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Exploring the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 grounds

Arriving at the scene around 6pm on Saturday, I was immediately drawn towards the performance by the Chung Hwa Marching Band. They were playing a personal fave of mine: The Phantom of the Opera‘s “Music of the Night!

They’re really really talented! And the conductor is a girl too! 😀

Me reporting “on site” 😉

With the Band providing some really awesome sets in the background, I thought I would explore the festival grounds a little before the Concert that night began…

And guess what I saw at the food stalls?

Marvel presents:


Food of Superheroes (as per the post-credit scene of The Avengers hehe)

Looks delish huh? *drools*

The venue of the festival was perfect I think! Being by the beach, it was breezy…and the Marching Band playing the theme from Hawaii Five-O really helped set the mood for the evening. 😀

View of the beach from the festival grounds

View of the food stalls from the beach with Parkcity Everly Hotel standing magnificently in the background

And of course, there’s the craft bazaar which was open since 2 in the afternoon:

As the name suggests, they were selling crafts:

Beautiful & colourful bead-stuffs 😉

Last of the kind of stalls, and definitely not at all the least, the booth of (one of) the sponsors of the Borneo Jazz Festival: Strongbow!

Are you thirsty? 😉

Take your pick:

Prices are kinda steep though – RM4 for a 500ml bottle of water?! I think I’ll have one of the alcoholic beverages then. 😉

4 thoughts on “Exploring the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 grounds

  1. i guesss you never visited the pavillion nor blogged anything about what happened in there between acts?????

    1. not yet…Patience is a virtue dear MrDJ 😉

  2. […] that evening, when I explored the Festival grounds, apart from the food, craft bazaar and Strongbow stalls, there was also […]

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