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Subtitles! PLEASE!

That pretty much sums up my whole week – my 2nd week in my new job.
I just realised this week that I was abducted from my world and stucked into a TV series where everyone on the series spoke a language that was alien to me.
And there was no subtitle as my guide!
Being the only non-mandarin speaking one in the office really makes me feel inadequate somehow. I can’t understand a word they’re saying (ok maybe I understand a lil -VERY little) and I don’t dare open my mouth to try and communicate in the language of the majority for fear that although my intention is to say something in mandarin, I’ll most probably open my mouth and say something in cantonese.
Out of all the chinese dialects,I think I can say that I am more farmiliar with the latter. I used to watch these Hong Kong TV series – you know, the one that airs around 6 or 7pm on weeknights, starring the likes of Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok etc. – so I could fairly manouevre myself with basic everyday cantonese like cho san, yam cha, choi kin, tauche, sifu, etc etc. (Sorry if the spelling wrong. I don’t claim to be good in SPELLING cantonese. Hehe.)
But here in Kuching, Hokkien is the dialect one should farmiliarise with. Again, another dialect which I have absolutely NO farmiliarity with. Which leads us to Mandarin…that should be the building block if I’m ever gonna be able to speak chinese.
Being multilingual has its advantages. Not to mention it’s Cool! Imagine being able to say: “Hi, I’m Mar. And I can speak 47 languages. Nice to meet you.”
Why 47? I dunno. That number just popped up. Hehe.
My point is, since life will NEVER EVER provide us with subtitles (no matter how DESPERATELY we may need it sometimes)…we’ll just have to make our own – by starting from scratch.
And I AM starting from scratch…I have made it a challenge for myself that by this time next month, I should AT LEAST be able to listen and speak mandarin. Can I do it? I sure hope so! I appointed May, Bong and Arch as my personal coaches. I have the best lao she on my side…I shouldn’t go wrong. Dui bu dui? ;p
But until then, “I’m Mar. And I wish I can speak 47 languages. Nice to meet you!”

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Easter Eve

In Chemistry:

He turned water into wine (Jn 2:9)

In Biology:

He was born of a virgin (Lk 1:34)

In Physics:

He overcame the law of gravity by ascending to heaven (Lk 24:51)

In Economics:

He multiplied and fed 5000 (Mt 14:19)

In History:

He’s the Beginning and the End (Rev 21:6)

In Politics:

The government shall be upon His shoulders (Isa 9:6)

In religion:

No one comes to God the Father except through Him (Jn 14:6)

[Author unknown]
Just something I wanted to share…
Have a Blessed Easter y’all!
God bless…

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Newbie. Me?

Working life…
So far, its tiring for sure…but an interesting experience and quite invaluable (and I’ve just been working for 4 days!)
Day 1: Newbie(s)
Arrived punctually, got assigned to my “place” in the office and was supplied with stationery and all the admin thingy – staff info, docs, etc. I tried to get a general picture of what I’d actually be doing in this job by asking questions and observing the others…
Apparently I wasn’t the only newbie. There was another girl with me. Only difference is, she had “previous experience”, I didn’t. Being newbies, the two of us “hooked up” for lunch.
After lunch, started my 1st lesson: Vouching. (For those with non-accounting background, that means to check whether the client’s, i.e the company being audited, information stated in their accounts matched what actually happened by digging up receipts of any docs that prove that that transaction really happened.)
Day 2: Still new
Again, did vouching the whole day but this time it’s to vouch client’s inventory, debtors and creditors. (Yesterday was vouching expenses) During lunch, the other newbie (let’s call her D) went to the nearest company bank to open our “staff” bank account.
Day 3: Made a new “acquaintance”
Didn’t go out for lunch cos I brought some sandwiches from home. But after lunch,I had my first stock-take (count client inventory) with a senior colleague (let’s call her J). And guess where the stock-take was…
A pig farm.
Yup, “YB turun padang”…hehe…but we didn’t count the “livestock” laa…just the other non-living stock (pig feed, medicine(didn’t know they had that!), office supplies, etc.). And throughout the “assignment”, got to know J a lil better. Oh yes, she dropped me back home after we were done too.
Day 4: Oh. So. Tired.
Yes people…tiring job but I don’t mind (much) cos it’s quite interesting. But then again, starting from scratch, EVERYTHING and EVERYDAY is a new experience. Hehe. But I am quite relieved that tomorrow (Good Friday!) I can rest (and go Mass of course.) BTW,I’m working this Saturday though.
There, just a recap of my worklife so far. Now, on a more personal note:
As you guys can see, this blog isn’t fully operational (yet)…I’m still “building up” the blog, piece by piece. One “piece” in particular is my “About” page…
See…I don’t really know what to put in it…(I’m not vain maa..hehe)…so,why dontcha guys help me out?
Just post some questions/anything you guys wanna know about yours truly and I’ll put the answers up in the “About” page…how’s that sound?
Personally,I think that’ll be best cos after what Arch asked me that day,I find that people can ask questions that you never saw coming! Hehe…
*Note: Questions asked will be screened and will only be anwered if deemed suitable. Terms and conditions apply.*

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Poisson d'avril

That’s French for “April’s Fish”.
Yup,the 1st of April…perfect day to start a new blog.Finding my way around isn’t so simple afterall.
(Looks like I’m April’s Fool today…hmmm…)
Anyways, the story about “April’s Fish”…
It was just something I read in today’s paper…the origins of the April Fool “culture”…
In summary, something about how the French used to celebrate New Year around end of March-2nd April then one dude (who had the power of course) introduced the modern day calendar which celebrates new year on 1st January…as we do today. So anyways,back then they didn’t have the internet and news got around real slow so there was still some people who celebrated new year on 1st April…thus being called “April’s Fool” and bla bla bla…
(Read the paper if wanna know about the history of behind April’s Fool…I couldn’t care less actually. Heheh..)
What I am interested about is about the pranks/practical jokes ppl pull for the sake of the “April’s Fool” culture…now there’s something worth blogging about…
Have you ever been “punk’d” on April’s Fool? Do share all the glossy details…who? how? what? How’d you feel?
I can’t remember ever being the victim of the day…*thank God*
So am I the prankster you ask?
Well…not really…I was more of an innocent bystander as the pranks unravelled before my eyes….
I was in high school at that time…Form 4 or 5…
See, my class was divided pretty much equally in girl:guy ratio. The girls were the “brains” and the guys were mostly there as the “eye candy” and “troublemakers”…although there were a few who could actually cut some slack in class. (No offence, my dear readers of the opposite sex. ;-p)
So anyways…it was 1st April and the guys, being the troublemakers they were, decided to pull a prank on one of our teachers…
They took the over-white over-chalked boardduster and started to “dust” the teacher’s chair till it was snowy white…
And then they went back to their seats and waited…
The rest of us “innocent bystanders” had just been sitting in our seats all this while, watching the guys “prepare” their ultimate prank…personally,I didn’t like it. But I didn’t do anything about it either….
And in walks the teacher….
What happened?
The craziest thing actually!
I guess what happened next was so traumatic I blocked it out….
HONEST, I have no idea what happened that day…
But I have the vague feeling that one of the following MIGHT have happened:
1. The teacher sat down and after discovering the prank (innocent as it may be) turned “incredible hulk” on us (and wiped out my memory in the process).
2. The “innocent bystanders” couldn’t sit by and watch anymore and got up and replaced the chair…thus foiling the prank and registering no memories for me.
3. …anything could have happened…
REALLY…no April Fool here ppl…I HONESTLY don’t remember anything.
(Maybe May can shed some light on that event…hmm..)
So, what was YOUR most memorable April Fool prank, be it victim or prankster?
I got this sms today:
“The job will start soon. If free,go to our office in X Building or at Spg X, Xth Floor. Rgstr urself in the X System use SPM result”
It was from a contact in a department in the state govt. It was a data entry job…a contract-basis actually.
And it pays an extra RM100 than the job that I’m starting tomorrow…Heh.
“When it rains,it pours…”

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A New Blog, A New Beginning…

I was…
Could not get hold of a reliable internet access.
Was in between blogs and couldn’t do much actually cos of the two reasons above…
I am…

Actually, I just got the job. The interview was last week, I got the job the next day. I “report for duty” this Monday…

Have internet access!!!!

My bro just got a 3G phone and we connect that to the laptop and we’re online! How cool is dat?! Hey,it may not be the speediest connection…but it is reliable. (I’d like to think so…)

Have a new blog!!!!

Arch and Bong kept urging me to move to WordPress…well,here I am guys! =)

BTW,you guys promised WordPress will be a lot better and user-friendly…I sure hope so…For the meantime,I’m still finding my way around and tweaking things here and there so…bear with me.

From last week, things seemed to have moved up a notch huh?
The Perfect Life? – Maybe…