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Day 5: Bye2 Singapore

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 4 before you proceed! 😀

The following took place on Thursday, 29th October 2009 :-

Being the last day, we went to find the bus terminal to Johor, which is in Arab St., near our hotel. Passed a nice chapel as we walked…

After we found the terminal, we made our way to the MRT station and went to Orchard Rd and had breakfast at McD. And bought more bak kwa hehe…And we passed a convenient store called “25hrs“…kiasu much? LOL.

Pretty soon it was time to leave so we took a cab from Bugis Junction back to our hotel, did some final packings, freshened up and took a cab to the bus terminal – didn’t walk this time cos we had luggage, and then some! Haha.

My travel-buddy BFF May & I during the taxi-ride to Arab St.

Then the bus took us to Johor (Terminal Kota Raya) – fare: $2.40.

From there, used another bus to Senai Airport for RM8…

Senai Airport was in a disappointing state (facilities & cleanliness-wise)…Singapore’s bus terminals were better!

That made us even more sad leaving Singapore behind…

We landed in Kuching that night and went home to May’s marking the end of our Singapore vacation.

But it wasn’t the last I saw of Singapore – I ended up going again a month later, on the first weekend of December to be exact. I couldn’t get enough of Singapore. What can I say?

Singapore is a fine city! ;p

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Bye2 Singapore

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  2. So Singapore beats Kuching? heheheh

    1. Singapore is on a league of it’s own, but for the record, I LOVE KUCHING. Hehehe…

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