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Day 7 RMO: One week done

Malaysia COVID-19 totals as of today : 1,624 cases & 15 deaths

A week since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) began on 18 March.

The level of the restrictions increase on an almost daily basis and I do not blame the authorities because even until today there are STILL those who are not staying home but out in public for non-essential reasons. Covidiots.

Currently, here’s the restrictions in place:

Nobody is allowed to be outside their homes after 7pm, to make social-distancing more effective.

All essential services also close by 7pm, so that people will not be going out at night.

Only 1 person per household (usually the head of the family) is allowed to go out for groceries to prevent overcrowding at supermarkets.

Only 1 person allowed to go out per vehicle, also so that less people are out in public.

Roadblocks on major roads and checks are more concentrated after the Army have been tasked to assist the Police in enforcing the RMO.

Some stubborn people who still do not compy with/obstruct the RMO have been charged/are under investigation.

It is essentially a partial lockdown, but it is necessary.

The neighbours in Brunei, currently with 104 cases, have started with a no-entry ban into the country for all foreigners starting today.

Our not too distant neighbours in New Zealand (with currently 142 cases of COVID-19) will begin their lockdown tomorrow – for 4 weeks!

Further away, UK (with current death toll of 335) also began a similar RMO/lockdown as well – for 3 weeks, starting today.

4 weeks….

3 weeks…

2 weeks..

We have 1 week left till the RMO date ends on 31 March.

But there is still the possibility of it being extended if the situation in the country does not improve.

There are estimates/projections that Malaysia’s COVID-19 cases will peak at around 6,300 cases by mid-April.

We are still a long way to normalcy…

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