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It’s been a tad slow in the blogosphere lately…
Guys! Post something!
I also got nothing much to say tonight…
But I wanna share a quote with you guys…
A friend texted me today:-

Relationship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…who came first…or who cares the best
It’s all about who came…and never left

Leaving you guys with that to ponder…
And one of my fave “classics”
Happy Friendship Day!!!
“Canon” Rock.
P.S. – Awesome guitar playing…me likey!!!

11 thoughts on “Friends…

  1. those that never leave can sometimes be… suckers… and taken for granted.

  2. Hey Mar. nice to meet you here, virtually. Haha! 😀
    I love blog stalking. Meaning I am your blog stalker la. And I linked you in my Here She Is. I really hope that, you wont mind with that yea. 😛
    Mm.. How did you know my Here She Is btw?
    Farahshila @ nono

  3. Aahh Zewt! That is SO TRUE! I’ve been fortunate that those who don’t leave me aren’t suckers…but I sometimes do take them for granted…as they do me.. *sigh* imperfect much…
    Wah…Got a blog stalker some more?? Hahaha…No,I don’t mind you linking me. I’m very flattered actually. Thanks! Hehe…How I know? Well, WordPress lets me know when people link me. =D
    So…now that you’re exposed,u can come out of hiding – leave comments. Those are encouraged here (sounds so formal…haha)…Its nice to “meet” you too!

  4. i hate those who pester me …

  5. happy friendship day mar!!!

  6. Wah Lola…long time no see u here…hehe…Hepi Fship Day!! =D

  7. nice one..
    for those who are suckers, i guess the relationship isn’t mutual anymore.. if its not mutual.. there is no relationship at all.. don’t think a one way street relationship is ever called a relationship.

  8. Drumsticks, TRUE that!! Hehe…

  9. chewah…
    but really la, nothing is for certain in relationship. Its a ship. It sinks. It floats. It follows the wind.

  10. who came and never left.. good one 🙂

  11. Afiq, very poetic…haha. Thanks for dropping by! See ya around! =)

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