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Day 85 + 1 RMO: Recovery Phase

As of yesterday, 10 June 2020, Malaysia entered into the Recovery Phase of the RMO (Restricted Movement Order), 85 days after the RMO started on 18 March.

This Recovery phase, with end date 31 August 2020, means MOST businesses can operate as usual – but with new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that constitute part of the “new normals” in 2020 A.C. (After Covid-19) in place.

The most welcome change in this phase is that domestic travel within Malaysia is now allowed and no longer restricted like in the previous stages. That also means tourism within the country can re-start and the tourism industry can start on the long road to recovering, being the industry worst-hit by the pandemic that forced travel restrictions worldwide.

How does this translates to our daily lives?

Well, it definitely spells the end of the work from home (WFH) period for most people, self-included. (Though it would be nice if more business start moving towards that and make working remotely easier.) And travelling within Malaysia for work is more convenient without the need for official authorisation letters and police permits.

However, international travel is still not allowed and our borders are still closed. That means Malaysians are still not allowed to leave the country and foreigners are not allowed in. Malaysians can return from other countries/overseas BUT will be placed under 14-days mandatory quarantine at quarantine centres (most are hotels) upon arrival, with a swab-test on day 10.

In general, Malaysians have so far been obedient in following the rules set by the government since the RMO began. SOPs have been followed and restrictions abided by. So when domestic travel was allowed, it was not a surprise that some popular travel destination saw up to a thousand of hotel bookings in less than an hour! No, actually that turned out to be fake news, but heck did it sound legit! Hehehe…

Legit news: AirAsia was quick to offer a RM399 “AirAsia Unlimited Pass” (for purchase for 3 days only starting today) that allows pass-holder to redeem unlimited point-to-point flights within Malaysia from 25 June 2020 till 31 March 2021. The gist of it, it will allow pass-holder to purchase “zero-fare” flight tickets by paying only the taxes and service charges etc during the travel period. Worth it or not? Perhaps if you are going to be travelling often during the period… In any case, read the terms and conditions and FAQs before you purchase the pass and make an informed decision. Don’t anybody got time for regrets y’all.

2020 been an eventful year and we’re not even halfway through!

Let me leave you with this “recap” of what has happened so far:

Defuq bro..

Defuq bro..

Posted by Asam Manis Rame Rasanya on Ahad, 7 Jun 2020

Stay safe y’all!

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Day 8 RMO: Extended another 2 weeks!!

Malaysia Prime Minister just announced that the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) has been extended for another 2 weeks until 14 April 2020.

I already expected it as I wrote yesterday’s post

Even though it is expected, it still hurts.

Palm Sunday falls on 5 April 2020, which marks the beginning of Holy Week.

Good Friday is on 10 April 2020.

Easter Sunday is on 12 April 2020.

And this year, all of it will just be celebrated at home, alone and unable to have Mass in Church.

Holy Week and Easter – the most important season in the Church and we cannot come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate the Eucharist.

A sad sad day and a sad sad time.

Only God be our strength at this difficult moment.

Lord, have mercy on us!

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Day 7 RMO: One week done

Malaysia COVID-19 totals as of today : 1,624 cases & 15 deaths

A week since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) began on 18 March.

The level of the restrictions increase on an almost daily basis and I do not blame the authorities because even until today there are STILL those who are not staying home but out in public for non-essential reasons. Covidiots.

Currently, here’s the restrictions in place:

Nobody is allowed to be outside their homes after 7pm, to make social-distancing more effective.

All essential services also close by 7pm, so that people will not be going out at night.

Only 1 person per household (usually the head of the family) is allowed to go out for groceries to prevent overcrowding at supermarkets.

Only 1 person allowed to go out per vehicle, also so that less people are out in public.

Roadblocks on major roads and checks are more concentrated after the Army have been tasked to assist the Police in enforcing the RMO.

Some stubborn people who still do not compy with/obstruct the RMO have been charged/are under investigation.

It is essentially a partial lockdown, but it is necessary.

The neighbours in Brunei, currently with 104 cases, have started with a no-entry ban into the country for all foreigners starting today.

Our not too distant neighbours in New Zealand (with currently 142 cases of COVID-19) will begin their lockdown tomorrow – for 4 weeks!

Further away, UK (with current death toll of 335) also began a similar RMO/lockdown as well – for 3 weeks, starting today.

4 weeks….

3 weeks…

2 weeks..

We have 1 week left till the RMO date ends on 31 March.

But there is still the possibility of it being extended if the situation in the country does not improve.

There are estimates/projections that Malaysia’s COVID-19 cases will peak at around 6,300 cases by mid-April.

We are still a long way to normalcy…

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Day 6 RMO: Statistics

Malaysia COVID-19 totals as of today : 1,518 cases & 14 deaths

Monday, the start of a new work week. Except this would be the first week where I would be fully working from home (WFH) since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) started mid-last week on a Wednesday.

“The start of a new work week” is the only normalcy in that sentence.

For starters, I had to go out to a pharmacy as their hand sanitisers just arrived. 70% alcohol mind you, and they came in 100ml bottles like the ones a government clinic would use to prescribe you with cough syrup. Except it was red. The sanitiser bottle I mean, not the sanitiser itself. So I will need to transfer into my own bottles with pump/spray before use. I’d also placed an order for masks, which will arrive in April, so my basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is complete-ish since I already got gloves the last time I was out.

And while I was already out, I stopped by the supermarket to buy some more groceries. Thankfully, there weren’t so many people today, unlike my last trip out on Saturday. Also picked up breakfast (McD Drive-through) and masks given by a friend (Thanks YOU!) and a quick banking errand before it was back to the safety of mi casa.

I just found out today that a friend in Kuching was a Person Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 and was just discharged today after the test result came out negative. Praise God! And then I heard a friend in Bintulu is doing self-monitoring at home because he may have had contact with a COVID-19 positive case… and his housemate too as they’d both either travelled to KL or Kuching before the RMO. I pray that the 2 of them are alright and not infected… COVID-19 becomes very real when you know people who are part of the “statistics”.

Anyhow, remember yesterday when I mentioned my cooking skills has improved? One definite pro of spending more time at home for sure!

Say hello to Char (Fried) Spiral Pasta!

The pasta was actually leftovers from yesterday’s instant mac-and-cheese. I didn’t quite enjoy it as “mac-and-cheese”, thus decided to fry the remainder. No regrets there. I should experiment with pasta more! Hehehe.

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Day 3 RMO: More than 1,000 cases now

The number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia is now 1,030 and another death today making it 3 deaths.

And 15 healthcare workers have been infected by the virus, with 1 of them currently in ICU on ventilatory support. These are our front-liners, the ones who have to go to work, putting themselves at risk and all they ask is for the rest of us to just stay home. We must remember to keep them in our prayers. They are the heroes in this fight against the invisible villian, and against time.

For those idiots who are STILL not doing their civil and moral duties like getting tested (I am looking at those 4,000 people who were at the Tabligh gathering in Feb who still have not come forward), or staying home (some people are still hanging out in public, and going to children playgrounds etc) – you guys really should be ashamed of yourselves. The front-liners are risking themselves for the collective good, but you? Tsk tsk tsk.

It is no wonder then that it was announced today that the ARMY will be roped in starting Sunday 12.01 am to help the Police to enforce the Restricted Movement Order (RMO). If the Police roadblocks and advice to stay home is not heeded, then one can only hope that the Army’s presence will make people take it seriously. I fear that if the public’s compliance is still poor, the country may find itself in a situation even more drastic than the 2 week’s RMO and truthfully, the economy is gonna hurt big time.

Truly, everyone is affected – socially, mentally, monetarily – by the RMO.

It was spelled out that employers are required to pay employees in full during the RMO and cannot consider it unpaid leave or deduct it from their annual leave. Good news (considering) for employees but not so much for employers.

It was announced that starting tomorrow, all fast-food places and supermarkets will only be open until 8pm. That means less income for these businesses (same as those businesses that are not in essential services to begin with.)

The price of face masks (controlled item) has been increased to RM2/each from RM0.80/each because exports of them are disallowed and to encourage local production. This is a win and lose situation since while hoping to increase the supply of face masks (win), they will cost more to buy (lose).

Businesses and companies, whether big or small, especially those that are not doing so well, are very much affected and so are everyone as everyday life has been inconvenienced.

It’s only Day 3; I cannot imagine how everything will be after the RMO. All we all can do is take it day by day and pray that the COVID-19 can be contained if not fully stemmed vs the worrying rate of infection happening now…