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Another one?

Dear readers,

I’ve been thinking about this, but haven’t yet decided.

You should already know that this blog was never inclined towards anything in particular – not politics, not food, not anything. This is just my personal blog…but three weeks ago, my life took a turn (and a very good one) and there are sometimes moments where I wanna write more on that here but I don’t wanna make any of my readers “uncomfortable”. I know that this blog is mine and I can write whatever I want but just the notion that I might possibly offend the few friends I made through all my years of blogging is just too scary for me.

On the contrary, I am afraid that if I don’t share those moments here, I am not being faithful to myself. I mean, you can’t compartmentalize your life! One is made up of many things – their past, their surroundings, the people around them, their beliefs, their opinions, their faith…everything. Am I making sense? And there is also the chance that if I have more than one blog, I will be so undecided which posts should go to which blog that I might actually post the same thing on both blogs, or worse, not update both the blogs at all! – speaking from experience of having had more than one blog at a time.

Guess what I am asking is

Should I start another blog?



P.S. Now that that’s off the chest, I can get back to my regularly scheduled posts. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another one?

  1. uhh… the answer is in your inner self… I think, a blog should be a place to express yourself… hope that gives you some light to what you should do..
    Thanks…I know the answer lies in me, but I’m still at a lost though. Hehe.

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