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Day 35 RMO: Cooking Gas Home Delivery

So it’s been more than a month now since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) began on 18 March. And 3 weeks since I last left the house on 27 March. (Yes, I am keeping track.)

Anyhow, so last night, I decided to steam a cake. It was something I had been thinking of doing for a while now, but was afraid that my cooking gas would run out on me since it hadn’t been replaced at all since I got it many months ago. (Prior to RMO, I don’t really use it so much since I don’t cook as often then.)

Well, almost 20 minutes into the 1 hour steaming time, the gas ran out.

Thankfully, I was able to finish “steaming” the cake in the oven after that!

Milo Cake – steamed and bake-ish. LOL!

I got a few contacts from some friends on where to get cooking gas delivery last night. One I contacted at 9am and asked for my address at 9.40am. An hour later, 10.40am, no gas and no reply when I asked if confirmed sending so I contacted another number. 11.40am, this one replied and confirmed (so I cancelled the first one).

Gas Delivery

Delivery took less than an hour. Price was RM30 (they take the empy canister away and give you a full one) and if you buy new canister (ie not take away and replace) it’s around RM160.

Yes, prices are cheaper if you buy direct at shop/Petronas supplier, but I rather pay extra at the convenience of not having to go out/cari heavy canisters. Plus, this way they install it for me too!

So here’s the contact should you require cooking gas delivery services:

BINTULU area only

The first that I contacted (and cancelled cos no confirmation) called me around the same time my new cooking gas canister was successfully installed. Well sorry dude, you should’ve read your messages. Maaaybe will give their service a try next time if they confirm properly.

In the meantime, off to cook lunch! Because I have gas and I can!

(Finding simple joys during the RMO period.)

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