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Classical anyone?

Music is an important element in my life.
I can’t even remember at which point in life I actually started loving music… It just has always been there since forever! I can’t go by one day without listening to music, regardless of whether it’s religious music or “wordly” music, “new-age” music or classical music…
For the latter in particular, I realised I’ve always had a liking for “Disney-type” music which is Orchestra-ish music, Classical Music…I’ve always had a soft spot for musicals like “Phantom of the Opera” and masterpieces like “Bumbleebee” (and many other famous pieces of which I know how they sound but don’t know the names…) and the like…
I’m fascinated by the sound of the Piped Organ…

Grand Piano, Violin, all music instruments and the sweetest sounds they make…unfortunately, I can only “play” the Tambourine (if that is even counted…)…and I’d like to think my singing is bearable…LOL.
But when a friend mentioned that the Toyota Classics are back in town, I couldn’t help but become wide-eyed in anticipation.

Even when she mentioned her ticket price was B$80, it didn’t wave my interests one bit! That made me realise I just had to be there…I’ve only ever been to one small-scale “show” organized by a Trombone-playing friend and her Performing Arts coursemates, and I really enjoyed myself! I really hope I’ll get to go to this one that’s happening this October…

Orchestra Citta di Firenze (from Italy) @ Toyota Classics 2010
Date, Time: 29th October, 8pm
Venue : International Convention Centre
Ticket price: B$30-B$150 (available at all NBT showrooms)

Anybody else up for it?

3 thoughts on “Classical anyone?

  1. I like all type of music, and classical music is one of them. One particular highlight is how they tend to build up the music from the start…
    Anyway, I’m not the type who remembers the group name of who is playing what… I’m just into the music.

    1. ALL types? I wouldn’t say I like ALL types…Hard Rock, for example, is a definite No-No for me…hehe…
      Have you been to a Classical music concert before?
      I’m excited for this one though! I’ve got my tixs and I’m ready to roll! 😉

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