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All is fair in love and war?

Do you really think so?
Picture this:
Ashley likes Ben. Ben said he might like Ashley too.
Chris likes Ashley. But Ashley likes Ben. And BenΒ might like Ashley too.

What do you think Ashley should do? ShouldΒ she continue and waitΒ for Ben to make up his mind (might?!) or instead forget about Ben and go out with Chris?
Do you think it’s fair that if A should like B, B might like someone else and C should like A? It’s such a vicious cycle!!!
Do you think it’s fair that AT LEAST one person is hurt in the above scenario whichever way it goes???
In war, no comments la…but do you honestly still think that all is fair in love?
And another thing…just something Mag and Pat have been debating about on air (Traxx.FM) recently:
Why is it SO DIFFICULT for most guys to say “I LOVE YOU” when they really mean it and yet so easy for some to say the words when they don’t (mean it)?

To all the guys out there, make up your minds lah! Just say what you really mean!!!
Note: “Saying” I LOVE YOU means really saying it and not in writing or typing it in email or sms or what-not.

17 thoughts on “All is fair in love and war?

  1. you know what mar, i am a kind of girl that wouldn’t say ‘i love you’ to the one that i love (romantically, to opposite gender of course) verbally. because, i feel extremely susah to say it.. haha. πŸ˜› most of the time i’d just say ‘i like you’ or giving compliments kot like ‘you look handsome today’. unless, we’ve been together for quite sometimes…

  2. Wah…sounds really mencabar to the guys…wat can i say here..may be it’s just an expression kot, like, saying ‘i love u’ is just telling someone dat u like n love him/her. after dat, its depends on the respond offence ha…! hehehe…

  3. hmm.. oso don’t know why is it so hard to say ‘i love you’ when you really mean it.. could it be their background? like some family practice saying that at home.. some never in their lifetime..
    some is afraid to say it maybe coz.. if they are not really sure if they do love that person?

  4. I…..I…..I…..ah! never mind!!!! Nanti I kena arrested!!! Old man harassing young girl! LOL!!!

  5. nono,
    haha…I guess saying those 3 magic words are hard for girls too (but I think it’s even harder for guys)…maybe it’s cos if one person (the girl/guy) says it first, they’re afraid the other person, their partner will not say the same in reply, which would really2 be awkward if they should reply with “Right” and “Thank You” etc…
    “Ms Tiong”,
    …I kinda don’t get what ur trying to say…”It’s just an expression”? Meaning saying ‘I love you’ is nothing special? Then I guess you’ve said it many a times huh? Even when you don’t really mean it…not being judgemental, just for discussion purposes…no offence ya…hehe…
    Yeah…I think family background has something to do with it. If growing up they’re used to hearing it being said between the parents or said by the parents to the kids and between siblings etc. I guess it would be relatively easier for them to say it as well…now, whether they mean it or not is an entirely different thing…haha…
    …as for being sure they love that person or not, I believe that’s a valid reason. Personally, I have never and will never say those sacred words to anyone (family excluded) unless I’m really sure that I really do love that person…so when one day I do say it, that person better know I mean it! πŸ˜€
    “Right” – like Pat says it. Hahaha…
    Eh…how come no one commented on the Chris-Ashley-Ben scenario? That was a question too… πŸ˜‰

  6. But Ashley doesn’t like Chris, so??? She’ll just have to take the chance with Ben lor…!!! Or look for somebody else…many fish in the ocean, many birds in the sky…many people in the world, many guys to try!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!

  7. Ever heard of actions speak louder than words? πŸ™‚ What is the big deal of asking the guy to say it out loud, I LOVE YOU? πŸ˜› Is that even necessary when you know the person loves you that you still want to him/her says the words? But that said, I have no problem saying the magic words to the person I love.
    Ashley should try her luck with Ben and tell Chris to wait for her, if things not working out with Ben, she can go back to Chris. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  8. STP,
    Wah…nice pantun…gotta write that down somewhere for future use…kekeke… πŸ˜‰
    In a way it is necessary…to reassure the person how you feel about them maa…memang la actions louder than words but sometimes actions get misinterpreted or lost in translation…the worse case scenario is that one party’s action might be saying “we’re just friends” but end up being translated as “I love you”…so to avoid that very inconvenient misintrepretation, better say it loud and clear maa so both parties know where they stand. And good for you that you can say those words. She’s one lucky gal. πŸ˜€
    Tell Chris to wait for her and only go back to Chris if it doesn’t work out with Ben?! Isn’t that a mean and selfish thing to do?! How would you feel if you were in Chris’s shoes? How would you feel if you were in Ashley’s?

  9. Guys, seriously… is it hard for you to tell the woman that you love that you love her??? So hard meh to utter those words?
    bongkersz… action does speaks louder than words .. but it is nicer to hear those words … ah susahlah want to explain hehehe .. feelings, they’re complicated … susah want to understand oso …
    as for Ashley… why lah so bengong hehehe … just follow your heart … go for the one that she likes.. but like is easy bah … don’t like go away … find someone else.. love .. now that’s different… hehehe
    Mar, yes, I honestly think that all is fair in love πŸ™‚ Just like STP, I’m a romantic at heart hehe…

  10. Good that you feel so…cos sometimes I really2 don’t. πŸ˜‰
    …and as for Ashley, doesn’t like eventually become love is this instance?

  11. love is selfish πŸ™‚

  12. haha mar.. .I cannot cope lah thinking with all these what ifs … penat I! hehehe …
    love is selfish, bongkersz? Maybe you’re right! πŸ™‚

  13. bongkersz,
    Isn’t love supposed to be unselfish…kind…not jealous…etc etc etc? πŸ˜‰
    Shudda wudda cudda eh? πŸ˜‰

  14. hehe.. love from corinthian 13.. is the ideal.. but somehow.. fail and fail again and again to practice it..
    i think love is selfish too.. maybe coz im very selfish myself so keep failing to love unconditionally.. theres always self-interest there..

  15. Haha…yea, Corinthian 13…if we’re able to practice all we learn from the Book we’d be saints…but alas! We are but humans…the important thing is we try and try and try again, regardless if we fail and fail and fail… πŸ™‚

  16. i have a very interesting entry on love is selfish. come and shoot me hahahahahaha!

  17. Eh-ele…promote ur post ah? Hahaha…yeah yeah, will head there next. *loads gun with bullets* πŸ˜‰

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