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Destination: Waterfall

The holidays are over…tomorrow will be like Monday (and don’t we all hate that!)
The thing about breaks and holidays is that, after its over, we realise its never long enough and that we need extra holiday to recuperate from the holiday! Get me?
Firstly, my checklist:
Go visiting on the 1st day of Rayadone
Go for drivepostponed?
Go hike Mt Santubongdone
Hang out with friendsdone
Spend some quality time with me,myself and Iduh! of course
Secondly, I’m tired and dizzy
Just got back from hiking Mt. Santubong with my colleagues just now.

Mount Santubong
(For those who don’t know, Mt. Santubong IS a mountain! Eventhough it might not be as tall as Everest or Kinabalu, it IS a mountain! LOOK IT UP! Don’t just sesuka hati say otherwise ler!)
It’s a 3 hrs’ hike to the summit…3 HOURS!…and when my bro asked if I had the stamina to survive such a climb, I confidently (without ever been hiking/having any “training”  to prepare for it) replied: “Can lah!”
We arrived at 9.30am, started our climb at about 10am, arrived at 10.30am and went back down at around 1.30pm…and arrived back at our bus at 2pm…do the Math. It took us just 30mins
Magic huh?
Well, not entirely
Apparently, our destination was NOT the summit…it was the waterfall!
And here I came fully prepared with food (lots of it), gallons of water and 100 Plus, oral rehydration salts (to be added to plain water; help to replace loss fluids), cold analgesic gel (the kind that athletes use; to ease/sooth cramps/bruises/sprains etc.), mosquito repellent cream, torchlight (but I forgot the batteries), a penknife (‘cuz I didn’t have a swiss army knife…) and a change of clothes – all stuffed into a newly-bought (yesterday) bagpack…
Not that I’m complaining. It’s better to be OVERprepared then UNprepared…
Some of us wore sandals and used handbags! Now THAT was TOTALLY UNprepared! LOL.
The reason for the breakdown in communication?
Well, I only knew I’d be joining them yesterday evening…and I was only told that we would “hike Mt. Santubong” and “go waterfall”…in my mind,we were hiking the mountain to the summit and then AFTER we went down again, we would go to the waterfall…and the UNprepared ones, I’m guessing they only knew that we were going to the waterfall (not knowing a half-hr hike was needed to get to it!) LOL.
But all’s well that ends well…
The weather was fine…NO rain. *Thank GOD* If not, it would have been a dangerously slippery hike… And we hiked without incident…
Conclusion? It was satisfying…
Especially SLIDING DOWN THE WATERFALL ala Sunway Lagoon…Thus, the dizziness. LOL.
I wanna do it again! 🙂
But, I am also kinda disspointed we didn’t climb to the summit…
View from Mt. Santubong sumit.JPG
View from the summit (source: Wikipedia) 
That would have been awesome.
If we made it.
The half-hr hike to the waterfall was already quite challenging…and that was just 1/6th the way up…
Guess if I really wanna go to the summit one day, I’ll need proper training…
A conquest for another time then…
Destination: Summit.
Ropes and ladders on santubong.jpg 
The climb to the summit (Source: Wikipedia)
Who’s in??? 🙂
Thirdly, May’s in town! Hurray!!! Next on the agenda: Movies, Bowling and K-Box. LOL.
Last but not least, HAVE A GREAT WORKING WEEK tomorrow and onwards!
I am retiring early tonight, certain to wake up with cramps and aches all over tomorrow. Man…
P/S – Sorry no original pics…waiting for some from colleagues. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Destination: Waterfall

  1. I long time dun go hiking. My last time was back in 2005. Gunung Nuang

  2. I wanna hike to d summit! Jom… 🙂

  3. Ada hantu eh kat Santubong? Hehehe…

  4. Isk Nono…tak baik cakap mcm tu…hehe…

  5. But I heard a lot of myterious things happened in Satubong.. Really. But dunno la true or not. 😛

  6. Well…mana ada hutan/jungle/forest than don’t have its own mysteries…That’s nature. We just have to respect Mother Nature and all its beings and we should be fine. 🙂

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