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Day 4: Walking the Streets

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 3 before you proceed! D
The following took place on Sunday, 19th October 2008:-
Being a Sunday, we all decided to try and experience how Mass was celebrated in a predominantly Roman Catholic country so our loyal van driver took us to one of the most famous and biggest church in the Philippines – The Black Nazarene Church.
Day4 (59) by you.
Also affectionately called the Quaipo Church as it is located in Quaipo, about half-an-hour from Malate.
Day4 (120) by you.
This is The Black Nazarene.
During The Feast of the Black Nazarene, there would be a procession where they carry along The Black Nazarene…There would be a HUGE congregation then (and even on this normal Sunday I already feel suffocated by the massive congregation at the Church.) But apart from that, it was a new experience for us to take part in a Mass in Tagalog! 😉
After we left Quaipo Church, we decided that we would just walk around to the nearby tourist places for the rest of the day. So we said our goodbyes to our trusted van driver and gave him some “tip” for his services the past 3 days…
So after resting awhile at our hotel (freshen up and a change of clothes) we hit the streets and went to the nearby mall called Robinson’s Plaza. Apart from shopping, they coincidently had a Miss World pageant pre-show there so we took the opportunity to chill…
Day4 (70) by you.
Art’s Cream Gallery: At an icecream kiosk nearby the entrance of Plaza and in view of the Miss World stage.
Day4 (73) by you.
One for All: Yummy 12 scoops of 12 different flavoured icecream!!! 😀
Day4 (128) by you.
Some icecream moment later, we left the Plaza…
Day4 (131) by you.
The front area of Robinson’s Plaza.
Day4 (132) by you.
This was the bus used by the Miss World! 🙂
From Robinson’s Plaza, we walked to Manila Bay.
Day4 (12) by you.
Manila Bay is a long strecth of waterfront…
Day4 (15) by you.
But it’s not just any waterfront…that fronts a lake or river…
Day4 (88) by you.
It’s fronting the SEA!!! Look at the horizon beyond!!! Super…
From Manila Bay, we made it across the road to this Limawasang Rajah Sulaiman
Day4 (101) by you.
Nice water fountain…
Day4 (36) by you.
And another church beckoned us nearer…
Day4 (111) by you.
The Church of Malate
After our exploration on foot, we went back to the hotel for some well-deserved rest…
But being our last night in Manila, we weren’t calling it a day yet…
At night we tried out another “Nightlife Entertainment” place called New Episode.
Had Tequila Coke and the usual local beer San Miguel Light before we returned to our hotel at around 4am…
~To be continued~
Next: Day 5 (Home seemed so far!!!)

6 thoughts on “Day 4: Walking the Streets

  1. I went to Manila and Baguio in 1981! Would love to go again. Love the place, the people and most of all, love the music. So jeles see u people so much fun!!! U baru kerja in Brunei, can get leave liao kah? Bestnya!!!…..Btw, ur photos open from Day 4, present post……I think I go hisap rokok first, later come back see all open already or not.
    I wasn’t born yet in 1981! Lol! Hope all d pics loaded ok n u read in chronological order! Hehe..Wud like to go again cos we didnt get to experience d music much..But frm wat we did experience i’d say its well-worth d money n unpaid leave(still best nonetheless!) esp since ours was almost a total last-minute plan of what to do when there! Too last-minute in fact(wait till my post on Day5 n u’ll udstnd.)Hehe..

  2. somehow, ur trip to manila makes my trip there seem so boring…
    I think I want to go there again.. heheh
    No lah,i think evry1 has a memorable time when on vacation in a foreign land. 🙂 When were u there?
    Yea,i wudnt mind going again either!

  3. adoh mar, what a small world again. lindsay was my cousin’s senior!!!!!!! well, my senior too since the 3 of us were in the same fac. wahahaha….patutla her face so familiar when i entered ur blog today!
    Then that wud mean u knw 1/3 of us who when! 😉 Yup,small jak bah the world.What makes it so big is if we juz stay on 1 spot of it..Jom travel! Hehe..

  4. how come most of your photos, not like you’re smiling or laughing..? except the top few? all like…. no feeling 1
    Ahahaha..Im x d type dat smile/laugh for d camera cos the outcome will look fake..So i juz let it be ‘natural’..If i do smile/laugh in a pic,u can be sure its a genuine one! 😀 All my family members are like that wen it comes to taking pics.U shud knw leh since u knw my older bro who’s married to ur cousin! Or don’t you? 🙂

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