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Epilogue (aka EpiPinoy)

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 5 before you proceed! D
The following took place on Tuesday, 21st October 2008:-
After a dramatic day yesterday, we all took our time to appreciate our homeland…
We woke up around 8am and about 2 hours later took the Bas Mini to KK Plaza.
At the foodcourt there we all sat down and over some cold drinks, settled our “accounts” with each other (how fortunate were we that we travelled in a group!)…before proceeding to the place of the day: Filipino Market.
Those who didn’t join us for the Pinoy trip kept telling us, “Going to Philippines not enough kah? Still want to go Filipino Market?!” LOL!
Being part of my 1st time in KK, I found out that the Filipino Market there is a place where you can buy Sabah souvenirs and bargain for the price, but most of the sellers there (I think) are Pinoy, thus the name of the place. Anyways, I just bought a Sabah T-shirt for myself and a few Sabah keychains in case the souvenirs I bought in the Philippines weren’t enough. Hehe.
While we were there, Ben joined us and  then we went to Centrepoint KK and had chicken rice lunch at the same chicken rice shop when we were there before we left for the Philippines. Also, I had the chance to meet up with an old friend of mine whom I haven’t met in a long while…
EpiPinoy (2) by you.
My good friend Paula back in my Shah Alam days…
After lunch, we all went back to Ben’s house, bathed and packed for the airport…
Our flight back to Kuching was at 5pm…
EpiPinoy (6) by you.
Meet the Andersons: Carely, baby Brady and Ben.
Thanks for the hospitality and everything Ben & Carely! May God bless you and your family always! 🙂
We arrived at Kuching International Airport at 6.30pm and have finally come to the end of our “Great Pinoy Adventure” – and what an adventure it was huh guys? 😉
To dear Fab, Ted, Mie, Say and Chele: Thanks for the wonderful memories during our trip. Looking forward to our next one!!! 😀
To my dear readers, this is the end of my Pinoy series. I hope I didn’t bore you with all 7 posts (including this last installment) and hope it has entertained you as much as I have enjoyed sharing it. It is my hope that I can share our experience there in a way that makes you feel you were there with us! So please leave me some feedback on that ya. 🙂
Now, before I close this series, here’s a few trivia and reminder which I haven’t yet included in the posts:
1. We got separated from the guys at Robinsons Plaza and very nearly had their names announced over the PA system to meet with us at the Information counter. LOL!
2. At Tutuban Mall, when they were closing at 8pm we actually asked them WHY they close so early! Wakakaka…you can tell we’re not quite done with shopping. 😉
And these can also be considered as a to-do list if I ever go to the Philippines in the future 😉 :
3. Didn’t get to ride on the local uniquely-Pinoy Jeepneys as we didn’t know how and where to go with it. 🙁
4. Didn’t get to visit more churches like the Manila Cathedral (just passed by only) and the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (I think) in Baclaran.
5. Didn’t get to explore much of the Mall of Asia (must spend at least 1 day to finish that!).
6. Didn’t get to check out the local music scene…
7. Didn’t get to experince the Beach Party…
8. Didn’t get to try the famous local food like Balut (duck egg whereby the duck is already in duckling form) and Lechon (pit-roasted whole pig on a stick)…though I can’t say I’m looking forward to trying those two! 😉
And most importantly, REMINDER:
I cannot stress that last point more. 😉
Lastly, I am glad to be back. 🙂
~The End~

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  2. You know, the airport tax is really troublesome. I wished the’d include everything like the Malaysian authorities.
    Lucky I remembered about the airport tax the last time I went. If not, I’ll miss my flight, and probably be like the Tom Hanks in ‘The Terminal’.
    Msia got airport tax ah?U mean d one included in our flight fares? I x quite udstnd ths airport tax thingy cos our flight fare included airport tax bt still hv to pay.Mayb its a diff kind of tax.
    Anyways,Tom Hanks was lucky d airport he was stuck at was liveable unlike if we shud hv been cast away at Clark that day.Scary…

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