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Day 3: Adieu KK

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 2 before you proceed!
The following took place on Monday, 20th July 2009:-
I know its usual to have Monday blues but not this particular Monday! The reason we were “on vacation” on a Monday was that it was a public holiday back in Brunei. 😉
Anyways, I woke up at 6.15am. About half an hour later, me and DY went to patronize the hotel’s gym and swimming pool on Level 3. 😀 We went with DHS and N and we bumped into SG at the gym but other than that, we had it all to ourselves! There was not a single soul there. Awesome…
Did 5 minutes on the bike and 10mins on the treadmill and spent the next half hour+ at the pool. Hehehe…
Then its back to our room, bath and then breakfast @ Soul Out. Same breakfast menu as yesterday, equally delicious. Our last meal there. I knew I’d certainly miss the food! Haha.
We went back to our room to pack up everything and then proceeded to the Mall again for the final leg of shopping.  We didn’t do the shuttle-thing to Plaza Warisan as our guide mentioned the day before that they’d drop us off to shop awhile in the city on the way to KKIA. It was a rushed final shopping spree a we had to check out from the hotel. We extended our check out time to 1pm and it was still not enough! After checking out, we went to the Mall again to grab something to eat before we had to leave for the city.
We bid farewell to our 1Borneo at 2.45pm and went to the city. Our bus took us to KK Plaza and the Filipino Market nearby. Final shopping for souvenirs and we were off to KKIA. Once we arrived we immediately checked-in and ate at the McD there.
Our flight was 6pm and pretty soon, we boarded and said farewell to the wonderful weekend in KK…the flight took 25minutes of course but the queue at the immigration/customs when we arrived in BIA was horrific! Only left the airport about 7.30pm and arrived home around 8pm.
Took a long shower, did my laundry and called it a night to an awesome weekend…

~To be continued~
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  1. sounds like a very hectic and busy day!
    yeah….it was tiring…but fun…hehe

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