legacy boys.
20. Alttype
On the act: Jump-Rope and Double-dutch. Skipping ropes, how I miss thee!
On the outcome: As a child I skipped. These guys made it way cooler but there is only so much rope you can have right? (Pun intended.)
Message to Alttype: You guys are already Guiness World Record holders for the Most Number of Double-Dutches! So life ain’t that bad. All the best with your future endeavours.
21. Talento – Finalist
On the act: Kids rockin’. Nuff said.
On the outcome: Rock isn’t really my most favourite genre. But I can see these boys do have it in them…I just wonder what will happen when the singer reaches puberty and his voice breaks. Hmm. But in the meantime, they are off to the Finals. More on the Finalist post.
22. Time Machine

On the act: Similar to Triqstar-style of dance (except theirs is modern/future while Triqstar’s is more traditional) they are also very talented.
On the outcome: With that observation, I couldn’t help but wonder if somehow they didn’t reach the Finals because Triqstar already did…anyways, I enjoyed their audition and the Semi-Finals.
Message to Time Machine: Well done in making it to the Semi-Finals. Keep on doing what you guys do best and good luck with your future conquests.
23. Toshan
On the act: Opera singer. Me gusta!
On the outcome: When he opened his mouth to sing at the audition, I already fell in love with his voice. I really felt he could go far so I was happy to know he made it to the Semi-Finals. However, the song chosen then wasn’t as effective as the audition in showing off his voice.
Message to Toshan: Hi Toshan. Firstly, I applaud you for your song-choice. It might have made it more difficult for you to win the votes of men but I am sure Our Father is smiling at you. May you be blessed and I pray that one day, you will be as good as the likes of Luciano Pavarotti! I know you can. 🙂
24. Billy Chang
On the act: Very expressive, he really loves to dance.
On the outcome: He was graceful at his audition and in the Semi-Finals we got to see the wilder side of him. A talented dancer, there is no denying that.
Message to Billy: Dance Billy! Dance! I can really see that you really put your heart and soul into your dance and it is beautiful. Keep on dancing and all the best with the floors being opened up to you.
And so there you have it, my Tribute to the Semi Finalists.
Congratulations to the 9 acts that made it into the Finals: Gao Lin & Liu Xin, Gwen, Triqstar, Junior New System, Gerphil, Khusugtun, El Gamma Penumbra, Dance Thrilogy and Talento!
Who do you think will be the first Asia’s Got Talent winner?
Here’s my guess (Finalist Post)

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