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I just got home from watching “EAT PRAY LOVE” (EPL) at the movies with a few girlfriends…

…and it just left me thinking…(which was why I googled it up.)

Contrary to what I had thought, it was actually a “memoir” – an actual story (and not fiction!) of one woman – the author’s – journey of self-discovery after a divorce…and the movie was based on her book, published in 2006 and bestseller for 182 weeks (a long time)…

Now, after learning that it is based on a memoir and all those things happened for real, I’M tempted to pack my bags and go EAT in Italy, PRAY in India and LOVE in Indonesia…well, maybe not exactly in those countries…or in that order! LOL.

But really…there has always been (and there still is) a part of me that always want to travel…and this movie really made me ponder…Would I be brave enough to leave behind my comfort zone and go off alone to someplace foreign?!

Probably not under “normal circumstances”…but then again, hers wasn’t “normal circumstances”…if anything, it might have been a “midlife crisis” stage…hrrmmm…something to think about there…

Oh, and since at the end of EPL, she had a Disney-ending of “happily ever after”, the next book (which might also become a sequel to the movie if they decide to make a sequel) is already out…

…but the reviews for this weren’t as good. No surprise since the author herself stated she was “pressured” to write what happened after EPL and had a “dateline” to meet…

Quoting NYPost:

“…Gilbert marvels at having written a memoir that became a cultural phenomenon and the attendant pressures: “I suddenly had millions of readers awaiting my next project. How in the world does one go about writing a book that will satisfy millions? The fact is, I do not know how to write a beloved best-seller on demand.”

Gilbert then proceeds to inform the reader that though “Committed” is ostensibly an exploration and dissection of marriage, she hasn’t done all her homework: “Any proper matrimonial historian or anthropologist will find huge gaps in my narrative, as I have left unexplored entire continents and centuries of human history, not to mention skipping over some pretty vital nuptial concepts (polygamy, as just one example) . . . I didn’t have that kind of time.”

On another note, maybe I could publish MY memoir into a book (since I particularly enjoy writing as well, just haven’t had much time for that lately) and it might become a bestseller! :p Well, you never know till you try right…Coincidently, right before I went to see the movie and realised it was a memoir, I was actually thinking of getting another blog and fill it with “memoir”-ish stuff. WATCHATHINK? 😀 …but yeah…

She was 32 when she took a year-off for self-discovery…that means I still have a few more years left (to save enough money so I can actually afford?!) to take a year-off! *Some people just have ALL the luck!*

Fav. quote from the movie: “When you miss (him), send some light and love (his) way…then drop it…nothing last forever…” (or something like that)

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  1. Hey,
    EPL has given me loads of ideas for as many as 5 posts… not exactly on the book about thinks around… How did you find the movie. I’v booked for the night show tonight, on my way out in an hour…
    It’s a beautifully written book and triggers so many thoughts … 🙂

    1. Hi Ashes! You’re going to see the movie soon so after you’ve watched it, do tell me how you like it! 🙂 For me, it was nice…thought provoking as I mentioned in this post… 😉
      Thanks for dropping by! 😀

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