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Family & Friends

Small world ain’t it? I have “known” STP here in the virtual world for a while now and my brother Fred chanced to meet him in person before I did! Heh.


Last Friday night I went back to my “keluarga angkat”‘s (surrogate family? 😉 ) house in Bau…It was the best possible timing since Fred was coming home, Ichel was going back to Labuan on Sunday and mummy was gonna be away on work next week, and of course, I will be leaving Kuching in a few weeks’ time…

It’s been quite a long time since I last went home so I requested Fred to bake Chicken Pie or Cheese Cake and asked Bapa to steam some fish and make umai. 😉

I arrived late so the fish had to wait till Saturday but the umai was ready and the cake was baking…Yummm… 😀

Pic(882)1 by you.

For the uninspired, umai is a Melanau local delicacy. It is actually raw fish meat “cooked” by marinating it in lime juice and ingredients like ginger, shallots, big onions and chillies and salt to taste. The fish meat Bapa used here is shark meat. According to mummy, it’s preferably shark meat since shark meat doesn’t have blood like other fish meat.

Bapa’s umai was the first umai I ever tried some years back and I acquired a liking to immediately…If you love sushi, you might wanna give umai a try. Similarly, if you’re not a fan of raw fish, maybe you might not wanna give it a try (like my real bro 😉 ).

Pic(883)1 by you.

This was the cheesecake Fred made.

Pic(884)1 by you.

Sliced into cubes of cheese…..

It’s supposed to be a Banana Cheesecake but we didn’t have bananas so he substituted it with yogurt instead. 😉

On Saturday morning, we had Spaghetti with Alfredo sauce for breakfast (sorry, no pics! hehe). That was requested by Ichel…

And then in the afternoon, mummy made kelupis

Pic(890)1 by you.

…and chicken curry to go with it. 🙂

Pic(888)1 by you.

Yummy chicken curry…sorry the pic is quite dark…hehe

Now, the kelupis, according to mummy, is not so commonly made by the locals in Kuching but it is common in Lawas and also in Brunei where it is made in place of the lemang. Almost similar to lemang, the kelupis is glutonious rice (nasi pulut) cooked with coconut milk (santan) and then wrapped in banana leaves. Then it is steamed, and then it is ready to be served.

One may just take it as it is or eat it with curry like we did…

Pic(885)1 by you.

Kelupis, chicken curry.

Then comes the best part – the Steamed Fish was ready to be served…Mmmm…

We had two types of steamed fish:-

Pic(886)1 by you.

Steamed fish with salted vege, ginger, onions/shallots/garlic (I forgot LOL!) and chillies… *drools*

Pic(887)1 by you.

Steamed fish with ginger, garlic and liquor. (The liquor was added later i.e BEFORE serving. – Bapa used Label 5 hehe).

Now out of the two steamed fish dishes, I preferred the first…. 🙂

Last but not least, we also had pork in soy sauce (masak kicap) cos Ichel said she hadn’t had that in a while…hehe…

Pic(889)1 by you.

Then on Sunday, after we sent Ichel off at the airport and I was done with my final Mandarin class (Intermediate Level), me and my escort had dinner with Lola and Bongkersz at Fork&Knife, Jalan Song. Bong was snapping away with his camphone like mad so I wasn’t even planning to have a post on it since I knew he would, so just click here for that story and pics. Hahaha!

After dinner, Bongkersz left to watch the Olympics Badminton Finals while the three of us continued with a cuppa at Starbucks at the Kuching International Airport. Only got home at 11pm. 😀

So yeah, had a very lovely and filling weekend with lovely food and lovely company… 😉

I’m really gonna miss all that when I leave…

8 thoughts on “Family & Friends

  1. And Fred’s leaving for Johore tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken. Life is a box of chocolates; you’ll never know what you’ll get!
    He’s always flying off everywhere and seldom home, that’s why last week was as best a timing we could plan. Btw, he was at my Steamboat Birthday Bash a few months ago…guess u didnt notice the pics! 😉

  2. wah.. the coincidence is too great. yup small world..
    Yeah…there’s this theory (is it Six Degrees?) that states that EVERYONE in the world is connected to EACH OTHER through six people, or something like that…Heard of it?

  3. nope.. havent heard of it.. 6 is reasonable though..
    I agree. It would be impossible to know EVERYBODY through 1 or 2 degrees I think.

  4. I heard of that 6 degrees theory…. you don’t watch Travel & Living Channel, drumsticks? hehhe.. that’s the one show that Asha used to host 🙂
    All nice, umai is called hinava here in Sabah, but I guess you would know that, Mar… kelupis yes, can be found in Sipitang and further away – closer to KK.. we have lamban, the only difference being it’s packed in coconut leaves instead of that leaves of kelupis hehhe … I just love nasi pulut!
    All the best for Brunei, Mar! *hugs* Who knows, I might want to visit Brunei… 😉
    Oooo…so that’s hivana. Haha. Think I’ve heard of it but never tried. 🙂 I sms my mummy, she said the leaves were some leaves from some jungle plant but banana leaves may also be used. Haha.
    My last week working in Kuching…and my last 1week+ in Kuching…*sobs* I’m not sad of leaving work, but I am *sobs* *sobs* about leaving Kuching….huhuhu… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. nope.. must have been missing out a lot for not watching TV!!
    hope blog reading will help in the knowledge department
    Melbie, I don’t know what you’re referring to in the Travel & Living Channel either but I know there was this one TV series that cibol once mentioned was about the 6degrees theory…can’t remember the title though cos I never watched it. 🙂 Maybe you can sms cibol… 😉

  6. That’s the one, Mar.. I think that’s the title too.. 6 Degrees of something hehehe …
    Is it “Six Degrees of Separation”? Haha…that just sounds farmiliar…could be a title of a song…hehe

  7. Ah yes! I noticed him at ur birthday gathering…but already forgot lah!!! Old man like dat lah! Hehehehehehehe!!!!
    Yea…and yet you never forget to use “old” as an excuse to forgetting things! Wakakaka!

  8. Hah! Manage to track you down…. Yes we know the same person from Sibu (the person above me!), small world isn’t it. Surprised that he even remember my name, whereas I got to struggle to remember his! Haha…
    Hmmm…is this who I think it is? Welcome to PIMP!!! 🙂

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