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Selamat Ari Gawai!

Let me share with you an SMS I received…

Ku hulur Salam seharum Tiger,
Kasih Sayang sejernih Langkau,
Setulus hati seputih Barcadi,
Walaupun dosaku sehitam Stout,
Ku mohon ampun sebanyak 10×4 tin…
Maaf ku pinta sampai palau,
Tuak arak sama tau di langak,
Segulai sejalai bersama Tajai,
Selamat Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai*…

I send my regards as fragrant as Tiger (beer),
My love as clear as Langkau (home-made liquor),
With a sincere heart as white as Barcardi (liquor),
Although my sins are as black as Stout (malt-drink with alcohol),
My regrets as much as 10×4 cans (of beer?)…
I apologise until I am drunk,
Tuak (rice wine) and liquor can both be gobbled,
All together with the Tajai,
Selamat Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai*
And another Gawai SMS I received, but this I’m not gonna translate ‘cos that’ll just take the fun out of it! 😉 …

Selamat Ari Gawai,
Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai*.
Ati tusah duit nadai,
Arap payslip udah datai.
Check gaji nyumpah cibai,
Nuduh company jai amai.
Bisi duit nadai berasai,
Meli VCD indu telanjai.
Apo…Paloi amai amai.


So yeah…Selamat Ari Gawai!!! Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai*…OooooHA!
* a customary way of well-wish greeting for Gawai, literally translated:
Happy Gawai (Harvest Festival), Long Life Health & Comfort…

P.S. Will be headed to Sibu 2nd day of Gawai, so…hiatus lah till I get back. 😉

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Know how a crowd of more than 1,200 people looks like?

Last weekend, I went to the World Youth Day and Vocation Celebrations (WYDVC) Kuching 2008.
It was organized by the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth & Vocations Commission (KAYVC) to enable the local youth to experience the actual World Youth Day (WYD) which will take place in Sydney on the 15th-20th July, 2008. In other words, the WYDVC allows us who can’t afford to go to Sydney for the WYD to get an idea of how it would be like…and to experience it first-hand.
Basically, the WYD is organised by the Catholic Church and it brings together young people from around the globe to celebrate and learn about their faith on a more regular basis. It is a huge gathering of Catholic (and some Non-Catholic) Christians all over the world where they come together to pray and worship together as a community. Through the WYD experience, young people from throughout the world will make a pilgrimage in faith, meet, and experience the love of God. It is also attended by the Holy Father, The Pope himself.
Similarly, the WYDVC is the Kuching Archdiocesan level-WYD whereby everyone from parishes as far as Sri Aman, which is 2-3 hour’s drive away from Kuching, all come together at the Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre (CMPC) Singai in Bau (about an hour’s drive from Kuching) for the ultimate closing of the pilgrimage attended by the Apostolic Delegate who is the Pope’s representative of the region.
I knew it was gonna be HUGE! They said AT LEAST 1,200 people would be there but I couldn’t quite imagine how BIG that crowd was until I was there myself…

On 12th April: Participants gathered at their respective parishes and used buses to go to Singai.

I hitched a ride with some friends on a turbo-charged ISUZU pick-up truck. 😉

I was shocked at the crowd when we got there…and we were just at the foot of the Mountain!
Yes, MOUNTAIN. We needed to climb up to reach CMPC ,so we ditched our truck and proceeded on foot.

More people…

They set up registration counters at the foot of the mountain. I was categorized as “walk-in”. 😉

Into the woods we go…

Up the mountain we go…Think this is steep? There are others even more steeper!!! Check out the number of people making their way up…

This guy even angkat tong gas go up and can still SMILE! I only brought a bagpack and even that was tiring!

Finally…made it up those final steps…

That cross and icon (picture) travelled to all the Parishes before making its way here.

The crowd at The Chapel…

They even pitched tents to accomodate the crowd at The Grotto.

“Receive The Power” – inside The Chapel

Even more people at the foot of The Chapel…

At The Chapel: Getting ready for the Opening Mass to begin.

Later that evening at The Ampitheatre.

With some friends, waiting for the Youth Festival to start.

The crowd seated to my right…

…to the left, to the left…
So now you know how a crowd of more than 1,200 people looks like…Now imagine a crowd of 125,000 people – that’s the expected number of people going for the WYD in Sydney! One word: Fu-Yoh!!!

And it was night. The First Day.
There was still the next day, 13th April, to look forward to…but taking into consideration the number of people and the very slim chances of getting a good night’s sleep (there were too many of us that it was impossible to provide “proper” accomodations) or even the possibilty of taking a bath! (there were too many of us and the water was more needed for cooking purposes)…the opportunity to go and take a bath and sleep in my own bed was too much to resist…hehe…
I went down the mountain and back home so I can never imagine how the rest spent the night… ^_^
Maybe next time, I’ll be more prepared to “camp-it-out”…but eventhough I only joined in half of the whole WYDVC Singai, it was AWESOME still…looking forward to participate fully in the ones to come…

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Listen listen

I’ll be off to World Youth Day (Kuching Archdiocesean level) in Singai tomorrow, and expected to be exhausted after that…
So while I’m away, listen to these two songs and keep spamming ya… ;p
This is the theme song for World Youth Day 2008:
Receive The Power by Guy Sebastian and Paulini
And this is MY mood for this weekend:
Who Am I by Casting Crowns
I love this song! Check out the lyrics…so meaningful!

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth 
Would care to know my name 
Would care to feel my hurt 
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star 
Would choose to light the way 
For my ever wandering heart 
Not because of who I am 
But because of what You've done 
Not because of what I've done 
But because of who You are 
I am a flower quickly fading 
Here today and gone tomorrow 
A wave tossed in the ocean 
Vapor in the wind 
Still You hear me when I'm calling 
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling 
And You've told me who I am 
I am Yours, I am Yours 
Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin 
Would look on me with love and watch me rise again 
Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea 
Would call out through the rain 
And calm the storm in me 
Not because of who I am 
But because of what You've done 
Not because of what I've done 
But because of who You are 
I am a flower quickly fading 
Here today and gone tomorrow 
A wave tossed in the ocean 
Vapor in the wind 
Still You hear me when I'm calling 
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling 
And You've told me who I am 
I am Yours 
Not because of who I am 
But because of what You've done 
Not because of what I've done 
But because of who You are 
I am a flower quickly fading 
Here today and gone tomorrow 
A wave tossed in the ocean 
Vapor in the wind 
Still You hear me when I'm calling 
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling 
And You've told me who I am 
I am Yours 
I am Yours
Whom shall I fear 
Whom shall I fear 
'Cause I am Yours 
I am Yours


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Bye-bye '07, Hello '08!

11.40pm, 1st January 2008.
I can’t believe it’s 2008 already…feels like it was only yesterday that I came to Kuching in search for work…(that was actually like 9 months ago)…and now I’m already into my 9th month in my 1st job – I guess I’m already a senior since I’ll be the one guiding my junior for our stock-take tomorrow. Hope I’m ready…
Anyways, so how was 2007 for you?
Successfully completed your resolutions for last year?
I didn’t make any resolutions for last year…and I guess this year, I’m not gonna make any either! – saves me from self-dissapointment. Haha! 😀
But I guess 2007 has really been a “growing-up” year for me:-
1. I stepped into the working world
Which sometimes suck, but sometimes can be cool. Hehe…especially having your own money and a bit more independence in what you do with your life.
2. I broke a bone.
One of the worst things that can happen has happened and now its in the past. Good riddance! It was simply the most miserable time of my life (thus far)! But it was a good experience…I learnt to live in the moment and to appreciate what we have for we never know when it can be taken from us.
3. Was more active outdoors.
Getting the chance to hike Mt Santubong (although not to the summit) and trying a hand at – and doing a great job at it too! – Paintball – 2 of many things I always wanted to try! – was simply awesome!!! And I am looking forward to more outdoor stuff like these this year…
4. Widened my social network.
Both online and offline…made new friends, became closer with old friends and better relationships at work. And also being more open to new relationships and learning to trust people more.
5. Maintained my family’s love and trust.
In fact, I feel it has grown even deeper recently and for that I thank God! Indeed, I have been blessed…
6. Strived for a closer relationship with HIM.
A lot of barriers need overcoming, but I am determined that this year it’ll be better. With HIS love pushing me on, how can it not?
…And come to think of it, the list above kinda sounds like a resolution huh? Well, except for breaking a bone part. That, once is enough. Thank you.
So yeah folks…guess that’s all for now.

Whatever didn’t kill us made us stronger right?
Life is short – LIVE it!
God bless…
Lots of love,
Margret C.

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9 days before Christmas…

Yes, I am THAT excited for Christmas that I’m counting days…
Plus, in 6 more days, I will be going home for Christmas! HURRAY!!! 😀
In the meantime, I think I’ll survive the days before then…Pre-Christmas is preettyy “happening” here in Kuching…hehe…
Yesterday night we went to the Travillion grounds because we spotted this there:

A Christmas Tree!!! (Honestly, I have never seen a Christmas Tree of this size in Kuching(for the public) before…)
Anyways, so we headed for the tree and it was “snowing” then…Awesome…
If you don’t know why there is a big lighted Christmas Tree in the center of Kuching (can consider center lah, it IS in Padungan)…it’s because of this:

Yup, it’s one of Celcom‘s X-Pax big events…“Count the Xs and WIN” contest…
Sure…like I’m gonna bother and count the X on the Christmas TreeGood Luck! 🙂
So while I’m not bothered by the contest, I am simply delighted of the whole Christmas “aura” with the big tree and “snow” and Christmas songs in the background (there was a stage set for some groups performing and singing carols and then some…)
Santa also made an appearance…

Santa had his groove on, shaking his booty while playing the saxaphone…LOL.
There was also this:

Yes…you make a wish and throw coins into the Well (that’s how it usually goes…)

What’s that? Well, that’s the Well
*Disspointed it’s not a real Well* hehe…but its for a good cause still…
So make a wish and donate people… 🙂
And since yesterday was only the official opening of the Christmas Project @ Travillion (i.e only the 1st day)…I believe I’ll be making an appearance there again….hehe…
Here’s the Tentative Programme:-

You may try and zoom in to read the details (sorry the pictures aren’t clear, I need a camphone with better pixel-power) *hint* Christmas gift *hint* 🙂
So if you’re planning to go there, be there at 7.30pm or 9.30pmWhy? Cos that’s when it’ll “snow”…hehehe…
Merry Christmas in advance people!!!
Have you been naughty or nice? 😀