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Eye Candy

Last Wednesday, I went to the movies with my bro and sis-in-law. Honestly, I didn’t know what the movie was about. I just said “YES” when my bro asked if I wanted to join them.  🙂 I knew it involved cars and racing but that’s about it. I actually imagined it to be something like Fast&Furious“. Hahaha!

So what did we watch?

 Speed Racer

It was nothing like “Fast&Furious” – that much I can guarantee. It was a bit too cartoonish, with the bright colours and the very obviously digital backgrounds etc. Not that I’m complaining though. Afterall, it was based on an anime series/American cartoon series in the first place…one which I am starting to recall watching when I was young!!! 😉

It wasn’t a great movie (THE SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE AWESOME THOUGH! I loved the effects in the Ice Cave – very cool!) but it was enjoyable…especially because of the eye-candy!!! 😉

Honestly, before watching the movie I’d seen the poster (first picture above) and thought the guy (didn’t know he was the title character then) looked pretty handsome…Reminds me of a young Elvis Presley actually. Well, in that poster at least. LOL. (But then again, I guess THAT WAS THE POINT? 😉 )

The first eye-candy on screen was Scott Porter, playing the role of Rex Racer, the older brother of the title character. When he was macho-ly leaning on his Mach5 as the then still-a-boy Speed Racer approached him, I fell in love. Handsome eh? Hehe…Rex Racer was the original driver of the Mach5. Unfortunately, the character was “killed in an accident” so it was quite brief…

If you think he looks farmiliar, that’s probably because you’ve seen him in “Friday Night Lights”

The grown-up Speed Racer is played by Emile Hirsch, who is not bad-looking either. After the death of his older brother Rex, he took over the race tracks, the Mach5 and continued in his brother’s legacy…He doesn’t look like Elvis here but if he comes across as farmiliar, it’s highly likely you’ve seen one of his movies before. 🙂

Mathew Fox plays the role of Racer X, whose identity is unknown. Actually, he is the un-dead brother of Speed Racer! SURPRISE!!! He’s not dead but he had plastic surgery so last time he looked like Scott Porter and now he looks like Mathew Fox.

Confused? LOL.

I know he’s more “season”-ed than Scott Porter and Emile Hirsch up there…but he still looks handome, in a more mature way. Hahaha…Or maybe I’m just drawn to the mysterious-ness of a guy with a mask…LOL!!!

And it should definitely be no surprise if he looks farmiliar – he’s the dude in “LOST”!

Next, not quite eye-candy for me, but I know he is for some…

Rain (Korean singer) aka nama-saya-Rain as we call him here 😉 plays the role of Taejo Togokhan, one of Speed’s rivals…

So yeah. That’s basically all I have to say about the movie. You weren’t expecting a review with a post titled “Eye Candy” were you? LOL!!!


So, while we’re on the topic of Eye Candy…

Today in history…

David(s): Archuleta and Cook; both talented and hopefully, this is just the beginning of both their careers…

And both are equally delicious looking eye-candy, dontcha think? 😉

Personally, I agree with Simon Cowell’s last line before the results were announced:

“I don’t actually mind who wins (because both are very talented)”

…and I adore both. They’re like brothers! I can see the closeness of the two, the older David looking out for the younger David. Awesome…but still, I am glad that the new American Idol is…

David Cook!!! *drools* 😉

He deserves it…

And with this win, I finally lay to rest the shadows of when Hicks won instead of Daughtry…

Do: Check out the backstage interview with Cook (click here) and Archuleta (click here) after the results.

8 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. David Cook!!! 🙂 Enough said.. hehe

  2. Rain? Ewek! Ewek! Hahahahaha!!…so this is ur American ldol bit, mrs david cook? Very diplomatic! LOL!

  3. hehe… yeah lots of handsome guys in speed racer… haha i didn’t know rain was in it.. so when he appeared on screen i was like… ‘huh? isn’t he rain from full house?’ haha.. laggy eh? love the ending song too!!! thumbs up for the creativity of the directors! and love.. speed.. love his character. 🙂

  4. melbie,
    Of course lah…have to jaga my hubby image maa…*checks if STP pengsan or not* Hahaha…no lah,that’s a serious personal opinion, hoping both go as far as they can! 🙂
    Ooo…Rain from Full House kah? 😉 Haha…don’t know much about him. Like I said, he’s not really eye-candy for me. 🙂 Actually, I didn’t even know it was him in the movie! Only after the movie finish, my sis-in-law said “AH! NOW I remember who that is. Nama-saya-Rain.”…then I go, “No wonder he looked farmiliar.” LOL!!! Oh and my fave character was Rex Racer…and later Racer X, esp the Ninja fight scene in the bedroom…Look at those abs!!! *drools* Wakakaka…
    BTW,found a link here that somehow justifies why I felt it reminds me of Elvis Presley. Haha! Also, I didn’t do justice to the film by not including my opinion of the special effects…so I’ll update that bit on the post. 😀

  5. Full House! That’s about the only Korean Drama that I love… simply becoz it’s funny! LOL and I even got my uncle, yes, UNCLE, to like the drama… hihihihi
    Unfortunately though, it was during our mourning period, so we were all gathered together at Grandma’s and had to watch something to keep us awake at nights … haih.. that was the time …

  6. I never really watched any Korean movie from start to finish…sure got some episodes I missed one. Same goes with Full House.
    I think the closest thing to almost-watching-all-the-episodes for me is “Lovers in Paris”…liked that! 🙂

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.
    cheers, Underworld!!

  8. Underworld,
    Lost in translation? It’s in English. 😉
    Anyways, thanks for dropping by and do come again ya… 😀

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