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Borneo Jazz Festival 2012: Behind The Scenes

So you already know all that happened on the second (and final) night of the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 right?

Wrong. That was just half the story! 😉

Here’s the other half: all that happened everywhere apart from the main act on stage. 😀

Earlier that evening, when I explored the Festival grounds, apart from the food, craft bazaar and Strongbow stalls, there was also this:

The official Sarawak Tourism Board Borneo Jazz Merchandise booth

This was where you could buy the official merchandises like the Program book, Tshirt and the performers’ albums – and get their signatures or take photos with them after their performances! Remember this bit. 😉

And, there were also “activities” stalls where you could get your face painted or get an airbrush tattoo or even a henna tattoo!

And wasn’t I surprised to see who the henna tattoo artiste was?:

None other than an old friend of mine whom I had not seen for years…hello! 😀

And then there was, of course, the media centre, that was privy only to the organizing committee, performers and media (including me hehe). Here was where we had all the official stuff like press conferences etc

Published news about the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 lined one part of the wall of the Media Centre

Posters like these lined up the others

…but apart from those, we even managed to have a mini #TwtUp after Tangora’s performance! 😀

Meet @jazgra of (Japan) and @adjayMAGIC “hard at work” ;p

@adjayMAGIC and @SarawakTravel

#TwtUp #BorneoJazz

Remember the bit above where I mentioned how you could get the performers’ signatures or take photos with them after their performances? Well, right after Schalk Joubert’s 3 Continent Sextet’s performance, along with every Pierre, Jean ou Jacques, we made a bee line to the Merchandise booth hoping to get a photo with them.

…but they were not there…

I walked away disappointed.

Especially considering I could have easily taken a photo with Schalk after the Press Conference earlier that day but Nnnnooooo…

Fortunately though, we caught them just as they were leaving from backstage!!! 😀

Mar with Schalk Joubert’s 3 Continent Sextet (partial) – Melissa, Schalk, Rich & Shannon

Oh yeah! My evening was just beginning!

After that, we went to check out what the lights and sounds coming from the Pavillion were…

And guess who was the culprit?

Larger than life: DJ DoubleD of TraxxFM, mixing up some tunes for the crowd in between acts!

And if you’re a TraxxFM listener, you’ll know that if he’s here, these 2 would be pretty close by:

DJ YogeeTheLegend & DJ Roundhead – strangling someone much? :p

DJ Roundhead was actually at the Press Conference earlier that day and it was funny how we met too! – he stole a guy from me. I was having an interesting chat with Ian of & he kindly interrupted us to interview him. True story. 🙂 I wanted to take a photo with him then but he was busy so I never got my chance… -.- Next round on you yes, Roundhead? 😉

Oh, and don’t think YogeeTheLegend was harmless either:

No animals were harmed in this photo

But yeah, as expected, the 3 guys from Traffic really brought the house down! 😀

Pretty soon, it was back to the Press Pit… :-

Hands down the BEST seat in the house!

…for Koh Mr Saxman!

Noticed how I had some really great shots in my previous post, like this:

FYI, this was for MY lenses only: Koh Mr Saxman bent forward (with me just below him at the edge of the stage) for this shot!

And that was only made possible (after Tangora onwards cos I didn’t have one before that) by this:

Thanks @reyanna13 for letting me use yours! <3

Now, imagine the access THIS guy had:

Meet The Borneo Jazz 2012 Official Photographer, Pein Lee – he can even go ON stage! Whoo~

Credits to Sarawak Tourism Board for this photo:

The @SWKBLOGS Media Team in action in the Press Pit for the finale! 😀

Alas, Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 came to a close, but it was a birthday I will never forget ‘cos for once, something was so awesome I forgot for a second it was my birthday! 😉

My legal-aged bros enjoyed themselves – especially with me giving them allowance, literally, for a drink each. (They told me much later they almost got tattoes! My mom would never let them go out with me anymore had they did! -.-“)

Met up with old friends & made new ones – special shoutout to Yasmin of, the first other media person I met that day and the first who wished me Happy Birthday! 🙂

The @SWKBLOGS Media Team: @adjayMAGIC @orend3vil89 @LadyBirdMollyz @reyanna13 & @mcdrewnis (me)

It was a pleasure to meet & tweet with you guys!   🙂

…eventhough 2 of you photo-bombed this photo -.-”  :-

Mar & Ben

And right at the very end of the night, before leaving, we managed to get autographs from and take a photo with:

Koh Mr Saxman!


Finally, to end my series of posts on Borneo Jazz Festival 2012, credits to:

The wristband that opened the Festival experience to us!

The Media Pass with all it’s responsibilities & perks!

Not to mention, awesome goodies like the Tshirt! 😀

And of course, Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers for the experience that came with it! #RWMF? Hehehe…

Last and definitely not the least: ALL photos in this particular post (unless watermarked or otherwise mentioned) is credited to a dear friend Ben and the @SWKBLOGS Media Team.

Updated: Credits to MrFabianLim of Tropic Green for the video in my previous post! 🙂


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