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For the past few years I’ve had this love-hate relationship with fireworks

What’s to love about fireworks?

Everything! The lights and sounds just appeals to your whole senses! It just captivates you & time just seems to stand still. All your problems are forgotten, albeit for a brief moment, when you stare into the brightly lit night sky…

What’s to hate about fireworks?

When they’re exploding all around you to the proximity you feel your eardrums are gonna burst and in the ungodly hours of the wee morning when you’re sleeping, or trying to and again when you’re woken up from barely a few hours of sleep early the following morning and you wake up with your heartbeat racing!

Well, it’s a little past 1am on Chinese New Year in Brunei – and it’s quiet outside. Something I have not experienced for the past 2 years as I’ve been celebrating it in Sibu. This year was a welcome change and it brought about an interesting whatsapp-versation between me and a friend:

Me: Oh hey..there goes the fireworks

Friend: I can hear em but cannot see em

Me: Here I can see a few hehe.. I think I can appreciate fireworks better when I am not smack in the middle of it.

Friend: Or you are the one lighting it. has been a while since I played fireworks.

Me: Yeah, I think I would appreciate it if I were the one lighting it hehehe..maybe I wanna do fireworks on the 4th of July in the States? Hehe

Friend: Ooo now that is exciting! =) Or CNY in Beijing? Hehe

Me: CNY in Beijing?! *lightbulb* Cannot imagine how that would be like! Imagine watching fireworks from the Great Wall =) I have always wanted to go China too

Friend: One of the places I wanna visit too. Lots of food & breathtaking countryside! =) and fireworks is cheap and legal. Hehe. πŸ˜‰ Ding! ‘lightbulb’ moment too! =)

…and soon after another friend whatsapp me that she was in China…and she verified that China is indeed awesome during CNY, especially the atmosphere.

But yeah, regardless where you are in the world right now, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARΒ (CNY)!!! I hope you have a great start to the Year of the Water Dragon! =D

5 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. I love fireworks, and I find it odd if CNY didn’t have any!
    ..ain’t nothing like celebrating a celebration at its birth place =)

    1. Hahaha…yeah, it would be weird. =) Well, I got my dose of fireworks this year afterall – not at the beginning of Chap Go Meh, but, at the end! =p

      1. *beginning of CNY lol…

  2. Fireworks should be in the sky exploding in all its glorious splendors! I always stay up late just to be amazed over and over again. πŸ™‚ But not when you throw it near me and it explode in a gunshot fashion. that kind is really annoying.

    1. ehehe…like I said, I can appreciate them from afar…lol

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