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The Lord is Risen!

Forty days ago, I decided that I would try and abstain from meat for the whole of Lent. That means no red meat (thus fish and seafood is allowed) or processed red meat (like hotdogs, burgers).

So how did I manage on my “vegetarian mission”?

Well, at first it was difficult, but a few days into it, it was surprisingly easy. All that while, I never really had to struggle since there were a variety of vegetarian food like seafood-, vege- and tofu-based products available. I almost thought it wasn’t much of a “mission” afterall….UNTIL the last few days.

Cool animation! All-in-one: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good friday and Easter

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week, and it was the 2nd week whereby I was actively getting involved in COLA. It was also the final week of Lent…I was tempted…3 times…and 2 times out of that 3 times I failed! Lapses? Why oh why couldn’t I have resisted? It was ONLY expensive finely-cooked hotel food…Darn. Why did the Seminar have to take place on that week…?

No point blaming anyone but me. Only when one is tempted then will one know how strong one is right? I got my answer…So because of the lapses, I decided I would add-on to my personal Lenten observance by (though this should actually have been done since 40 days ago…would I dare?) cutting out on entertainment i.e. TV, internet (thus why I am only here today) and music, and praying/meditating more. It helped that Bishop lend me this book called “The Return of The Prodigal Son” during that tempterous week. Also made me wonder that he perhaps read my last post...

Anyways. So, considering all that, I would say I scored 97% on my whole mission. The 1% is error margin and 2% is for “lapses”. It would have been much lower if I hadn’t bucked up towards the end…

So yeah, as I expected it to, putting an effort to actually sacrifice some part of yourself, part of your normal routine, REALLY makes Easter feel like salvation, like what its meant to feel like… 😀


God bless.

3 thoughts on “Alleluia!

  1. blessedeaster to you mar! .. He he he. I’ll stick to the no meat on Fridays .. :p
    Blessed Easter to you too…How is it so far?
    And no meat Fridays is 365days round ler… 😉

  2. Have a belated blessed easter!!!

    Owh, Easter ain’t over…its just started! All 50 days to Pentecost!!! 😀 Blessed Easter!

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