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Day 37 RMO: Virtual Choir Project

Before COVID-19 and the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) started on 18 March, one of the activities I was involved in is that I am in the choir for our Sunset Mass on Saturdays. Of course, with Mass now only being live streamed online (with very minimum number of persons actually physically present at the Mass), there isn’t any choir for the Mass.

However, last week, our Diocese started this Virtual Choir Project where we could contribute towards the Mass in a more “present” way. The mechanics was simple enough and me and some Choir friends were super excited about it.

We would each record ourselves (voice only) singing while listening to an audio recording over our earphones/headsets. Our recording is then uploaded onto Google Drive and then someone would combine ALL the individual recordings into one audio file that would be then used during the live Mass.

How simple and awesome is that, huh?

This was some of us who uploaded for last weekend’s Mass:

Opening Hymn for Mass in Bahasa
Offertory Hymn for Mass in Bahasa
Final Hymn for Mass in English

I uploaded 2 recordings for the Opening and Offertory Hymns for the Mass in Bahasa and 1 for the Final Hymn for the Mass in English. You can click the link on the Mass to re-watch the Mass and listen to how the hymns sounded when all the voice recordings have been combined. It was, in effect, as if a Choir WAS present at the Mass.

Given the situation we are in, I just want to say KUDOS to whoever came up with the idea of the Virtual Choir Project! Thank You for allowing us who cannot be present physically at Mass to be even more “present” at the Mass (aside from joining the live stream Masses from our homes).

Thursday nights used to be Choir Practice night. Now, Thursday nights are spent doing Choir Recordings.

An example of how we adapt to times such as this.

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