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Last Sunday, towards the end of our “half-day out”, some friends and I stopped by the newly-opened eatery at that Eastmoore-Westmoore area, 3rd mile – you know, where Maybank used to be…(sorry, I don’t know all the road names in Kuching… LOL.)
It was unplanned actually. A friend’s house was nearby and before we dropped her and her sis home, they wanted to stop to “tapau”, so we figured whilst we’re there, we might as well “case the joint” and decided to “eat-in” instead…
So say Hello to the new fast-food franchise in Kuching:-

“Welcome to Chicago7 Miss!”
“Good Evening Miss! Welcome to Chicago7!”
“Hello! Welcome to Chicago 7!”
I was caught offguard when the super-friendly staff there greeted us the moment we opened the door and stepped in… I mean, it’s not expected. Have you ever been greeted so excitedly at KFC or McD before? No right? I rest my case…

So we kept our cool and proceeded to the counter, cautious (because of the super-friendly greetings) to look at the price of the items before we ordered. If it was not fast-food price-range, we were ready to fast-FOOT outta there! Hahaha…
As we pored over the menu, I noticed a little note at the counter that read:

“Dear customers,
Our facilities are new.
Our staff are training.
Our original chicken broasters have not arrived from the US yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
The Management.”

– or something like that.
And indeed, there was no broaster yet (which was apparently the specialty) so we had to choose from only burgers, fish & chips and fries… One unique thing to note about their burgers is the name, one in particular – COW burger (not beef burger as it’s usually called) hehe…
I was the last to order. After properly studying the menu, I decided to try the dishes ala-carte instead of the burger-and-fries set….so I had:

Grilled Chicken Burger (chicken to play it safe. LOL.)

The Grilled Chicken Burger looked plain but it was quite nice. RM 3.50.

Chunky fries WITH CHEESE DIP – RM 3.60.
Now THAT‘s something you can’t find elsewhere, now can you? 😀
Surprisingly, it was actually GOOD! (I have this belief that McD has the best fries!) And the CHEESE DIP…now that was just…YUM(I love cheese. Hehe…)
French Fries and Cheese?! That’s fattening!
Yea? Well…here’s the scene of the “crime”:-

Haha…Thank God I’m not one of those people who take crazy diets and if they even take a bite out of anything so yummy like a burger, they’d start starving themself for weeks then on just to shed the fat they “supposedly” acquired with that one bite! 😀

This was actually used as the alas for the tray – I took it home for “case study” purposes. LOL.
So I guess YEAH…Congratulations on the opening!

Can’t wait for the Broasters!
[Imitates Susah-Nak-Eja] I’ll be back! 😀
Also…just a little note related to my previous post:-
Remember that I went to tHeSpring the on its opening day right? Well, I went there again 3 day’s later and one of the very first announcement I heard made over the PA system was:
“Attention ladies and gentlemen. Please do not throw coins into the fountain bowls. Thank you.”
And I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me?! People actually do that?!” *speechless* “But then again, why would they mind if people do throw coins there? That’s like easy money for the cleaners.” 🙂
A few minutes later…
“Attention ladies and gentlemen. We would like to remind you to please do not throw coins into the fountain bowls as this can damage it. Thank you.”
And I thought, “Ohh…damage huh? So fragile? Okay… But this whole thing lame lah. I mean, who even thought of throwing the coins there in the first place?!” *speechless*
And over the 1hour+ whereby I was inside tHeSpring, that “reminder” (though it was apparent that the announcer’s voice was extremely annoyed) kept being repeated over the PA…Kesian…Not quite an easy job huh?
And then when I saw the fountain, I pitied them (and tHeSpring) and am absolutely aghast that my fellow Sarawakians turned this:
(as it was on 10/01/08)
Into this:
(As on 13/01/08)
Coins sky high baby…
Even to the top!
*Sigh* Please lah folks. Be civilized! If like this, it won’t take long for our beloved mall to look as old as Electra House

13 thoughts on “Chica.go7?

  1. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Electra House. Apa ni, insulting Electra House ka? Cow burger….hahahahahahahaa! It all sounds good though. But what I like most is the roadside burger back home. Yuuummmmmmm. Beats retail and commercial burger anytime.

  2. Ala.. Do you really think Electra House is that bad?? I think Kuching Plaza was worst!! hahah.. no offense..
    BUt I think ppl in Kuching still think that the fountains is kind of a wishing well.. hehe or maybe, its just so that they can see how many coins can fit into that fountain cup..hehhe
    Funny, but I never thought ppl in Kuching will be that …err.. weird!!

  3. Haih, so stupid these ppl throwing coins to the fountain. Ingat can get good prospects/Feng Shui ka.
    Can they just throw coins at Waterfront?
    Even fishes at Taman Sahabat are all dead.

  4. waaaaa … foood pron!!!!

  5. so sakai.. i am deeply ashamed.

  6. Gloria,
    Hehe…let’s just say I don’t feel so safe at Electra House. :)Roadside burgers huh? You mean Ramly burgers…Burger Times…haha. Yea, those are uniquely Malaysian burgers alright. Bet you don’t have those in Aussie. LOL.
    Hehehe…like I said, I don’t feel safe at Electra House. I think you guys know why… 🙂
    *shakes head* That’s why…so speechless me that they do such thing…*sigh* Mun cam tok la perangai, camne nak kah org Swak tok mok maju?
    Ya lah. It would have been better if they’d thrown the coins inside the Wishing Well at Travillion last time – that would have been useful at least! And I’d love to see them throw coins at the Waterfront! Hahaha…
    And fishes at Taman Sahabat are all dead? Really?! I was just about to post something about Taman Sahabat actually…LOL.
    Foood pron???
    Me too.
    Btw, you’ve been away from my humble blog quite awhile now…so, Welcome Back! 😀

  7. food pron la … dunno meh? check blogging dictionary

  8. Hao la hao la…blogging de laoshi. 🙂

  9. I tried Chicago7 once. I don’t think it’s worth to have the chicken there because it’s quite expensive compare to KFC. Also I don’t think the taste is just soso…….

  10. Oh…so the chicken broasters are available already huh? So-so huh? Nvm,next time if got chance I got there and try…hehe.
    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  11. Mar, it’s me again. Last time I dropped by your blog and gave you a comment about Chicago 7… Hope that you still remember me.
    Just want to tell you last saturday I went to a very brand new fried chicken restaurant at Petanak call ‘ Frydays’.
    At first I also didn’t have any expectation because it just looks like KFC or Sugarbun. However, Their special flavor ‘plum’ really changed my mind. I love it. I tried their set meal and a set of pop corn chicken with plum power. It’s really like ‘ fresh’ feeling. The chicken is crispy outside and juicy inside. I thought you like chicken, so introduce to you.

  12. 1 cow burger pls..hehe…i think u noe that menu

  13. Sindy,
    Welcome again! Of course I remember you…I replied to your comment up there…and I never forget my visitors.. 🙂
    Got new restaurant at Petanak? They seem to be mushrooming…haha…will be sure to try it out when I get the chance! Thanks for thinking to introduce it to me! Me and chicken? Let’s just say we grew up together…hahaha.
    …why would I know that menu? *blur*

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