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A FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND ILLUMINATING MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IN SARAWAK is happening very soon and ALAN WALKER and DJ SODA are headlining the Festival!

The first-ever Borneo Music Festival Live 2020 is set to takeover Sarawak Cultural Village on 10 and 11 April 2020! The first-of-its-kind outdoor music festival will bring together renowned artistes from all around the world, uniting different music genres in one place.

Festival-goers can look forward to be electrified by Alan Walker from the UK, DJ Soda from South Korea, DJ Alexis Grace from Malaysia, Nicole Chen from Singapore, DJ X Factor from the Philippines, DJ Venom C and Moski Love from Indonesia, LFDY (Live Fast Die Young) from Taiwan, Alex X from China, as well as stellar line-up of Malaysian singers such as Rynn Lim, ThomasJack and Priscilla Abby as well as Sarawak’s very own At Adau, Tuku Kamek, DJ Chaca Feroza, DJ Myvax and DJ Ice-cream.

Alan Walker, who is best known for his hit “Faded”, will make his debut appearance in Sarawak.

Alan Walker, who is best known for his hit “Faded”, will make his debut appearance in Sarawak. He has received diamond certification in Germany and multi-platinum certifications in over 10 countries including the US and UK for “Faded”, which has more than 2.597 billion views on YouTube and over 37.87 million subscribers on his channel.

DJ Soda, crowned as Korea’s hottest DJ, is no stranger to the scene. This international phenomenon is sure to take the crowd on a high with her energetic remixes of popular dance hits.

Positioned as an international music festival, Borneo Music Festival Live 2020 aims to bring together artistes from different parts of the world in adding more colours to a vibrant local music scene. Besides having large-scale music performances, the Sarawak Cultural Village is also hosting an allday long bazaar where you will find artisanal handcrafts, clothing, delicacies and a variety of goods.


Tickets to Borneo Music Festival Live 2020 can be purchased through with ticket prices as follows:

2-DAY PASS – General Admission • Private Sales: RM200 • Early Bird: RM320 • Phase 1: RM360 • Phase 2: RM400 2-DAY PASS – Rock Zone • Early Bird: RM600 • Phase 1: RM650 • Phase 2: RM700 Remarks: All ticket prices are excluded processing fees. The festival is strictly for 18 years old and above only. For more information, visit @bmfl2020 on Facebook and Instagram. Brought to you exclusively by BME International, sponsored by Benta Mewah and organised by Firmament Event Studio in collaboration with More Entertainment.


1. ALAN WALKER: With more than 15 billion music streams worldwide and almost 40 million followers across social media, this 21 years old DJ and music producer has already achieved a strong foothold in the music industry with his massive hit “Faded”. Being the 100 Most Popular Artists on Spotify, Alan Walker is one of the most sought-after DJs in the scene. He has had an impressive run of over 500 headliners and festival shows including, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza and more.

2. DJ SODA: Labelled as “the hottest female artist of today’s Korean clubbing scene”, DJ Soda is massively popular on social media sites with more than 3.5 million followers on her Instagram. DJ Soda has headlined some of Asia’s biggest music festivals – one of her best-known acts was her remix of Redfoo’s Booty Man and the Star Wars theme.

3. DJ ALEXIS GRACE: There’s no need for introduction to followers of the electronic dance music scene here in Southeast Asia. The striking Malaysian born DJ has performed live sets in countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and etc. Alexis Grace is now labelled as #1 Female DJ in Malaysia, 2017 most influential female artist, top 100 DJane Asia 2018 and ranked as #8 DJane Mag SEA in 2017.

4. NICOLE CHEN: Dubbed as Asia’s most successful female DJ, Nicole Chen has opened for the likes of Steve Aoki, Benny Benasi and Paris Hilton. Besides being invited to perform at the clubs around the world, she also played in Ultra Japan and Ultra Korea in 2014. DJ Nicole Chen was ranked #1 Female DJ in Singapore in 2016 and #19 top Female DJ in the world in 2016.

5. MOSKI LOVE: Headlining club shows all around Indonesia on a weekly basis while recently completing an international tour in Amsterdam, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia Dance Event, Moski Love was ranked #6 DJane Mag Indonesia and #13 top DJane Asia in 2018.

6. DJ VENOM: Known for his exquisite R&B and hip-hop mash-ups, DJ Venom is one of the best DJs in his own genre. He started spinning in the club since early 2005 and definitely knows what it takes to set the dance floor on fire.

7. DJ X FACTOR: Hailing from the Philippines, DJ X Factor started his long musical journey as a radio and showcase DJ. After being placed as the first Runner Up for DMC Philippines, he has became a staple in the nightlife industry and until today, X Factor’s remixes are still making waves on the dance floor worldwide. DJ X Factor has supported international acts such as Laidback Luke, DVBBS, Vinai, Borgeous, Knife Party and etc. 4

8. ALEX X: Apart from being one of the top electronic dance music producers and seasoned DJs in China, Alex X is also a highly sought-after music producer for many popular singers in China. Besides dropping beats, DJ Alex X is a music festival director and curator.

9. LFDY (LIVEFAST DIEYANG): Up-and-rising DJ duo hails from Taiwan who you can’t missed in many Asian music festivals. They are being dubbed as the party makers for their superb on-site control of the audiences. DJ LFDY had also appeared on Tencent’s highly popular electronic music talent reality show – Rave Now.

10. RYNN LIM: Rynn is a renowned Chinese singer from Sarawak and has acted in various dramas from Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan. He also won the Best Newcomer at the 17th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

11. THOMASJACK: Successful Mando-pop Thomas Jack is a Malaysian homegrown pop-duo. ThomasJack had their first stadium concert at Stadium Negara back in 2016, and they just celebrated their 10 years anniversary – making them the longest active pop duo in Malaysia.

12. PRISCILLA ABBY: Social media celebrity turned international singer – Priscilla hails from Sarawak. Her edm version of Mayday’s “Party Animal” caught the attention of netizens in Malaysia and Taiwan, exceeding a million views, turning her into an internet sensation overnight.

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Ashtar Galactic Cinema Bintulu is OPEN for business!

So while everyone here in Bintulu is still abuzz about the new cinema in town, it is with great pleasure that I can now say that starting tomorrow, 21 April 2018, Ashtar Galactic Cinema (AGC) is OPEN for business!
Movies showing starting tomorrow till 24th April:

Movie tickets are RM17 (adult), RM10 (child 4-10 y.o.) and free for children those below 4 years old. Senior citizens / disabled get a special price of RM10 while movies before noon are RM9. And ticket price for Movie Nights on Wednesdays are RM12.
So, what do you think of the movies offerings and price? Leave a comment!
See you at the movies!

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Ashtar Galactic Cinema : A review

So there’s a new cinema in Bintulu, and it opened it’s doors to the public for the first time yesterday (18 April 2018) albeit on a trial basis. (More on that below.)

Now if you stay in Bintulu, you will know that a cinema is a highly desired yet long awaited amenity here – even longer than before the previous cinema closed its operations in 2016. Why do I say that? We will get to that in a bit.

First, let me show you what the hype is all about!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored post but an honest patron’s feedback.


Bearing the name Ashtar Galactic Cinema (AGC), it is not part of the usual cinema chain  that can be found in Malaysia (like GSC or TGV). Not sure why that particular name was chosen, but if you stay till the end of this post, I’ll share with you a fun fact about it. =)

Trial Basis and Free Tickets

AGC has 6 halls and for 3 days* (yesterday, today and tomorrow), it was offering FREE movie tickets to everyone. All you needed to do is go to the cinema, get in line (the queue was super long yesterday morning) and get the movie ticket(s) of your choice, depending on seat availability of the selected showtime of course. Me and a few friends were fortunate enough to get hold of tickets for last night’s viewing. Some are going tonight.

Movie Hall

Our little group was watching 2 different movies at about the same time and so were divided into different halls. The movie in Hall 2 was already playing for about 25 minutes before our show in Hall 3 began. As we entered our still quiet hall, a friend pointed out that we could hear the sound (not very distinctly but still audible) coming from the hall beside us. Thin walls, perhaps?

The smell in the hall was crisp (but not crispy okay lol) as can be expected when everything around is new and fresh out of packaging etc. The seats were a bit hard for me but that’s probably only because they’re still new. A plus is that it allows you to lean back at a slight angle. Good for those seats closer to the screen I suppose. However, as with most cinemas, try NOT to sit too close to the screen (like the first 3 rows) unless you particularly enjoy a stiff neck after the movies, like what happened to friends in the other hall. We were seated at row F (6th row from the screen), which is good though not quite the sweet spot.

The movie screen and visuals was clear. No comments on that. However, in our hall 3, the surround sound wasn’t that great. It didn’t really feel like we were “surrounded”, if you get what I’m saying. And friends in hall 2 said that the audio in their hall sometimes were not very audible or were muffled. Maybe the management can look into the audio settings of the halls.

Temperature in hall for me was okay. A bit colder would be nice though. We were watching a late night show so perhaps they adjusted the temperature so we would not freeze inside. Speaking of temperature…

Waiting Area/Ticket Counter/Snack Bar

Now this could really use some improvement.

  1. Air-conditioning. Unfortunately, the cinema is located in the non-airconditioned street mall-eque Bintulu Commerce Square (BCS). This means that airconditioning is only when you enter the shops/units. For AGC, this makes all areas apart from the movie hall rather unpleasant. We were watching a late night show and were already sweating before we entered the hall. This is Malaysia weather. Air-conditioning would be good.
  2. Some benches in the waiting area would be good. That will be a challenge though, as how the waiting area is just a small area in between the ticket counter and snack bar. There are seats along the BCS walkways in front of other shops but that’s not so ideal. Everyone was just standing around in the rather warm and humid waiting area. I could only imagine how unpleasant it must’ve felt for those who were queuing yesterday morning…
  3. Ticket counter and the ticketing system was good. The staff was great! Entertaining queries about showtimes and available seats patiently. Keep up the good work guys!
  4. Snack Bar. Tried the popcorn and drink. The popcorn wasn’t the best and could be improved. More food options would also be good.
  5. Overall layout of this outside area is a bit smaller than what you would normally expect of a cinema. One oddity I noted is that the main screen that they used to show movie trailers is near the entrance to the cinema area and at eye level where people will be walking past to get to the waiting area/ticket counter/snack bar. One can’t really stay there and watch the screen for long even if they wanted to. I reckon the screen would be better off above the space between the ticket counters and snack bar and before the entrance to the halls.

Movie Choices

Since they were giving free tickets and it was a trial basis, it was acceptable that they were showing rather dated movies. On offering were: Insidious, Jumanji, The Greatest Showman and Tomb Raider, the latter being the least dated.

Remember how earlier in this post, I mentioned that a cinema was a long awaited amenity here even when the previous cinema was still around? This was one of the many reasons. The previous cinema showed dated movies after most hardcore movie-goers would have already watched them. This of course led to low patronage and eventually, they closed. (There were a lot of things lacking with them, but this is the main one.)

Dear AGC, I sincerely hope this will NOT be the case when you start operations proper…

I mentioned above that this was a “trial basis”. What that meant was, after tomorrow, we are not exactly sure if it will still be showing any shows the next day until… indefinitely. The management has not made themselves very clear on that front. (They did start business proper the following day!) That said, everybody is deeply hoping that they WILL be showing “Avengers: Infinity War” that is set to be released next week! And they did not dissapoint! The staff of the cinema only said their next show “may be” Avengers. *prays*

And there you have it. My honest review of the new cinema in Bintulu – Ashtar Galactic Cinema (AGC).

Have you tried it? What did you think about it? Do share in the comments.

And as promised, fun fact about AGC:

The new cinema is called Ashtar Galactic Cinema (AGC)…in the 70s there was believed to be an alien broadcast from an Ashtar Galactic Command (AGC) 👽  The truth is out there.

*extended from 2 days

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How I accidentally climbed a Mountain

Yes, you read that right.

How can one accidentally climb a mountain? Well, let me tell you!

I was in Kuching for the Sacerdotal (Priestly) Ordination of a friend, Rev. Fr. Galvin, over the weekend. We used to go to the same University, were of the same intake and was part of the same community, called Young Catholic Undergraduates (YCU), so of course, his Big Day (Ordination to the Priesthood) was bound to be a reunion of old friends.

IMG20170923090355But on the day after the Ordination, some friends suggested we head up to the Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre (CMPC), located at the Slope of Mount Singai, Kampung Tajong Singai, Bau. It is a venue for the Catholic Community to organise retreats, training and religious related events. CMPC was an integral part of our group of friends as we would go up to CMPC at least once a year back in the day. Some of them still do even now, but the last time I went up was 10 years ago, so of course, I agreed to join them.

The Ordination was all I packed for this trip (read: ill-equipped),  but since it was plank-walks and staircases all the way up to CMPC, I wasn’t particularly concerned. Everyone insisted I not use my ladies’ sandals though so I took up Nico’s offer to wear his crocs sandals instead, sans socks. And up we went…

As I recall, going up to CMPC had always been quite a challenge – even back in the day – as some parts were pretty steep. For those who have not been to CMPC, there are Stations of the Cross along the way up that also double as rest-stops. I have gone up without any stops years ago and I have gone up by stopping and praying at each Station as well. But I have never had my knees feel like jelly, which was what happened this time (the difference 10 years make). Lest my knees fully give up on me, I had to stop at almost each Station after the first five, but I still made it up, Thank God.

But that’s where things started to get really interesting.

After a brief picnic (we brought some food with us) at CMPC, Nico suggested, “Hey, shall we go to the top (of Mount Singai)?”

A jungle path leading to the top of Mount Singai is located just beside the Longhouse.

There were 6 of us in the group – 2 (Syl and Nick) have been to the top before whilst the rest of us (Nico, Ted, Edwin and myself) have not. Prior to this, I never knew it was even possible to go to the top. Needless to say, in excitement, it was a unanimous YES from all of us, although I was starting to feel concerned. I mean, having only brought dresses, dress shoes and a handbag for the weekend (and jeans, tshirts and ladies’ sandals for “casual wear”), I was in no way equipped for climbing a mountain!

“It’s not that high,” said Syl, who had been up a few times.

“How many minutes or hours is “not that high”?” I asked.

“Depends. Some parts are quite steep.”


And so we started… There was also a group of foreign students from a local private university that coincidentally started their ascend the same time.

IMG-20170923-WA0011My knees were fine during the climb. I wish I could say the same for my feet. Wearing crocs (sans socks!), my feet was starting to blister. And my hands as well, from the rope we use to pull ourselves up along the steeper parts… My handbag – that was just an inconvenience. I was just thankful I could sling it across my shoulder.


After a considerable amount of time and climbing a steep part, I asked Syl, “This is the steep part you mentioned?”

“There’s more.”

Internal gasp.

“It’s still a long way up.”

Internal sigh.

We continued our ascend. The group of students earlier had started to split up as some were faster than the others. At one point, our group of 6 became 4 as Nick and Edwin were left behind. When Nick rejoined us, he reported that Edwin could not go up any farther and would just wait for us where he was. And so were 5…


But one steep slope after another, it became 3 – 2 as Syl, Nico and Ted went up faster, leaving behind myself and Nick who was kind enough to keep me company. My feet was really uncomfortable but there was nowhere to go but up. Fellow climbers (a few from the student group and others) were also taking their own pace (some above us, some below) and Nick would be cheering us all to continue: “Almost there!” “You can do it!” “I can see the sun!” “5 more steps!” “5 more minutes!”

In reality, we were nowhere near the top yet.

Small talks with fellow climbers along the way was interesting though. It made the climb more bearable.

One of the students exclaimed (dramatically): “Someone should make a documentary of me, before I die!” as he huffed and puffed up a steep slope.

Another climber retorted to Nick’s “5 more minutes!” cheer with a “That’s what you said 5 minutes ago!!!” and to his “I can see the sun!”, “I can see the sun from my room, man!”

Funny exchanges happen when people are exhausted. Hahaha.

I passed a climber who was taking a break on the way up.

“As you can see, I am in no way prepared for this climb.” I said, as I motioned to what I was wearing.

“Neither am I”, he agreed. “Just got back from the club and my mate was like, ‘Hey let’s go for a climb!'”

“Doesn’t sound like a great idea now does it?” I quipped.

“No! And I’m tipsy to boot!” he exclaimed.

I chuckled as I considered the next slope…

There were also a few climbers who were on their way down as well and passed us by. I was tempted to ask them how much further we had to reach the top but decided not to, for fear they would say it was still a long way to go.

The most interesting thing that happened on the way up was when one of those on the way down locked eyes with mine as I climbed up a steep slope. It was a familiar face that I had not seen for almost 10 years.

“Fancy bumping into you here!” both Kevin and I agreed. We had a brief catch up as his group was catching up and Nick helped take a photo of us.


Turned out Nick in turn, knew one of Kevin’s friends.

“I’m with him,” she said, pointing at Kevin.

“I’m with her,” Nick pointed at me.

“So is it still far up to the top?” Nick asked her.

“I turn back halfway,” she replied.

My heart stopped beating for a second. We’re not even HALFWAY up???

Fortunately, she laughed and continued, “I finished already lah. It’s not much further…”

My heart started beating again.

After what seemed like ages and after I don’t know how many “5 steps” and “5 minutes” later, we finally reached the top!!!

Was the view worth it?

Actually, I don’t know.

It was hazy and we couldn’t really see much.

But considering how ill-equipped I was and I reached the top anyways (and it was my first mountain!), I was really pleased.

And that my friend, was how I accidentally climbed a Mountain!

At the top of Mount Singai, 562 metres above sea-level

For the record, it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the top – not bad for an ill-equipped first-timer hahaha!


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Kuching, capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo, is a bustling, diverse city of old colonial buildings and modern towers – and it will come alive in 10 days with HashtagLive Kuching!

Copy of HashtagLiveLogo_HighRes

Happening on 12 & 13 September 2015, HashtagLive Kuching is a social media festival which will focus on the good use of social media.

Unfortunately for me, I would not be able to make it. (I swear, Kuching got a lot more hyper after I left!)

But for those of you who are in Kuching (or can make it there) you can anticipate to get to know local and up-coming youtube artist (Sarawakians and really talented!), watch and play games/egames, visit a booth by your favourite online shop and check out indie brands at the LiveMarket! And you will get to do real social media stuff at the first of a kind social media area! There are also lucky draws, contest and more happening during the event.

Nothing better to do on that weekend? (It’s a long weekend too since 12th is a public holiday) Grab the opportunity to be part of this historical event! For more info on the event, and for official merchandise like this:


Check out the official website here: