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Counting my blessings

I have so many things to be thankful for!
The past week had been really tiring and hectic and at times stressful even! Especially as we were preparing for the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (COLA) 40th Anniversary yesterday. There was SO many things happening during the past week! Two of the main items were preparing oursleves spiritually and the other was preparing for the Walkway Sale (WS) which we were involved in to raise funds for the World Youth Day 2011.
Last weekend, a few of us drove up the items donated for the Walkway Sale all the way from Seria. Then we spent at least 3 nights sorting them out! We had clothes, books, CDs incl VCDs and DVDs, kitchenware, bags, toys and accessories. We had 3 luggage bags, a suit bag and quite a number of tableclothes, bedding incl comforters and pillows and sofa and cushion covers! We even had plant pots! I have to admit, before we got these donations, I was kinda worried that we would not have much to sell and would not be able to even recover the $40 we paid for the booth! After we got the donations, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to sell them!
The spiritual preparation we had during the week really helped to calm my nerves and keep things in prepective. More on that in my other blog. But I realised that all that we would be doing was to be done in love! Cos all is vanity, all is useless without love! And it is with that attitude that the WYD team set out on our fundraising mission…
And All Glory to God, we managed to raise a lot more than we could ever had hoped for! All those late night and early mornings, stress and heartaches was well worth what we reaped! Praise be to God!

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