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Ashtar Galactic Cinema Bintulu is OPEN for business!

So while everyone here in Bintulu is still abuzz about the new cinema in town, it is with great pleasure that I can now say that starting tomorrow, 21 April 2018, Ashtar Galactic Cinema (AGC) is OPEN for business!
Movies showing starting tomorrow till 24th April:

Movie tickets are RM17 (adult), RM10 (child 4-10 y.o.) and free for children those below 4 years old. Senior citizens / disabled get a special price of RM10 while movies before noon are RM9. And ticket price for Movie Nights on Wednesdays are RM12.
So, what do you think of the movies offerings and price? Leave a comment!
See you at the movies!

3 thoughts on “Ashtar Galactic Cinema Bintulu is OPEN for business!

  1. For me, nya khas utk org yg benar2 kaki wayang la. Kalau dah sanggup drive ke Miri just maok nangga movie, better nangga kat AGC jak. Bersyukur dengan adanya cinema proper di Bintulu. For now, biar sidak recover sikit la cost sidak polah cinema. Kelak mun dah ada pesaing pandailah sidak atur gik pricing sidak. Yang penting, movie kena update.

  2. […] day until… indefinitely. The management has not made themselves very clear on that front. (They did start business proper the following day!) That said, everybody is deeply hoping that they WILL be showing “Avengers: Infinity […]

  3. […] Do note that tickets are RM17 (adult) eventhough it’s “Movie Night”. […]

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