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August wind-up

Hey all…
Yup! The end of August is here! So for those who said “Wake me up when September ends”…you have only 30 days left. LOL!
Anyways, how has your month been?
For me, apart from being hellishly stressful at work, everything else is fine
Last night we had Anime Nite where we watched this:

PONYO by Hayao Miyazaki

but it was fully anime (Japanese with English subtitles)…my take on it?
Well, it’s not your normal Little Mermaid story that’s for sure!
You’ll just have to watch it to believe it. LOL!
Anyways, now I’m blogging from Ipoh Kopitiam at SunCity (I personally like to call it SinCity 😉 ) in Miri…
The whole family was here a few hours ago but now it’s just my younger bro and me (my parents and youngest bro went on their way to back to Sibu -they’re still on the way to Bintulu about now…)
Anyway, here’s wishing all Malaysians a Happy National Day!
…and the rest of the readers…a great month ahead!
And just a…fun?…song I’d like to share…

Cheerios! 😉

3 thoughts on “August wind-up

  1. Having fun? Holiday holiday!
    No holiday here…hehe…

  2. SiunCIty=SinCIty? WHy??
    Happy belated Merdeka!! btw, when is Brunei’s merdeka day?
    Siun? Its SUN…typo. LOL…and why SIN? Well, its sounds better…more “adventurous” and “happening”…LOL!!!
    And Brunei’s Independence day is 23 February 1984. 😉

  3. Oh you should watch all of anime by Hayao Miyazaki such ah Grave of the Fireflies (sad, I cried), The Cat Returns… there’s so many. Its the best. He’s very popular for his anime works. I’m loving it! =D
    Hello Dor…I think we know each other? 😉 LOL!
    Yes, I’ve watched Grave of the Fireflies and I cried too. It’s a lovely anime! Didn’t know it was the same guy’s work though…sweet!

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