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Happy New (Half) Year 2020!

I realised I did not post any New Year’s greeting in January.

I guess that’s fine considering it wasn’t a very “happy” year so far? Worldwide.

Some have even called for the year to be “reset” because there is a virus:

While a reset is not possible, I guess July can be considered a delayed “start” for the year 2020 – at least for us here in Malaysia and neighbouring countries who have none to little new COVID-19 cases daily. Let’s keep it that way! As for countries that are still registering 3 digit or more cases daily, I truly hope it will get better for you soon…

A week into the New Half Year, and I cannot contain how GRATEFUL I am that our Churches have begun to reopen on a parish by parish basis.

The parish I belong to reopened with a Carpark Sunset Mass last Saturday, 4 July:

Our first Car Park Sunset Mass. The rainbow appeared during communion session. Thanks to St Anthony’s Bintulu FIAT team…

Posted by Fiat Bintulu on Sabtu, 4 Julai 2020
1st Carpark Sunset Mass @ St. Anthony’s Church, Bintulu

A Carpark Mass is where the parishioners remained in their parked cars and attended mass from within their vehicles. The Altar was set up at the entrance of the Church, facing the parking lot of cars. Only the priest and those on duty (lector, commentator, extraordinary ministers, sacristans and wardens) are not in vehicles.

The Church was reopened for Mass on Sunday, 5 July, with new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

We have to queue first to “check-in” and get our temperature checked before we can enter the Church.

And then, the wardens will direct us where to sit – with spacing in between each parishioner indicated by a Saint on the left and right of us.

Love the idea of Mass with the Communion of the Saints! This first week, I was seated between St. Veronica & St. Fortunatus of Spoleto.

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