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bing! Blogger's Night Out

Sooooo much to say…where to start?! ;p
Arch barely mentioned it in his blog (in his next post perhaps?) so here’s MY version of what happened. LOL.(that means “Laugh Out Loud” BTW and not some rude adjective/name-calling in Malay.)
The idea: At 8pm, May and I were to meet up with Arch, Oink, Charyelle and Lola at bing! (a local CoffeeBean-kinda outlet in Padungan AND apparently quite famous among bloggers…it’s been mentioned here, here, here, well…you get the idea.)
Earlier, May said to be ready by 6.45pm, at latest 6.55pm. I got back home from work at almost 6.30pm…15mins to get ready?! No WAY is that possible…
“Fetch me as LATE as possible.” I sms-ed her.
She fetched me at 8pm.
Heheh…trust my BFF to put my words into perspective. LOL.
So we got to bing! a lil bit late and there was Arch, Oink and Charyelle…(Lola couldn’t make it.)
 Inside bing!
“You guys been here long?” I asked Arch.
“About 2 or 3 hours.”
Way-to-go with the guilt trip Arch. ;p
 The Bar
So, May and I went to order something to drink, paid up and returned to our couch. Yes. Couch. Not seat/chair…couch. That was pretty cool in a way. Only wished I had a pillow to hug like Oink did. LOL.
 Inside bing!
Anyways…the ambience at bing! was pretty relaxed I guess. Being my first time there I didn’t know what to expect…but I guess it was alright. Not really someplace I pictured myself being – I didn’t see any FOOD there – but since we were a young-and-sophisticated crowd (konnonnya), I guess we were at the right place. Hehe.
Sophisticated enough, we spoke English with a lil Bahasa Melayu Sarawak (nothing indecent like what we were taught) thrown in by Oink and some Iban from me (directed at Arch) but since English was the one language we all could speak fairly well, that was the medium used for the most part of the night.
Soon, before we could discover what made her tick, Charyelle had to leave us for what-I-presume-was a date (True or not, Charyelle? LOL.) so from the Famous Five, we became the Fantastic Four. ;p
 Iced Blended Mocha
Over Iced Chocolate for me and May and Ice Blended Mocha for the guys, light banter continued. Most of it quite amusing and mostly unprintable. LOL. No lah, that’s just me being lazy…you were there, I was there, no need to write lor. Hehe.
And since I thought they didn’t have FOOD there (not even pastries!) and no one mentioned anything about eating there, we carpooled to the market at Petanak, which I’ve never been to before either, for the second leg of the night – Dinner? Everyone except “I-Don’t-Eat-Dinner” Arch had some morsel of food…=)
More unprintable banter and some time later…
Time to go home ler…
So we went back into the “Fantastic Four Mobile”, even more unprintable banter, and the guys dropped May and I at our ride at the car park behind bing! and then we went on our separate ways…
*end of recap*
Now comes the best part…The Morale of The Story
Firstly, I thought bing! had food…(but I didn’t see anyone eating so I thought they don’t have food, but while writing this post, I stumbled onto some blogs that say they do!) thus I had to rearrange “some financial matters” to ensure I had enough cash on me for the night. I knew it was gonna be quite “standard” *cough*not cheap*cough* with the reputation of it being ala CoffeeBean and all…Turns out I didn’t need the extra cash afterall…Hehe. Although it was “standard”, it was just drinks what! LOL.
Lesson learnt, next time inquire about the details of the place of meet-up beforehand.
Secondly, it didn’t occur to me that I would post about our little blogger’s meet…OK, maybe I did subconsciously know I would, but I didn’t come prepared…For one thing, this post would’ve looked a lot better if I had some personal pictures to put up as well…[All the pictures on this post was taken from Check out his review for bing!] Alas, I can only blame it on Arch. He was the only one who brought a camera – but DIDN’T TAKE A SINGLE PIC! Gosh man…what was the point of it being there?! LOL.
[While I was posting this Arch sms-ed: “I totally forgot about it man..haiya.jing louya hor..”]
But it wasn’t a total loss…in fact, I walked away feeling quite like a winner.
‘Cos I got to meet the people behind the blogs…
NOW I know that Oink was NOT born in the year of the pig despite his nick being Oink. NOW I know Charyelle is a mind-boggling GENETICS student (my jaw actually dropped a little when she said “GENETICS”) which I never imagined given her “drama-queen” style of writing (and I mean that as a compliment.) =) And NOW I know that Arch doesn’t eat dinner! ;p
*Sigh of content*
Now I remember why I love blogging and reading blogs… It’s given me the chance to know some great personalities through their blogs and later have the honour of meeting them IN PERSON…which is just so awesome I can’t put it in words…We didn’t need a celeb blogger among us…All of us are celebs in our own right, in our own blogs, to our own group of readers…
So thanks for the great night out Arch, Oink and Charyelle. Hope the feeling is mutual. LOL…Hope to see you guys again…Until then, Keep Blogging fellas! (And that goes DOUBLE for Oink. ;p) And May, in Oink’s words…”Are you inspired to blog?” Being BFFs, I know your answer already. LOL.
Disclaimer: This post is from the author’s personal perspective and in no way does it intend to judge, discriminate, belittle or emotionally / physically / mentally disturb the feelings of those whose names may or may not be mentioned. Sekian. Terimakasih.
(In layman’s terms: PLEASE don’t sue me. LOL.)

13 thoughts on “bing! Blogger's Night Out

  1. apa tu ‘konnonya’? a desert? 😛 wah sounds like fun heh.. rugi i tak show my face 🙂

  2. Yea…it was fun…
    Yelah…the first blogger’s meet was supposed to be Arch,you,Oink,Me and May last time but Arch ditched us and went back to Bintulu…Oink was busy so just left us three…but that was fun too.Still nuts over Ikea.Haha!Then my next blogger meet was this one lah…met Arch,Oink and Charyelle..
    *Fingers crossed* Next time lah…the more the merrier!;p

  3. Eh eh eh, it was real lah! I oredi tell Oink and Cibol wayyy earlier that I will leaving earlier! Feel a little bit sorry that I have to leave earlier, but yea again, thanks for the night! Nice meeting you and May.. =)
    (Finally, a post of something that night! =p)

  4. woohhh weee… haha! it’s very pelasant to know new people!
    furthermore, it’s nice again to catch up with the old ones. It’s amazing how people can change so much (especially as I look into the mirror). haha

  5. waaaaa…bet u guys r having fun…

  6. whoaa ..I’ve been away for quite a long time (48 hours) .. hey guys, hope to have more of that. room 205 looks cool enough though ..

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  8. sounds like a cool place… but wait… it’s famous cos it’s good? or it’s famous cos kennysia blog about it?

  9. you know what i will say zewt.. so takper la.. no comment 😀
    p/s : it’s famous because it’s among the only few high class coffee shop in kuching… i guess

  10. we dun see much of starbucks here in sarawak .. but to be honest, the place is really cool. so, worth lepaking .. ha ha ha. the drinks not bad and pricing a bit off la but I guess once in a while should be fine, i mean it’s not that we go to starbucks everyday. (I do)

  11. 1wk no online..miss my blog..hehe..
    Charyelle,mayb we can meet up sometime again hey?juz us we can gossip all we like.hehe..
    Oink,cibol was rite..even ur comment need to find isi tersurat b4 can udstnd it..;p
    Lola,too bad u cudnt make it..but we met up eventually..hehe..upcoming post..I hope.LOL.
    Arch,Want more of that?u shldve stayed in kch longer..
    Zewt,its famous cuz its ala coffee bean/starbucks..d ‘in-thing’ with yuppies n yuppy wannabes.hehe.
    Bong,nxt time if ur in kch maybe we scope out some other ‘famous’ haunts

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