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Day 6 RMO: Statistics

Malaysia COVID-19 totals as of today : 1,518 cases & 14 deaths

Monday, the start of a new work week. Except this would be the first week where I would be fully working from home (WFH) since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) started mid-last week on a Wednesday.

“The start of a new work week” is the only normalcy in that sentence.

For starters, I had to go out to a pharmacy as their hand sanitisers just arrived. 70% alcohol mind you, and they came in 100ml bottles like the ones a government clinic would use to prescribe you with cough syrup. Except it was red. The sanitiser bottle I mean, not the sanitiser itself. So I will need to transfer into my own bottles with pump/spray before use. I’d also placed an order for masks, which will arrive in April, so my basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is complete-ish since I already got gloves the last time I was out.

And while I was already out, I stopped by the supermarket to buy some more groceries. Thankfully, there weren’t so many people today, unlike my last trip out on Saturday. Also picked up breakfast (McD Drive-through) and masks given by a friend (Thanks YOU!) and a quick banking errand before it was back to the safety of mi casa.

I just found out today that a friend in Kuching was a Person Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 and was just discharged today after the test result came out negative. Praise God! And then I heard a friend in Bintulu is doing self-monitoring at home because he may have had contact with a COVID-19 positive case… and his housemate too as they’d both either travelled to KL or Kuching before the RMO. I pray that the 2 of them are alright and not infected… COVID-19 becomes very real when you know people who are part of the “statistics”.

Anyhow, remember yesterday when I mentioned my cooking skills has improved? One definite pro of spending more time at home for sure!

Say hello to Char (Fried) Spiral Pasta!

The pasta was actually leftovers from yesterday’s instant mac-and-cheese. I didn’t quite enjoy it as “mac-and-cheese”, thus decided to fry the remainder. No regrets there. I should experiment with pasta more! Hehehe.

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