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Ethnic Transmissions feat. Hevance

Updated: Additional contents have been inserted below to acknowledge contributions of artistes under the Borneo Headhunters Music Production label to the Iban music industry.


Music has not only been a part of my life, music is practically the air I breathe. Really. I can’t go by a day without listening to at least ONE song…
However, I have never been much of a fan of the local music acts (and by that I mean MOST local acts) although I am well aware of the existence of SOME and am interested in a FEW. Ironically, among those local music acts, I find it hardest to support that of my own race – Iban.
Now, before you start condemning me for NOT supporting our local music industry, especially that of my own people, let me say that it’s NOT because I am not proud of my roots!!! I am proud to be Malaysian, specifically Sarawakian and even prouder to be IBAN…The thing is, apart from the traditional music like the Taboh etc., our Iban music industry is dissapointingly bland. With the exception of certain acts like Jerry Kamit, international sape-singer and maybe some others under Borneo Headhunters Music Production, all the songs practically sound the same. And if it’s not an original composition, its most likely to be a translated and/or remixed version of any famous song from any other language!!! I mean, come on fellas…how is a music industry gonna survive if it doesn’t EVOLVE and GROW???
Fortunately NOW, I can say that there IS a future for our Iban music industry. EVOLUTION is here and we can finally GROW…and being so proud of our Iban music industry, I am gonna continue the rest of this post in my mother tongue (with the main points highlighted in English). 😀 Laban tu keterubah ia aku nulis ngena jako Iban, enti bisi sekeda leka jako ke ukai kebatang ia Iban tauke enda entu ngena, minta ampun meh… 🙂

Aku bisi bekesempatan meda band anembiak bangsa kitai empu merindang ke ati bala mensia ke ngabas pengawa ba Waterfront Kuching lemai tu tadi. Taja pen enda maioh bala datai nyukong, aku asai amat gaga meda bala nembiak bangsa kitai cuba ngemaju ke agi industri muzik Iban kitai…Sida ia dikangau Ethnic Transmissions.

Ethnic Transmissions tauke E.T. tu band ti mai perubahan ngagai industri muzik kitai. Bisi bala madah yang kebenarnya industri muzik kitai sigi udah bisi perubahan di bai bala ari label Borneo Headhunters Music Production (bala sida Jerry Kamit) tang mungkin E.T. enda ulih dibanding ke enggau sida ia laban E.T. ngemai lagu Iban dalam versi pop/alternative – tang engka sida ke bukai bisi dulu mai lagu Iban dalam versi nya ti enda ditemu aku jadi aku dulu minta ampun meh. 🙂 – ti ulih diterima ulih bala raban anembiak moden diatu. Lagu sida ke paling dikerindu bala peninga dikangau “Engka” enggau “Ngarap” bisi ditebah ke sida lemai tadi serta enggau lagu-lagu sida ke pemadu baru “Berpantup Kening” (Betul kah?), “Tasik Aku Enggau Nuan” enggau “Pemulai Pemadu” ti deka di keluar ke sida dalam ujung taun tu legi.

Ethnic Transmissions aka E.T. is a local Iban band that brings Iban music to a whole new level. Others may disagree that Iban music has already evolved with the artistes under the Borneo Headhunters Music Production label like Jerry Kamit, but I don’t think we can compare E.T. with them as E.T. presents Iban songs in a pop/alternative genre – unless they too have artistes in that genre that I am unaware of. If that’s the case, then I apologize. 🙂 So anyways, I had the opportunity to hear them perform their famous song “Engka” (Maybe/Perhaps) and “Ngarap”(Hope) live at the Kuching Waterfront this afternoon. If you’ve listened to any Iban song before this, now listen to them and you’ll know why I am excited about them…


E.T. not only brings Iban songs to a whole new level – their new-age sounds are also opening it up to allow other people to enjoy the songs as well. Ati ku paling gaga maia ukai semina bala kitai Iban aja ti teperindang ninga sida tang bala bukai pen bisi gak. Belakang aku bisi duduk bala Cina anak-menyanak ti turut terperindang ati. Sida anak-menyanak pun meli album sida E.T. gak! 🙂

Ethnic Transmissions 1st CD and poster…

My autographed CD 😀

E.T. ukai semina ngemai pemansang ke industri muzik kitai, tang ngemuka agi lagu kitai ngambi ke ulih diterima bangsa lain enggau engka menoa lain gak ila.

Ethnic Transmissions: Macmillan Jua (vocals, guitar), Daniel Ading (lead guitar), Dennis Jonathan (bass), Susanna Juan (keyboard), David Jacques (drums).

Band ke bukai bisi gak main lemai tadi. One of the other bands thay performed this afternoon was Hevance.

Hevance tu dikira ke anak buah sida E.T. enggau sida pen bisi manah peluang deka ngemaju ke industri muzik kitai taja pen lagu sida ukai semina lagu Iban aja.

Hevance: Aldrich (vocals, lead guitar), Lucas (bass), Thomas (2nd guitar), Gideon (drums).

And although Hevance is actually my *BFF’s **BF’s band (thus the 1st name basis and no prizes for guessing which one is him 😉 ) and they are E.T.‘s protege and it was them that actually “introduced” me to E.T., I am not being biased when I say that with more practice, they are the up and coming stars. 🙂

My copy of Hevance‘s demo CD.
Nah guys, if you ever need another person to join your band I humbly offer my services!!! 😉
Note: Ethnic Transmissions (and soon Hevance) are signed under the Fish*Farm Records label.
*BFF – Best Friend Forever
**BF – Boyfriend

41 thoughts on “Ethnic Transmissions feat. Hevance

  1. one of those guys in the pix is your BF? hehe..

  2. oh haha.. BFF’s BF..
    so easy to read wrong..

  3. Itu pompuan macam rock chick in front, who hah??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  4. wah wah wah…hehehe..mar pose well with the hevance.

  5. I’ll listen to the song once I get home, mar… at the office now! LOL … but I still want to say something … I Don’t Understand A Thing you said … translation please…. 😛

  6. thanks for buying the cd 🙂

  7. Wah! Hebat sekali itu rock chick!!! LOL!!!!

  8. drumsticks,
    Read carefully next time girl…Mistake like that aftwd my BFF kill me. LOL!!! Nvmd, I’m content enough that my BFF has a BF in a band. 😉
    I look like part of the band. Kan Kan Kan??? *hint hint to Hevance* 🙂
    Nevermind melbie…you just read the English part…the part you don’t understand you don’t need to know…wakakaka!!!No, seriously…it’s all translated in the post itself dy. You won’t miss anything… 😀
    Thanks je ke??? So when you guys want me to come and audition for 2nd singer? *hint hint to Hevance* 😀

  9. Cant comment using PC, so l try using hp!! Ooo…who’s that rock chick? LOL!

  10. wahhhh jako’ iban! cayala.. 😉

  11. wow…how dare u didnt informed bout the occasn.. :-p
    hehehe… dont take it seriously la…
    anyway me as a sarawakian and the ‘borneo hearhunter’s daughter’ (iban) hehehe… “proud of u guys”…. mar, plz pass dat 1 to any one of the band ya..
    next time bila ada lagi bai la aku pg k…

  12. STP,
    What rock chick? 😉 Adui adui…had to retrieve all those previous comments from spam. STP,what did you do sampai kena directed to spam??? LOL!!!
    Hehehe…agi idup agi ngelaban… 🙂
    Wei…I was the one sms-ing everyone the night before the gig to inform everyone to come but who came???

  13. SPAM? Those things in the tin…macam luncheon meat, and we’d never know which parts of the pig they put in it??? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Kesian saya!!! Must be too fat…so sikit macam spam tu lah!!! Hope it’s ok now!!!

  14. BTW, if drumsticks drop by, do tell her I oso can’t comment on her blog!!! Maybe kena spammed also!!! Not I throw stones (buang batu), ya!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  15. ehem, not related to the post but, can do you a proper paragraphing and make it ‘justify’ for the post? at least a more neat post. sakit mata membaca eh, try read from ‘Music…. minta ampun meh” duh damn long and scattered around.
    yes, iban songs tend to copycat those famous songs and remix it, so annoying.. just stick to the original Iban songs like last time is much much more better and pleasing to hear. I remember one Iban song I love very much back then. ‘Lelengau’ hehehe! Let me sing a bit.. not from ‘Lelengau’ but from other song I can’t remember the name.. the lyrics very funny.. kinda.. when I think of it.. 😛
    “Sekuntum bungai.. nyadi ke tanda tua berserara..’
    ps : Iban song good to dance really.. bit like dangdut, catchy beat.. lol!

  16. STP,
    hahaha…don’t la buang batu…come come, I cook for you SPAM sure you come running…hehe… 😉
    …and drumsticks, you can read STP’s message for you up there…haha..
    And as I said in this post, I was never much into Iban songs so I don’t know which songs you’re referring to…maybe if I heard it then it would strike as “farmiliar” but previously, the only iban artiste I knew of was Jerry Kamit but thanks to ET that’s all gonna change…I am extra alert now!!! 😀

  17. ahh.. whats wrong with our comment box? now ok hopefully

  18. will try to get bongkersz to translate yr post for me 🙂

  19. drumsticks,
    Ok dy la I think…
    That’s not necessary leh…translated in the post dy. But if you insist, then good luck with bongkersz. 😉

  20. Wah..dhsyat..nyo

  21. Hey all,
    Thanks for writting abt us & hevance dear. To everyone else please spread the word on us & what we are about. We need all the support we can get from the new generation of iban/dayak ppl.
    If you guys know of anyone who has talent & has ever thought of writting modern songs (not semenanjung balada shit ok) in their native tongues but think it might sound weird, tell them about us & to get in touch with us.
    If anyone wants to know more about our band just search for us on google/youtube/myspace.
    The time for CHANGE is NOW!
    P/s: type correct name for results ‘ethnic transmissions’
    Mac ET

  22. autdsurga,
    Apa benda yg “dhsyat..nyo”? haha..mcmana? Think I can sing with u or not? 😉 😉
    You’re welcome dear…don’t forget about me ya…Ikhlas supporting you guys. “Engka” is my ringtone now. 🙂 Talent? Me! Me! Hehehe…
    Do drop by again ya guys… 😀

  23. Dropping by now 🙂
    In sibu now & ill be heading off to miri 2moro.
    Amat nuan tu? Enti amat ila nguji ya. Who knows you could be michelle branch iban. do you play instruments? We r dead serious abt looking for talent
    Mac ET

  24. Mac, legi ku email ngagai hotmail nuan. 😉
    You guys are headed to Seria too rite? Where exactly is the location? My family’s there…I’ll be sure to let ’em know about ur gig. 🙂

  25. i’m good in playing tambourine…ka nggau bos..hehehe

  26. gideons,
    EH! Mana boleh! U got own band dy…Kan Mac, kaaannn… 😉
    Besides,I’m queueing for tambourinist dy…LOL!!!
    Mac, check email nuan…Ignore orang ba atas nya. 😀 Hehehe… 😉

  27. ooppss.. sori la… bisi penanggul bah maya nya.. nda ulih datai tok…

  28. nah…so don’t say i didn’t inform u… 😉

  29. hi….
    walaupun sy chinese tp sy suka sangat lagu “engka”…
    blh sy minta lyrics lagu tu kah?
    e-mail me””…..
    Hi Pauline!
    Sy amat gembira u suka lagu itu…dan dengan besar hati sy bkongsi lirik dia dgn u…
    I will email you…do you need translations too? 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by and come again ya……

  30. hi…thankz…

  31. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the feedback on our music….i hope we could add some spice in the music industry…
    Thanks for your support….
    Ethnic Transmissions
    Cool. I’m looking forward to the second album…when is it out? 😉

  32. […] couple of months ago I wrote about the first Iban band I ever liked (shocking huh?…since I am an Iban myself ) and a non-Iban reader liked their […]

  33. i like the song.
    So do I. Welcome to Perfect Imperfections! 😀 Do come again ya……

  34. love “engka’ so much. so does “ngarap”. can i have both lyrics?plz..plz..plz….
    email me…
    Hi ajik84, welcome to PIMP! For “Engka” lyrics, click here.
    “Ngarap”, do you want the original lyrics or will I need Mac to translate that too? 😉

  35. Yo bro..apa kabar kau david? boleh tahan abis form five polah album..chaiyok!! chaiyok!!
    Semoga band kau berjaya..
    Once more Fried forever!!!
    St.joseph school 2003..
    He shld get ur msg if he drops by.

  36. Heys,
    Thanks alot for your support .Appreciate it alot. Together we can make a difference =)
    Ethnic Transmissions
    Welcome…I assume u got that message for you up there? 😉

  37. hi..
    dah seminggu aku ngiga bakani ka download lagu ET tu. Dinga ari youtube ja..tapi enda puas…1st time ninga terus minat, alu contact bala member ba swk, minta tolong ngiga cd tu..tapi nadai…frust!really appreciate enti nuan ulih madah bakani ka download lagu cda…plz…diatu,tpaksa online smata2 ka ninga lagu cda..or bakani ka meli cd cda???.adoii…realy drive me crazy..huhuhu..
    rescue me…ipoh.
    Hi graceheart! Sorry laun reply nuan. Aku lama enda online. Nda nemu ku keni ka download or dini ulih meli CD sida ia. Enti ku nanya Mac ila ku madah baru ok?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Come again! 😉

  38. hello…
    plz least u tell me where&how can i get the cd….desperately……can’t wait!hope can be my x’mas gift for this year…
    waitin 4 ur reply…email me.
    Wait ah…I just got online…

  39. ; (
    Sabar deng… 🙂

  40. hi mar…
    guess what??? already got da cd..punya lah of my fren found it at last..anyway,thanks very million ya…
    plz send my regards to ET’s…n bangga laban bc ga band iban yang ulih produce lagu baka cda..thumb’s up!memang salute!…
    enti bc album baru…nang lupa madah email me..biasalah..jauh ari menoa dri empu lambat mimit nitih pkembangn..
    k..Happy New Year to You n May Jesus Bless Us Forever
    oppss..happy belated x’mas
    Welcome..Visit again! And I thnk ET’s suppose to hv their 2nd album out dy.At least dat was the plan.Hehe.Happy New Year!

  41. Hello there,
    How’ve u been? Good i hope. Anyways, ngetu nda lama ka mdah ke nn, km bc release single baru ari upcoming 2009 2nd lp. Its called ‘Maya Tua Betemu’.
    Just search for it on youtube. Pls help us spread the word abt it neh. Im currently offshore but when i get back in June, we’ll release the 2nd single.
    Here’s the link if anyone wants to downld it:
    Maya Tua Betemu
    Engka – Piano
    Engka – Full
    Just mail me if anything yeah. Thanks Mar. Take care
    Okie dokie Mac. Take care.

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