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Avengers: Endgame – and the questions it raised

*Spoilers for Endgame ahead*

So now that we’ve watched Endgame (or read the detailed plot here), here’s what we know and what we don’t really know.

We already know (from Captain Marvel’s post-credit scene) that Captain Marvel received Nick Fury’s message and came to Avengers HQ where Banner, Captain America and Black Widow were wondering why the pager had stopped transmitting.

What we don’t really know is…

How did the pager end up with the Avengers in the first place? This was not addressed at all.

We also do not see Captain Marvel be introduced to the Avengers and get updated on the events of Infinity War that led to Nick Fury paging her. All that happened mostly off screen and some bits are scattered in the trailers for Endgame, but nothing in the actual movie.

And where was Captain Marvel all this while before she came to Avengers HQ? We don’t specifically know, but it was implied that she was busy elsewhere in the universe and in the trailer, in response to War Machine’s question, she said that she was busy elsewhere where those places did not have the Avengers. To which Thor declares, “I like her.”

We already know (from Infinity War) that Thanos said that Thor should have gone for his head. Albeit, a bit late to make any difference, Thor delivered this in Endgame. But, how different would it have been had this been done in Infinity War eh?

We also know that Thanos destroyed all the stones later on, which was why the Avengers had to travel back in time to obtain the stones from before Thanos got them. Perhaps it wasn’t their first thought but, wouldn’t it have been a lot easier if they took the stones like this instead and in this order (assuming that they do not use the stone’s powers itself to get the other stones):

  1. Go back to 1970s and get a lot of those pym particles so they have backup. While there, get The Space Stone / The Tessaract (blue).
  2. Go back to the 1940s, when Red Skull had The Soul Stone (orange) so no one had to be sacrificed to get in on Vormir. Also, no space travel necessary. Edit: The Tessaract sent Red Skull to Vormir. The Soul Stone (orange) had always been in Vormir, so it’s unavoidable, someone had to be sacrificed. Damn.
  3. The Mind Stone / Loki’s sceptre (yellow) was actually borrowed to Loki by Thanos to get the Tessaract, so getting it from Loki in New York was a good call.
  4. And while in New York, getting the The Time Stone / Eye of Agomoto (green) was opportune – or, they could have just asked for the stone from Dr Strange before he gave it to Thanos? What do you think? Would Dr Strange have given it to them?
  5. Getting the The Reality Stone / Aether (red) from Asgard wasn’t too bad a plan, kudos to Rocket for pulling that off without any help from Thor. But, wouldn’t it have been easier to get it while it was still on earth, before it got into Jane Foster’s body in the first place? Also, no space travel necessary.
  6. The Power Stone / The Orb (purple) was in Morag, and the time Quill got it does seems to be the most opportune time and place to get it. I was iffy about them actually having to go near Thanos (in space) in the first place, but perhaps, instead of sending Nebula here, they should’ve sent Rocket? Therefore, no risk of their plans being found out by Thanos and the whole Final Battle could have been avoided.

But of course, the mission to get all the stones had to wait till 5 years later, because it was only after Antman was freed from the quantum realm were the Avengers even aware of it.

Anyhow, as it is, they managed to get all the stones but a few questions pop up along the way.

While it was explained that going back in time doesn’t affect the present as when going back in time, that time then becomes the future not the past? Umm…Yeah, try wrap your head around that. But basically, their premise is that it doesn’t matter if they change the past, the present remains the same.

However, if that were the case, at the end, it is implied that Captain America chose to remain in the past with Peggy and stay on with her to old age. Then, he just waits for the exact day to come sit at the bench by the river and hands over his shield to Sam. So going to the past does affect the present. Which leads to even more questions like:

  1. Present-Cap stayed in the past till old age. So how about the past-Cap? Also, it seemed Bucky knew he was going to do this when they said their goodbyes before Cap went quantum – and he was the one who saw aged Cap by the river and urged Sam to approach him. Could this be related to the fact that present-Cap had told past-Cap in New York that Bucky was alive?
  2. How does Cap alone return the Reality stone, Power Stone and Soul Stone since those were not on earth but on Asgard, Morag and Vormir respectively?
  3. In past-New York, when they failed to get the Space Stone, Loki escaped with it. So if the past (ie 1970s when Ironman was successful in getting the Space Stone) does not affect this, so there is an alternate reality where Loki is free and alive?
  4. Thor taking Mjolnir from the past. So past-Thor didn’t have Mjolnir? By the way, Captain America summoning the Mjolnir puts to rest the whole “who is worthy?” competition in an awesome way!
  5. Past-Gamora was brought to the present. But she wasn’t at Ironman’s funeral. Could she have been dusted along with Thanos and his army? We also see Quill searching for her on Benatar’s computer before Thor comes aboard…

So anyways, everyone returned from their mission with all six stones – everyone except Nat.

Then, Hulk snapped undoing Thanos’ snap.

Then past-Thanos came to the present.

Final Battle.

Ironman snap.

Thanos is dusted.

And Ironman dies.

Captain America returns all the stones.

Thor joins the Guardian of the Galaxy. So will he appear together with them in the next Guardian of the Galaxy movie?

Spiderman goes back to school. And a Spiderman movie is coming out in July.

And Black Widow cannot be truly dead – because she has an upcoming standalone movie as well.

So if she’s not dead by the soul stone, then Gamora should be alive as well and traipse around with the Guardians on more intergalactic adventures.

In any case, so ends this phase of the MCU, 10 years and 21 movies when it all began with Ironman (2008) and now ends with him as well.

Well done, Marvel.

Looking forward to the upcoming movies – especially now that Fox are a part of Disney & Marvel.

And of course, Endgame is where the very last cameo from Stan Lee himself is – when they went back to the 1970s and he is in a car speeding past S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Headquarters.

Easter Egg: Did you notice the random teen at the funeral? Turns out, he is Harley Keener, who was a little boy who helped Ironman in Ironman 3. The fact he is there could mean further character development for him. Interesting!

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