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Be careful when renew Car Insurance at Post Office

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a criticism of the Post Office per se, but a heads up to fellow customers like myself to be wise when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash.


So, for the first time ever, I renewed my car insurance and road tax at the Post Office this morning.

Like everyone else, I waited for my turn. It took a while as there were quite a lot of people, some having their car insurances and road tax renewed as well.

It finally came to my turn, and I approached the smiling person behind the counter, let’s name said person “S” for smiley.

I handed over my previous car insurance documents and a copy of my motor vehicle registration card. S took a photo of my card and was communicating with the insurers, then entered some details into the computer. “System’s a bit slow. Please sit down and wait,” said S. I obliged.

Not too long after, I was called again to the counter and using a calculator, S informed me how much I had to pay – RM360+. My previous year’s insurance was RM260+.

“That’s expensive. Why is it more expensive than last year?” I asked, bewildered.

“Oh, there’s been an increase in insurance charges last November.”

“Oh really?” That still didn’t seem right, so I asked, “Is it the same coverage amount and insurer as last year?” I pointed to the previous year’s documents that I’d given earlier.

Turns out it wasn’t the same insurer. And the coverage was reduced to the car’s market value – which is expected. “Try the same insurer,” I requested.

S complied, but then the insurance was even more expensive if I stayed with the same insurer – RM380+.

Still bewildered, “This includes roadtax renewal?” “Yes,” S replied.

“Ok then,” I said and made payment. “Maybe the difference is just the roadtax,” I thought.

Soon, I got the new car insurance documents and roadtax sticker, quickly went through them, and then rushed to work as I was already late.

In the office, it still didn’t sit well with me on how much I had to pay. So I looked at all the documents carefully and that’s when I saw it. It was on the receipt. It was a PA insurance that cost RM70.

Another disclaimer: I am not against PA (read: Personal Accident) insurance. Read on.

I was aghast! THIS was why I had to pay more than the previous year! Roadtax renewal only cost RM56 and without this, my actual car insurance is only RM250+ – which was less than previous year!

I felt cheated and angry.

Not at the PA. PA is a good thing. It covers the person in the event of an accident. It is good to have if you do not have an accident insurance. But I already have my own insurance that covers accidents (it doesn’t just cover car accident either – it also covers other things like sickness, critical illnesses, total permanent dissabilities and death and comes with medical card for any medical needs and also savings – you can always ask me for more details on this! ) and therefore, I do not need this.

So, no, I am not against PA. I AM however, VERY against selling me something I did not request for and do not need!

With that, during lunch, I went back to the Post Office and went straight to S’s counter.

“Hi. I was here this morning to renew my car insurance and roadtax.” I pointed at the RM70 on my receipt. “I don’t want this.” I said bluntly.

S took a few seconds to look at the receipt, probably gathering what words to reply me.

“Could you go to the insurer’s office? They can cancel it for you immediately.”

Rude, I thought.

“I have to go there?” I asked, getting annoyed. “Can’t you do it HERE? This was issued HERE.”

S quietly took the documents back from me and again, took a photo of it and communicated with the insurer. “I’ll need to wait for the insurer’s reply.”

“S” now stands for Sour.

Long story short, S had to reverse whatever entries in the system from this morning and then create a new entry again, without the RM70 PA. Issued me a New insurance certificate and a New roadtax sticker. (Good thing I waited before sticking the earlier one!)

I left the Post Office, RM70 less-poorer. But, I vow to myself, that next year, I will NOT renew my car insurance at the Post Office again.

P.S. If you want to know what PA insurance I have or have any other insurance questions, I’d be happy to assist you. Just leave me a message and we’ll be in touch:

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Stay safe!

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