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AirAsia, care to explain yourself?

So I was looking at flight tickets the past few days on AirAsia and I stumbled unto something that completely took me off guard.

If I was drinking something, I’d probably have spurted it all out in my disbelief.

Or choked on it in my horror.

You might want to swallow that drink first before reading on.


Are you ready?


It was THIS:

Click on image to enlarge

A DOMESTIC flight ticket from BINTULU to KUALA LUMPUR cost THIS MUCH???!!!

It’s only a 2 HOURS flight!

The usual price for the Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur route is a few hundred ringgit.

Is there something special about this particular flight that it cost that freaking much??!!

And it’s WITHIN THE COUNTRY, MALAYSIA – or did someone forget their History and Geography lesson when fixing the ticket price?!

Well, here’s a Geography and Mathematics lesson for you.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Australia. (I would love to go to Australia in the near future.) I’m just using it as an example to state my point.

Click on image to enlarge

Bintulu is in indicated by the green arrow.

Kuala Lumpur is indicated by the red arrow.

Both are in Malaysia.

Now, Gold Coast is indicated by the yellow star. And Gold Coast is in Australia.

So, tell me kids, by looking at the map, which distance is further if one was to fly?

From Bintulu, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Or, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Australia?

No brainer right?

Of course, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Australia is further!

While Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur is a 2 hours’ flight, according to AirAsia’s flight schedule below, Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast takes 8hours:

Click on image to enlarge

So WHY on earth is Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur flight as expensive (and even more so!) than if one were to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast??!!

To make myself clear, this is not an argument of “we can always use another airline if it’s too expensive” but it’s a matter of being charged REASONABLY by airlines for the routes that they provide. Especially in the case of us in Borneo (the island where Bintulu is on, just fyi), my fellow Sarawakians and Sabahans, who have limited options to fly anywhere if we do not first fly to Kuala Lumpur.

And so, by what logic is such a price like this justifiable?

AirAsia, care to explain yourself?

Note: Ticket price correct as at time of writing.

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Be careful when renew Car Insurance at Post Office

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a criticism of the Post Office per se, but a heads up to fellow customers like myself to be wise when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash.


So, for the first time ever, I renewed my car insurance and road tax at the Post Office this morning.

Like everyone else, I waited for my turn. It took a while as there were quite a lot of people, some having their car insurances and road tax renewed as well.

It finally came to my turn, and I approached the smiling person behind the counter, let’s name said person “S” for smiley.

I handed over my previous car insurance documents and a copy of my motor vehicle registration card. S took a photo of my card and was communicating with the insurers, then entered some details into the computer. “System’s a bit slow. Please sit down and wait,” said S. I obliged.

Not too long after, I was called again to the counter and using a calculator, S informed me how much I had to pay – RM360+. My previous year’s insurance was RM260+.

“That’s expensive. Why is it more expensive than last year?” I asked, bewildered.

“Oh, there’s been an increase in insurance charges last November.”

“Oh really?” That still didn’t seem right, so I asked, “Is it the same coverage amount and insurer as last year?” I pointed to the previous year’s documents that I’d given earlier.

Turns out it wasn’t the same insurer. And the coverage was reduced to the car’s market value – which is expected. “Try the same insurer,” I requested.

S complied, but then the insurance was even more expensive if I stayed with the same insurer – RM380+.

Still bewildered, “This includes roadtax renewal?” “Yes,” S replied.

“Ok then,” I said and made payment. “Maybe the difference is just the roadtax,” I thought.

Soon, I got the new car insurance documents and roadtax sticker, quickly went through them, and then rushed to work as I was already late.

In the office, it still didn’t sit well with me on how much I had to pay. So I looked at all the documents carefully and that’s when I saw it. It was on the receipt. It was a PA insurance that cost RM70.

Another disclaimer: I am not against PA (read: Personal Accident) insurance. Read on.

I was aghast! THIS was why I had to pay more than the previous year! Roadtax renewal only cost RM56 and without this, my actual car insurance is only RM250+ – which was less than previous year!

I felt cheated and angry.

Not at the PA. PA is a good thing. It covers the person in the event of an accident. It is good to have if you do not have an accident insurance. But I already have my own insurance that covers accidents (it doesn’t just cover car accident either – it also covers other things like sickness, critical illnesses, total permanent dissabilities and death and comes with medical card for any medical needs and also savings – you can always ask me for more details on this! ) and therefore, I do not need this.

So, no, I am not against PA. I AM however, VERY against selling me something I did not request for and do not need!

With that, during lunch, I went back to the Post Office and went straight to S’s counter.

“Hi. I was here this morning to renew my car insurance and roadtax.” I pointed at the RM70 on my receipt. “I don’t want this.” I said bluntly.

S took a few seconds to look at the receipt, probably gathering what words to reply me.

“Could you go to the insurer’s office? They can cancel it for you immediately.”

Rude, I thought.

“I have to go there?” I asked, getting annoyed. “Can’t you do it HERE? This was issued HERE.”

S quietly took the documents back from me and again, took a photo of it and communicated with the insurer. “I’ll need to wait for the insurer’s reply.”

“S” now stands for Sour.

Long story short, S had to reverse whatever entries in the system from this morning and then create a new entry again, without the RM70 PA. Issued me a New insurance certificate and a New roadtax sticker. (Good thing I waited before sticking the earlier one!)

I left the Post Office, RM70 less-poorer. But, I vow to myself, that next year, I will NOT renew my car insurance at the Post Office again.

P.S. If you want to know what PA insurance I have or have any other insurance questions, I’d be happy to assist you. Just leave me a message and we’ll be in touch:

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Stay safe!

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NEW! SPORTS Category!

A New Month and a NEW Category in our Store!

Check out our newest category launched today: Sports Category

Currently, we have 1 product in it but more will be added soon!

In the meantime, you can also browse around our Partner’s site below aff. for any other Sporting needs.

Specials ending on 7 August 2018:

Specials for August 2018:

Previous category launched:

JULY 2018 – Perfume

JUNE 2018 – Car | Hair | Music




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GIVEAWAY Contest!!!

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It’s been a week since MSMARG.COM launched and so to celebrate, we’re GIVING AWAY 3 bottles of Brand-Inspired Perfume to 3 LUCKY WINNERS!!!



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*Contest ends on 30/06/2018 24:00 (GMT +8). Winners will be selected randomly and is final.*

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8 Ramadan Buffet Places you can try in Bintulu! (2018)

Ramadan, which is the Fasting Month for our Muslim friends, began a week ago here in Malaysia… and I think everyone agrees that the best part of fasting is the breaking of the fast! 😀

And so, here are 8 places that offer Ramadan Buffet here in Bintulu, Sarawak.

Arranged in no particular order:

Goldenbay Hotel


From: 19 May – 11 June 2018

Time: 6 – 9.30pm

Price: RM68 (adult) / RM38 (child)

Parkcity Everly Hotel


From: 18 May – 9 June 2018

Time: 6 – 9.30pm

Price: RM88 (adult) / RM38 (child)

New World Suites

New World

From: 21 May – 12 June 2018

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Price: RM85 (adult) / RM46 (child)

Greens Hotel & Suites


From: 21 May – 14 June 2018

Time: 6.30 – 9.00pm

Price: RM68 (adult) / RM38 (child)

Kemena Plaza Hotel


From: 18 May – 9 June 2018

Time: 6 – 9pm

Price: RM50 (adult) / RM25 (child)

NU Hotel

Photo: Nu Hotel Bintulu (FB)


Adult: RM48 (weekday) / RM68 (weekend)

Child: RM33 (weekday) / RM47 (weekend)

Promenade Hotel

Photo: Promenade Hotel (Agoda)

Time: 6.30 – 9pm

Price: RM78 (adult) / RM45 (child)

Wiwo Hotel

Photo: Wiwo Hotel (website)

Time: 6.30 – 9pm

Price: RM30 (adult) / RM20 (child)

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know how the food was in the comment!

Know any other place to break fast in Bintulu, do share in the comments as well!

Selamat Berbuka!