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I love lively and random conversations and the previous week had a couple of those!

Conversation 1

On Tuesday we had a “meeting” but it was actually a surprise birthday party for 2 of the guys but since Birthday Boy #1 could only come half-an-hour later, we had a “fake meeting” so that the Birthday Boy #2 didn’t suspect anything. So, after Birthday Boy #1 arrived our Chairlady excused herself to go to the “ladies room” (she was actually getting the cake) but when she got back, there was no cake.
“The Kitchen is locked!” she exclaimed.
It was past 9.30pm.
We didn’t let go without trying though – and that included attempts to get the key, and even breaking into the Kitchen! But all to no avail. The party was down the drain but I’d like to think that we were able to salvage the “surprise” bit.
Chairlady to the Birthday Boys: (upset) There’s no point already so we’ll just tell you. There is NO meeting tonight. We actually got cake for you both. ICECREAM cake. Its in the fridge in the Kitchen and the Kitchen is LOCKED!
*A few seconds to sink in*

Birthday Boy #1: Owh…
Birthday Boy #2: So there’s actually no meeting?
Me: The meeting was fake, but the items discussed in the meeting are real.
Both Birthday Boys: What kind of screwed-up Matrix is that?! Give me the blue pills!
*A few moments later*
Birthday Boy #2 to the Chairlady: So you didn’t have to go to the toilet?
Birthday Boy #1 to Brithday Boy #2: Man, you’re slow.
We eventually had the cake…the following night. 😉
Conversation 2
And then on Thursday, I went out for dinner with 2 others and since they didn’t bring their money, I was to pay first but I didn’t have cash so I had to go to the ATM while they went to the chicken rice shop. On my way to the ATM, it crossed my mind: What if I was not able to withdraw?
Upon joining them at the chicken rice shop (they had already ordered the food), I broke the news.
Me: Actually, I wasn’t able to withdraw just now.
#1: Huh?! Why?
Me: Dunno. The machine cannot use.
#2: Oh no…
Me: So you guys got money?
#1: Got, but in the car.
#2: Thank God!
Me: Actually, I was just kidding.
#1: Screw you! It’s not even April’s Fool.
Me: Hey, its still April maa…*evil* 🙂
#2: I actually planned to ditch everything and go get my purse at home.
It was nice to know that should I really have been unable to withdraw, we still had other options. LOL!!!

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  1. nice jokes.. hehhehe.. but i really liked the fake meeting plan thing.. and with the pic… owh man.. the pic is just hillarious..
    Yes, the pic is so CUTE huh?! And at least half of the objective was achieved. LOL! 😀

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